Saturday, November 18, 2017

My Helper

I wanted to make a little appetizer before the holidays begin so I have something to take to the families. Makenna loves them and asked to help. She saved me some time so that was nice! These are buffalo chessy chicken wraps. I can make them ahead of time and freeze them.

No power!

Power went out this morning and woke us up! We had to get up for basketball anyways. Kids thought it was fun ... But mad they couldn't do any electronics or cook breakfast. We ate cereal and then got ready and left for their game. When we got back, it was back on!

Being Silly

Maysie and Makenna were playing a game in my room and Jace, Jaeli, and I were laying on the bed watching. They love laying in bed with me and use it as time to play around and be silly, jumping on me. Got a couple pictures but it was dark so Jace couldn't handle the flash.

Makenna's Braces

Its almost time! Only a couple more months and she gets them off. Yesterday she got rubber bands put on... She has to change them 3x a day so this will be interesting. Hopefully she will keep up with it. She said they are annoying at times and hard to eat with. Told her to give it a few more days and she will get used to them.

Ice Skating

The kids got to go ice skating for the first time. Jace and Makenna did pretty good, Jaeli and Maysie tried but only for a short time. Mak picked it up pretty quick and Jace fell many times but had lots of fun. W will have to take them again sometime when we have more time.

Jace is playing basketball too!

Jace seems to love basketball too. He did pretty good during his first basketball practice and had lots of fun, even made some baskets. The girls were very bored and complained a lot while having to watch.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

First Basket!

Makenna scored her first basket at the game today! And the other two are getting so much better. Their team is undefeded with only two games left. I think if they win the next 2 games or are in the top two teams they get to play one more game for the championship. We will see! The other team players are pretty good so there's a good chance. Unfortunately I did not get her basket on video. But I did get her playing pretty good.