Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pictures - 2 months old

Jaeli and Maysie were crying, had to shoot the picture in-between cries!

Big Eyes! She weighs 9 lbs 2 oz

So layed back! She weighs about 8 lbs

My little monkey! She weighs a little over 6 1/2lbs

2 months old!

Well the girls are 2 months old! We have them on a four hour schedule now. It works out pretty well for the most part! Sometimes they wake early cause they are hungry. Makenna is getting huge, she is over 9lbs now! Maysie is still really small...only 6.5lbs. She just doesnt want to eat. They have been sick all week, so that may be why. Jaeli is about 8lbs! So they have or are close to doubling their birth weights! We go to the doctor next week! Makenna and Jaeli have to stay on their monitors for another month, but that is okay, it helps me sleep at night! They also had their hips checked a couple weeks ago and a follow up yesterday. The doctor thinks they will be fine but wants to do a repeat ultrasound just to make sure! Things are going great, I cant believe how big they are getting! They are starting to wake more during the day (and night). I will be even more happy when they realize when night time is and sleep more! Hopefully soon! Thank you to my Mom for all her help, especailly babysitting so I can go to work!!