Thursday, July 20, 2017

Braces! Yikes!

Well we have started early. Makenna needed braces early due to the way her adult teeth are conning in and an issue with her gums. She has had a spacer for a couple months now and today she got her first round of braces. Crossing my fingers she won't need them when she's older but it's probably wishful thinking! Jaeli's teeth are looking pretty good so hopefully she won't need them... But again, wishful thinking! Maysies's are a bit crooked so she will need them later... And Jace, it's too soon to tell. He has the large space in between his teeth with his lip coming down lower than it should and will most likely need it clipped when his adult front teeth cone in. He's lost one and the other is loose so will probably be sooner than later. He is not looking forward to it! Better start saving now for all this dental and orthodontic work x 4! Yikes!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Taking Pictures

I haven't taken any really good pics of the kids lately and wanted a new environment to try it out. My sister-in-law texted on Monday and asked us to go swimming at my in-laws. So I thought sure, I can take pictures there. I picked the kids up from Day Camp and we headed to the gas station. I needed gas, but I also needed a bribe! I take pictures of the kids a lot! I have since they were born. And since they could understand what candy was, I have bribed them with it. It almost always works! They know if they deal with me putting them in different positions and smile, they will get their candy. So this time I bought them each a candy bar, as well as one for their cousins we were swimming with. The first set we took was horrible! They just were not into it. So we moved over the fence... well... there was an ant hill and they started climbing up their feet and legs. It was funny. So we moved over to the front of the deck and took some good ones there. My goal was to get one good group one but the girls usually enjoy taking individual ones too. So once I thought I had a good one, we moved onto individual. I always start with Jace just because he never wants to do it and its best to get it over with before he gets tired of it. I let them each pick where they wanted to go. Jace of course, wanted the swings. Jaeli did too, but I talked her into somewhere else. I wanted them all to be in different locations. Makenna picked the garden and Maysie picked by some flowers. Overall, they did good and the some of the family got to witness the struggle to get good pics! My favorite is the group one! Out of probably 60 pictures I took, there really was only these 4 that turned out good.





Sunday, July 16, 2017

Canoe Trip

On Saturday, we went on a family canoe trip about an hour south of us. Josh's cousin wanted the family to connect all our tubes and float down the river for his birthday. We thought it would be a fun trip for the kids and we would get to spend some time with that side of the family. We all had a blast! The weather was perfect and although the river was going a bit fast, it made it that much more fun... Well aside from one small mishap Maysie and I encountered! I had Maysie's tube tied to my tube, Jaeli was with Josh, along with Jace when he felt like it and wasn't jumping out of his tube, and I think Makenna's tube was tied up with Aunt Tracy and Steve. About 10 minutes into it some how Maysie and I got stuck in the back of the group. Grandma J was close by with Jace. I see a bunch of trees ahead of us and know I better start paddling before we get stuck in them. Well if u ask Josh, I paddle the wrong way, so maybe that's why we headed right for them. Janna and Jace couldn't slow down to help us and eventually they were out of sight. I knew we were in trouble! Maysie starts crying when we get trapped on this huge log. Janna said she could hear her crying but couldn't do anything about it. Thankfully these two couples in canoes came up right after we got stuck. As they go by, they ask if we need help. Maysie cries out Yes! I said I think I can get us out. Thankfully I managed to without having to get in the water! I pushed Maysie over the log and then scooted my way over. We were free! The couples in the canoes could tell Maysie was still traumatized and asked if we wanted them to pull us up to our group. So I said sure, that would be great! So they rowed back a bit to come to us and then we grabed onto the rope on the back of their canoe. When we got close they said they weren't going to be able to stop because the river was going too fast. I said that was fine we would let go and jump out to meet up with the rest of our group who were waiting on us off to the side. So I shouted thank you very much and attempted to jump out after letting go. Of course I fell right into the water! It gave everyone a pretty good laugh though. Maysie was just happy to get out for a bit. After that we decided to tie ourselves to a few more people in our group so we could continue and not have to worry about getting stuck again like that without help. I think the kids favorite part was when the got to play in the water and Tracy and Grandma and Michelle would hold onto them in the middle of the river where it was going fast and then just let them go with their feet in front of them until they reached the person waiting on them. It was fun to watch! The four-hour trip turned into about two and a half hours because the river was going so fast but we all had a great time and hope to do it again soon! Thanks Chase for the invite! And sorry Allisa for breaking our plans so we could go on this trip! I see a canoe trip in our near future, especially with those who did not get to join us this time!

Friday, July 14, 2017


The kids have been very lazy lately with chores. So, it was time to come up with a new reward system. We've done many in the past but they usually only last a month or so and the kids get bored with it and we move on to something else. But it's been a while so I came up with this new one. When the kids are in school they usually have a daily list of things that have to be done. It seems to work well for them so I thought I would give it a try for home as well. 2 days into it they seem to be okay with it and have done well so far. About once every two months they get some one-on-one time with me and we end up going to the store so I can buy groceries. Because going to the grocery store with four kids is impossible! But with just one they are usually pretty good about helping out. I have always let them buy something small when they're with me as a little treat. Well at times they complain that they want something worth more but I try to stick to the price limit I have set. So now with this new reward system they can earn more money to be used on their one-on-one time. Overall they have a daily checklist of things that need to be done and if they complete that checklist I will sign their sheet and it will be worth $0.50. And they can earn an extra quarter for good behavior that day. Ultimately they don't usually earn the extra quarter and they won't do this every day. But if they would do it every day and earn the extra quarter it adds up to like $30 by the time they have their one-on-one time. When it's their time I'll go through the box of my signed sheets and pull all theirs out and count them up. I have a feeling Makenna will be the only one that gets close to it. Since they have been struggling to read this summer and I don't want them to be completely lost when they go back to school, one of the things I have added is a worksheet and reading a book each day. So hopefully they will be prepared when they go on to the next grade in just four short weeks. They also consists of the normal stuff like brushing their teeth, taking a shower, picking up their room, and then they each have two other chores they are to do. Like brush the dog, brush the cat, feed the dog, water the dog, let the dog in and out, the litter box, put the dishes away, organize the shoes and books, check the trash, pick up the bathroom and make sure the toilets are flushed. I'm excited about checking the toilets. I am so tired of them not flushing and the bathrooms smelling horrible! Poor Maysie got stuck with this one. I am sure when they get older I will add more difficult tasks that are worth more money or we'll just do something completely different. Hopefully we all stick to this and it becomes a success. We've had some failures in the past but they're a little older now and need to start being more responsible.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Some alone time with Miss Jaeli Jo

Twice a month I send three of the kids with their Grandma and rotate which one I keep for some one-on-one time. Jaeli's turn was up. So I had her yesterday all to myself. They look forward to this time alone since they're with their siblings all the time and it's just much needed for them. Splitting our love and attention four ways can become quite difficult at times so I cherish this time with them. We usually go to the grocery store and they pick out a special treat and then we go home and make whatever they wanted for dinner and then play a game or watch a movie. Jaeli is usually the easiest as she's very laid-back and always happy when she's by herself! We had a good night. Looking forward to next time!

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Talk

No not that one! Not yet anyways. They have all been asking me if Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, tooth fairy, and other fairy tales are real lately. I've managed to lie to them 9 years and Jace is pretty much catching on quicker than the girls did. So they were asking again tonight during dinner. They asked me not to lie to them and to tell them the truth. So I figured it was time. I've always told them in the past if you don't believe then you won't get anything. Keeping that in mind Makenna was very hesitant to find out the truth unlike the other three. I gave them each an opportunity to ask me one question and I would answer it if they all agreed they wanted to know. Makenna asked if none of them are real would they still get gifts. I assured her no matter what they'll get the same amount of gifts and then she was all about it. Jace of course asked if Santa was real. Maysie asked if the Tooth Fairy was real. Jaeli asked if the Easter Bunny was real and Mak asked if Jesus was real. So for all but Makenna's I answered honestly and they were okay with the truth. And we talked about how they should not say anything to anyone especially the younger kids because it would not be fair to them to take that belief away from them and that Joy of believing. They each understood and gave me an example of someone who told them they weren't real. As for Makenna's question... that was a little more detailed in discussion and I answered as best I could with as much honesty as I could give. As sad as it is for them to not believe anymore, a big part of me is kind of happy about it. I never liked lying to them and the stress Christmas time would bring hiding presents is a huge relief. However they did ask that I still do the Elf on the Shelf! They are no longer babies... we will just have to come up with more creative ways and memories to make these holidays special. Especially for Christmas. We'll have to come up with ways to teach them about giving and not expecting to receive so much.

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Well today's drama was all about Maysie. Nick name... DQ (Drama Queen) since she was born. She was more drama than usual today. I think she was just feeling a little needy since her sister went and stayed with her Grandma B all day. She wanted that alone time as well. We spent the afternoon at their Grandma J's house and I think there's a bit of jealousy that she did not get to stay with her other Grandma alone. She was very sad all day long crying and whining. She made it very clear she wanted to leave and go home with just me alone. Eventually we left but had to take Makenna with us and Jace went with Josh. So on the way home I let her sit up front with me in the car and that seemed to make her happy. It never ends with this girl! I can only imagine what it's going to be like in the future. But I love her heart to pieces she's just so sensitive!