Wednesday, May 28, 2008

29 Week Ultrasound

We had another doctor appointment today! Everything looks great! Babies are getting big! I go back in two weeks to have a steroid injection to help develop all their lungs since they will be at least a month early! Doctor thinks we will be able to make it until 35 weeks, maybe 36! (That will be beg to mid July)! Josh is going to have to give a second steroid injection a day or so after the first one, so that should be interesting!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Glucose Tolerance Test

So I had my Glucose test on Monday and my sugar came back too high but my iron was great. So they told me I had to go in Wednesday to have it tested again, but in more detail. I had to sit there for three hours and have my blood drawn four times, once each hour. But the worst part was having to fast for 12 hours before, only allowed to have sips of water! Well they called me this morning to tell me the results! It was great news...all my levels that were tested came back normal! Even if one level came back positive for high sugar I would have probably been considered having Gestational Diabetes, just level 1 ( I think). So no diet plans, no Pree-clampsia and no Gestational Diabetes! Great news! Hopefully that means the three little ones will stay in for awhile longer!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

27 Week Ultrasound

Well we had our 27 week ultrasound yesterday! Everything looks good! Girls are doing great. Makenna weighs about 1 lb 8 oz and then Jaeli and Maysie weigh 2 lbs and 1 lb 12 oz. Not sure which one weighs which! Doc said they are doing good though, so by next apt., in two weeks, they should all be 2 lbs or more! I should also find out in the next day or two if I have Preeclampsia. Lets hope not, because if I do, I will probably be put on strict bedrest. They took my blood to test for it and I had to drink this fruit punch stuff. It was not as bad as I thought, just hope I dont have to do it too many more times!

Thanks again to everyone for your support!