Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Worst mom of the year!

Jace had a class play the other day and I promised him I would go. So I arrive and realize I'm 15 minutes late. I got the time wrong. I had gone to the same play last year for Maysie and knew it was a short play. I was worried. I make it to the classroom right as it ended... Jace sees me, smiles and waves, then looks away. Once they were dismissed from their positions, he cane over and hugged me, then I looked at him and he has tears in his eyes. I felt horrible. I asked him why he was crying. He said because I missed the play. I just held him for about 5 minutes and hugged him and kept apologizing. His teacher looked at me and said I'm so sorry. She knew I got the time wrong at that point. Thankfully one of the moms videotaped most of it of her daughter who stood near Jace. But unfortunately I have yet to see that video. He has asked me once or twice since then if I've seen it yet. Unfortunately I don't think I'll ever see it. Made me very sad!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

New TV and Xbox fun!

Have you ever played Battleship as a kid? I did and loved playing it, so when I saw it as a game on xbox, I bought it. Kids love it too but man are they sore losers! They take turns playing each other and whenever they lose, they get mad and storm off with a few unfriendly words and tears. Pretty comical but it's starting to get better since I don't let them play the next time if they get upset when they lose. We played for the first time on our new tv!

Jace's 8th birthday around the corner!

Can't believe my baby will be 8!! Time is flying by. He decided to do a minecraft birthday party which will be at the library. We had fun preparing for it and have a lot left to do.

Christmas Time

Its almost Christmas! Kids had fun puting up the tree and Lucy, our cat, enjoys it too. My poor tree!

Since the girls do not believe anymore, they asked if they could do the Elf on the Shelf. I hate doing it, so of course I said yes. They have been doing pretty good. Makenna is usually the most creative. Jaeli and Maysie stick to simple things unless Mak gives them an idea.

Sent out our holiday cards and many said they enjoyed it and got a good laugh out of it... Kids had fun making it! Not sure what we will do next year. Will be hard to top it.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

My Helper

I wanted to make a little appetizer before the holidays begin so I have something to take to the families. Makenna loves them and asked to help. She saved me some time so that was nice! These are buffalo chessy chicken wraps. I can make them ahead of time and freeze them.

No power!

Power went out this morning and woke us up! We had to get up for basketball anyways. Kids thought it was fun ... But mad they couldn't do any electronics or cook breakfast. We ate cereal and then got ready and left for their game. When we got back, it was back on!

Being Silly

Maysie and Makenna were playing a game in my room and Jace, Jaeli, and I were laying on the bed watching. They love laying in bed with me and use it as time to play around and be silly, jumping on me. Got a couple pictures but it was dark so Jace couldn't handle the flash.