Friday, February 9, 2018

Individual updates

Jaeli and Maysie chopped off their hair! They were tired of all the tangles.

Maysie is doing great all around. She's doing well in school and although she can be very dramatic she is doing well with her behavior. I got to have some one-on-one time with her the other day and it was very relaxing and fun. We watched a girly movie together and ate some yummy muffins!

Jaeli has been having a tough time lately at school and making friends. She still hasn't overcome losing the three friends she made in kindergarten and having them taken away from her when we held her back. She can't sleep at night and she's constantly crying about it. She said she feels invisible and so lonely. Everytime I think about it I cry for her. She is in a new program at school that is supposed to help with the shyness but I haven't seen any results yet. I am considering asking if she can be put into class with Maysie next year to hopefully help her confidence and feeling more comfortable. I just don't want to hold Maysie back from being social, but I think she'll be okay. It's just whether or not the school will let us do it.

Makenna has had a few episodes lately which is causing her to be very sneaky and hide things, as well as the attitude we get from her. But on the plus side she just got her braces off and she's very excited to be able to eat other foods again. She has a permanent retainer on the top 4 and 4 on the bottom, as well as a nighttime retainer. But she won't use that anymore when she loses a couple of her baby teeth. Which will be soon. So I'm hoping these don't cause her teeth to go back to where they were or move them considering we just spent a few thousand on them.

Jace is still struggling in school but doing better than he was last year. He just went to his 8-year check-up and no issues. We still have him on melatonin every night to help him fall asleep. The doctor said to consider looking into ADHD next year if we still see signs of it. Love his teacher, she communicate so well. And she's been a huge help to him this year. I am worried about next year and who his teacher will be. We need one that communicates very well and has great communication as well as compassion. Hopefully I can have a say in who he gets.

New Rooms... Again

Lately the girls have been fighting about what to do in their room so I thought it best to split them up again. It's usually the twins against Makenna. They're just so different and it's hard for them to get along. Mak begged me for her own room again as you can see in the picture. Since she doesn't know how to keep a bathroom cleaned, I decided to give her the room with the small bathroom. It will be her responsibility to keep it picked up. It's the biggest room of the three. Jaeli and Maysie never wanted to use the kids bathroom because she always had it so gross. They had to switch beds around though because the twins had the bigger beds... and since they're going in a small room we needed more space. So Jace gets a big bed! So far it's going well.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Circus with my girls

The girls have been begging me to go on a field trip with them, so when the circus came to town, their class was making a school field trip out of it. I thought it would be the perfect time to go. As much fun as we had, I don't think I'll be going for Jace!

There are five classes for the girls grade and each of them are in a separate class. So I wasn't sure how they were going to split us up. They decided to send me, Jaeli and Maysie over to Makenna's class and ride the bus with that class. It was a pretty good deal when we realized our class got a bus all to ourselves. The other four classes shared two buses. And I didn't have to have any of the other kids with us! All the other parents had their child plus two to three other kids. So it was nice to spend that time with just my girls.

So we left the school early in the morning and all packed a lunch. When we got to the circus we left our lunches on the bus and we're going to eat them when the circus was over on our way home. The bus ride was about 45 minutes and then another 20 minutes to get from the parking lot into our seats.

They seemed to enjoy it and we're pretty excited during the whole thing. I almost fell asleep a few times just because I've already seen it all many times! I believe this was their second time going but they didn't remember going when they were younger. I think they were maybe three or four.

Towards the end the girls are being very hungry. It was after one by this time. They were ready to leave and eat lunch on the bus! So we head out and walk towards where we thought the buses were parked. When we got there we saw only one of our three buses. We stayed around and waited for a bit and finally someone came over to tell us that one of the other buses had a flat tire and another one had Tire issues. So they took them to the shop to get fixed. Jaeli was in tears at this time because she was so hungry! They said the buses were on their way back and would be able to get our lunches when they returned.

Now that all the other buses have left from all the other schools that attended, the parents and teachers were standing out in the parking lot and almost a hundred kids packed on to one bus to stay out of the cold. That number seems really high now that I think about it... but they're 18 kids in each class and there's 5 classes. So you do the math! Anyways, we see the other buses headed our way and then when they get there, they tell us our bus cannot take any kids back because it is still having trouble. So our bus had to split the class between the two other buses and while doing this had to search for a lunches. We finally found them and found a seat, and were able to eat our lunches.

And then on the way home we had to pull over twice to fix some issue with the tire. By this point I had a horrible headache and I was ready to be done.

 We were very happy to return to school!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

My Sweet Jaeli Jo

This girl amazes me! She is by far, my most well behaved child... But don't let that fool you, she has her moments. Today we had some one on one time and for her reward she picked a book bag because she didn't want a character anymore... too old for that I guess, but when I found out she did awesome on grades this semester, I let her pick a toy. While checking out, she asked to go sit on a bench and wait for me to be done. I said sure and as she walked over, some workers asked if she wanted a sucker. She said no and sat down to wait for me. When I was done, she came back to me and we quietly started walking past them again with their bowl of suckers. They stopped me and told me she turned them down and asked if I would be ok with her taking one. So I looked at her and she said yes she wanted one. As we walked away, she said, I wanted to make sure it was okay first. Any of the others would have just taken one, I am sure! Jaeli is always trying to do good and hates getting in trouble. Very sensitive with a big heart!

I've had many people, mostly family comment about my kids being brats or always behaving bad... It frustrates me especially since most don't have 4! Are they really that bad? I don't think so. Sure, at home they fight like crazy and can be disrespectful at times but generally they are very good around others, outside of the home. They have their moments as any kid does, but they are all great kids. Mak tends to make bad choices when she is tempted but behaves well and always wants to help. Jaeli likes to be recognized as being good, so she tries her best. Maysie loves the drama, but is very affectionate and tries to prove she can be better. Jace has the hardest time and I truly think its because he has no common sense and always gets blamed when it's not always him. Its just easier for people to blame him... The only boys he has been around are older and have never set a good example for him, so what do you expect? And I am to blame for some of it... Maybe a lot of it. He is my baby and I do spoil him and let him get away with a lot. Oh well... I'm the one who has to deal with it for most of the time, so that's on me. But he is a sweetheart if you just take the time to love him and give him a chance to open up. Its tough for him to do... And only a few get to see this side of him.  They all lie, but what kid doesn't? I can usually get Jaeli and Jace to tell the truth once I talk with them about the situation. Maysie occasionally, and Makenna never! But I think we are doing a pretty damn good job.

Back to Miss Jaeli Jo, loved my time with her sweetness today!

Jace is 8...what?

He is 8 already? Where did time go. My little man isn't little any more ;(. He had an awesome party with our family and friends kids and school friends. Great success! So many toys he doesn't need. We even had a nerf gun fight with him and his sisters one night with the lights out. They loved it!

I love my little man more than words can say, and even though he is all trouble most days, I couldn't imagine or want life without him. He sure has lived up to his nickname of trouble since day 2 when he peed in his own mouth and chocked... Scared me half to death. Ever since its a constant battle but it sure does make our lives interesting and full of great memories.

Love you buddy!

Snow Fun

The weather finally warmed up the other day and kids begged to play outside since there was still snow on the ground. I tell you what though, I am so tired of winter... So many school delays and closings. Its killing all my vacation time. But when they do get to play outside... When they don't have to do e-learning and actually enjoy a "snow day", They have a blast! One thing they love to do is build snowmen. The snow was perfect for it! Makenna even made a snowhorse! She always amazes me with her creativity, can't wait to see all the great things she will do in the future.