Sunday, July 15, 2018

Jace played baseball... Loves being catcher

This was Jace's first year in Machine Pitch baseball. He was a little discouraged in the beginning because he wasn't very good at hitting the ball, even catching the ball. But after a little practice, he started hitting and making it to the bases. This excited him a great deal! He ended up getting the game ball after having two hits during one game. After this he looked forward to going to baseball, and asked if he could be the catcher. So since they only had one other catcher for the team, the coaches were very happy to have him do it. They even let him borrow the catcher's gear to practice with. He was super excited about it. And as time went on he got even better. He hates playing all the other positions, he just gets so bored. He says he wants to catch again next year! It was always funny to watch when he was the catcher, because he had to wear a cup, and he made it very well known that he was wearing it! At times he would leave it on while he was batting and it was funny to watch him run to the bases with it on. Or he would just pull it out and wave it around before batting.

During the season, he got invited to a birthday party with a friend of his. I think it was him and one other boy that went to this special birthday party to the TinCaps baseball game. They went to a late game, so they got to see fireworks, and before the fireworks started they allowed the kids to run the bases. They had so much fun and really spoiled them! I'm a little worried when Grandma takes him to their special game they will be going to hear soon. I'm hoping he's not expecting all that. He really seems to enjoy baseball now, so I think he'll enjoy it with my mom. She got tickets behind the catcher. So that should be special!

New Camper

Anyone who knows us well, knows we like to go camping. It's just a fun way to get the kids out of the house and spend time together. And we really enjoy when other family and friends come with us! We have been doing this for about 5 years now. Once the kids were old enough to actually enjoy it, we decided to purchase a camper. We had a really good deal and the camper worked great for us. But this year we decided we wanted something a little bigger. So we decided to go and buy a new one! I absolutely love it! We've gone on a few trips since summer started, we even went on one in the spring. It was a bit chilly but still fun.  Here are a few pictures from the ones we've been on so far.

Talent Show

So the school has a talent show every year for 3rd to 5th graders. Since the girls were in third grade this year, they decided to enter. We talked about a few different ideas and eventually decided to do a dance to Beach Boys, Surfin USA. They spent so much time practicing and coming up with the moves they were going to do. They were so excited, and so nervous. They even had to try out to see if they would make it. They were so scared they would not. I knew they would! We had lots of compliments on how well they did and how cute it was. Unfortunately the video is a little too long, so I'm not able to post it. But here is a video from their practicing at home.

Jace loves football!

This was the first year Jace played football. He had been begging for a couple years to play, but I never saw anything come home about it until this year. It took him a bit to catch on, but he didn't really good. He wants to play next year too. He's even talking about watching football with Daddy and Grandpa! He never had any interest before. The very first game he got a touchdown. I was so excited I got it on video! He looks so grown-up in his official football picture.

His number was number one, which was the same number he got for baseball. Thought that was pretty cool. The coach of his football team is the father of his best friend from school, Khara. She is not his girlfriend, just his friend, as he will tell you. However, he did try to give her a necklace and earrings he found. Sadly to say she turned him down. But he took it like a champ. It was the cutest thing ever! They were always partners on the team, and it was very cute to see them play together. I was very sad to hear they will not be in class together next year. They have been together for the last three years. Hopefully they continue their friendship.

Easter 2018

Easter is always a fun time with my family. We almost always have it at my house. It's become tradition I think. Depending on weather, we had the eggs outside or inside if it's raining or muddy outside. Usually cook a roast seems to go over very well, thanks to my Dad's recipe! Now that the younger ones are getting older, it's becoming much more fun for all of them. We have to try to find new ways to hide the eggs and new things to put in the eggs.