Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Maysie Time

Got to spend the evening with Maysie last night. She loved the attention of course! She insisted we go to her favorite place for dinner, Arbys! We went grocery shopping, dinner and then played a little and had dessert! Oh and of course she slept in my bed too... She loves to cuddle and get that alone time.

9 Year Checkup

The triplets had their 9 year check up today. It was very entertaining! They all did great and are doing great. Just a few minor things we have to work on. Jaeli and Maysie are gaining too much weight and their cholesterol is a bit high so need to cut out the sweets, cut back on quantity, drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables. We don't keep many sweets or junk food in the house but they get a lot of it on the weekend so we will have to watch them more. Doc said they have gained a lot more than they should. So hoping we can get them back on track. The entertaining part was when Maysie got her fiber pricked to check her cholesterol... Oh my! It was like she was being stabbed! So dramatic! So many tears! Then poor Jaeli had some tears when Doc asked about their friends. She was sad because a friend from last year was with Maysie now and it's the end of the world and she won't ever find another one! Then she didn't want to go back to school because she was worried everyone would look at her for coming in late as she would be embarrassed. Mak got a good laugh out of all of it!

New playground

During Makenna's soccer practices the other 3 get very bored so we found a new park to go to while she practices. They had a blast, even for the short 45 minutes we were there. They asked to keep going back. Its great to be able to trust Makenna to stay at practice until it ends. She is so mature at times! It's only a coupe minutes away, if that, and she knows if she needs me, her coaches will call me.

First Day

Can't believe the kids are already in 3rd grade and 2nd grade! Time is going too fast. Jace didn't do so well the first day getting on bus but much happier day 2! They all seem to like their teachers but Jae and Maysie are struggling socially, but they always have. Hoping they make a coupe good friends this year. I hate that the school splits every class each year. If they do make a friend, they usually don't nice onto the next grade with them. But chances are that friend will be with another one of the girls so then we have to deal with jealousy. Guess it's just something they will have to overcome. And my little social bug has never had a problem making friends. He has so many and adapts well each year. I asked him who his favorite friend in his new class is. He says Karah... She was in his class last year and again this year. But made it very clear she isn't his "girlfriend"! He has a couple other favorites but they are boys!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Family Reunion

Last night we had a family reunion on Josh's side. The kids had a blast and swam most of the day. I was so tired towards the end and Jaeli has a really bad ear ache so Josh and I took her and Maysie home. The other two stayed the night, they weren't ready to go! Nice quiet morning!

Open House Night

We went to the kids school the other night for open house to take their supplies in and meet their teachers. I had not met 3 of them yet so it was nice to see who will be taking care of and teaching them this next year. I have to say LOVE then all! I think pairing a child with a teacher that clashes with them and their personality will effect how well they do. Proof of Jace last year... I liked his teacher last year but Jace needs more stability, strictness, communication, and compassion. Thankfully my request this year for him to have Maysies teacher was granted! I think he will do so much better this year! I think the girls got pairedwell too. We will see! When we were done, my mom and I took them out for a "goodbye summer" dinner!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Makenna's favorite sport is basketball. She loves soccer too but right now she would choose basketball over soccer. She is excited for camp to start this fall. It's only a week-long but she seems to enjoy it. I think maybe a couple of the other kids will do it too. They have wanted a basketball hoop for a while now and we were just waiting until something came available. Occasionally she would go to our neighbors behind us and play there... they would even play with her sometimes. But the other day someone we know offered their's to us since they don't use it anymore. So we took them up on it and now we have a basketball hoop. The last few days she has been obsessed with going out to play. And of course the others too but I'm sure that will die down soon. She just loves to go out there and shoot hoops! Oh and try some tricks! Maybe we have a basketball star on our hands!