Friday, November 28, 2008


I thought this was appropriate since Thanksgiving was yesterday. I have never had so much in my life to be thankful for. So I wanted to write a little about it. What got me thinking was some of the other triplet moms who have talked about how much trouble they are having. Some of them have more bad days then good days. Some of them have moments where it gets so hard they want to strangle their children. Some of them do it all on their own, no help at all. I know we all love our children dearly and would never do anything to harm them. But some of us have more tears than smiles. I am thankful I have more smiles than tears. I have had my moments when I want to cry, but luckily, very few times. This would not be possible without all the help I have been receiving. There are some people I want to thank...

To my wonderful, very supportive husband:
Without you, I could not do this. I would be lost, I would be struggling. Everyday you do what you can to help me. You understand how hard it can be. You give me 100%, without that I don't know what I would do. You make every day worth it. There were times I was afraid the girls would change our marriage for the worst, but somehow, we have managed to stay as happy as we were before we had them. I couldn't ask for anything more!

To my parents:
You guys have been such a great help through it all. You provide for us more than you should, you are always here for us when we need you. Thank you for giving me 3 days a week to do something other than watch the girls. I think that if I didn't get this break, I would be going nuts! We would be struggling without you! No one would have ever expected us to have triplets, from the moment you found out, you have been here to help us. Thank you. I am so grateful that my girls get to have you in their lives.

To "Grandpa":
Having you around to help has been a huge help. It gives me a chance to get things done around the house and gives Josh a chance to get some sleep. You make my days much easier and more pleasurable. You are great with the girls and they are lucky to have you in their lives.

To Kristin, Mandy & Jarilyn:
Thank you for helping whenever you can and spending time with the girls. I am grateful they have such great God Parents to help us raise them.

To Stephanie:
You have been here for me through everything. You were there when we started fertility treatment, every step of the way to support me. You listened to me and gave me advice. You have been here through the tears and the joys (and the needles!). I am so grateful you are apart of my life and will be here to watch the girls grow up.

To Rick & Janna:
Thank you for giving Josh and I a place to get away with or without the girls. I know the girls will get much unconditional love from you both.

To all the other triplet moms:
Thank you to all of you for your support and advice. It is great to have other people to talk to who know exactly what I am going through. You are my hero's!

To everyone else that has shown support and/or help:
We are very thankful to have such great family and friends in our lives. Everyone has been such a great help and so supportive. So far, this experience, this life, has been a great one, one I wouldn't change for anything.

Thanksgiving Photos

8 of the 13 grandkids!

We had a good Thanksgiving. The girls did great. They enjoyed all the company. Maybe next year they can have some turkey!

Final Christmas Pictures!

Someone gave us three babies for Christmas! (my Christmas Card)
Miss Maysie
Miss Makenna
Miss Jaeli
How cute!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Acid Reflux (Maysie & Jaeli)

Well I took Maysie and Jaeli to the doctor today to find out why they cry while they eat! The doctor checked their ears to see if it was an ear infection, and we had 4 good ears! She then said that during the first two months of life, they don't produce that much stomach acid, so since they are older now and when we switched formula from Neosure to Enfamil, their bodies said, uh oh, something new...we better produce more acid. So she thinks the acid is leaving sores on their throats and that is what makes them cry, b/c it hurts when they swallow. And this leads to more spit ups! So she put them on Zantac, she said after about a week we should notice a difference and after a couple weeks they should be much better. If it gets worse again after about 6 weeks, then we have to up the dose since they will be bigger. And she said if it doesn't make a difference after a couple weeks to bring them back in b/c then it is probably something else. I am also suppose to continue giving them the gas relief since it seems to help. Maysie is also suppose to stay on 22 cal formula since she doesn't eat as much as the other two! But they have both gained a pound in a month so she was happy with that. Makenna is fussing while she eats every once in awhile, so we may have to have a prescription called in for her, but we will give it a couple days to see if she keeps it up.

Maysie's flat spot: The doctor said it is normal in multiples b/c there wasn't much room to move and she is used to laying that way. (The flat spot is in the back, but more to one side.) So we are suppose to keep her off her head as much as possible and try to work with her to turn her head more the other way. She also said it isn't that bad, so she probably wont need a helmet. But if she does, then she will have to wear it 22 hours a day, so we should work with her as much as possible! She has 13 mths before it is permanent.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Makenna did not want to wake up!
She was still sleeping...
Makenna looks so happy! She just woke up!
I have no idea what they thought was so interesting, but they kept looking over there!

I have one more to take, which I am hoping will be the one I use! These are my back-ups!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Card

This is a Christmas card I created. I think it is pretty cute. There is another picture I am taking of the girls soon, so I might use that one instead, but aren't the pictures of them smiling in the Ho Ho Ho cute? They are so precious!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Heart Dresses

Makenna, Maysie & Jaeli
My sister had her 30th birthday on the 8th. I thought I would dress the girls up for it! They looked so cute. The dresses were adorable!

Starting Vegetables!


Yum, Carrots!

It is messy! Jaeli did great today. They ate a full jar today. So hopefully each day they will eat a little more until we get to three jars a day!

Makenna Rolls Over!

Updates on the girls!

I will start with Miss Makenna. Man, she is becoming a handful. She has learned how to turn over! I will try and get some pics of it. However, she has not learned how to turn back over! She rolls over completely, gets up on her arms and lifts her head and rolls her body trying to roll back over. Then she gets frustrated b/c she can't figure it out! So I help her out and she gets mad! So either way, she ends up crying. It is so cute though. I give her time to work on it before I help her, she will eventually figure it out. But I am afraid to leave the room b/c I am afraid she will get so tired and suffocate herself. Am I just being paranoid? It is cute though, I can't believe how much more advanced she is then the other two. It is like we have twins and one baby a month or two older! Such a big girl! She stoped sucking her thumb. I think she realized it is easier for mommy and daddy to put the pacifier back in her mouth!

As for Jaeli, the doctor called to tell me that she is still having some low heart rates, so they want her to wear it at night, when she sleeps the most. So that is okay, at least she doesn't have to wear it during the day! She is all smiles and talks so much now! It is so cute!

Maysie has been having some eating issues and has not gained any weight in the last two weeks. I am a little worried so I called the doctor. My mom and Josh don't seem to notice it, so maybe it is just when I feed her. But she sucks and then cries and sucks and then cries over and over. It is so frustrating! It is like she is gassy or it hurts or something. I don't know. So the doctor said they want to see her next week to get her weight and we have to make 22 cal formula. Luckily we can keep using the Enfamil. The nurse gave me an equation to make it. So I figured it out to be 4 scoops formula and 6 oz water instead of 3 scoops. Hopefully it helps! I hope it isn't acid reflux, but some people having been telling me it could be. She is also talking like crazy and smiling all the time!

All the girls... We have started vegetables! It is going pretty well. They have tried sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans. They aren't eating a whole lot, but enough to get used to it. It is messy though! They seem to like the carrots the best! Eventually they should get the hang of it, they are still spitting a lot of it out.

I think that is it...I will try and get pics of Makenna and them eating baby food posted soon!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

DNA Test on Jaeli and Maysie

Well we got the DNA test in the mail the other day. I took the sample swabs and sent them in! We will hopefully find out in a week or two! I think they are probably fraternal, but there are just so many times I think they are identical. I have to know for sure!!! Jaeli thought it was funny at first. I swabbed her right check first and she laughed while I did it, but then the left check, she cried! It was so cute. Maysie just made funny faces!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Maysie is FREE of her brace!

It is official, never again does she have to wear her brace! She doesn't even have to wear it at bedtime! They said she has improved! I think if they would have waited a week or two, she would have been just fine like Makenna and Jaeli were. Oh well, it's done now! As for Miss Jaeli, she had another heart rate drop while eating today, she was coughing though, so hopefully it doesn't count. That makes it a total of 3 this month...maybe 4. But last month she had 8 heart rate drops and 5 had apena spells with them. We should know for sure at the end of next week or the beginning of the following week. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Four month check up!

Maysie, Jaeli, Makenna

The girls had their four month check up today. It went pretty well. The doctor couldn't believe how big they are getting! Maysie made the chart, she is now in the 10th percentile! Jaeli has made it to the 25th percentile and Makenna has sky rocketed to the 90th percentile. All on average. They are all a bit short, but that is expected because it runs in the family! Two months ago Maysie wasn't even on the chart and Jaeli and Makenna were in the 10th percentile or so! Where did my tiny babies go? Makenna's hernia is pretty much gone, and the doctor thinks she still has a chance of her belly button going back in and not being an outie! We should find out today or tomorrow if Maysie can come out of the brace for good! And they are coming to download Jaeli's machine on Monday. The doctor said that since she only had two heart rate drops and no apnea spells, she should be able to get off it! But they have to make sure she didn't have any apnea episodes with the heart rate drops and that the heart rate drops weren't too low. I really hope by the end of next week all my girls will be free of machines and braces! Here are their weights...

Makenna: 15 lbs 7 oz - 23 3/4" (2 months 10 lbs - 21")
Jaeli: 12 lbs 11 oz - 22 1/4" (2 months 9 lbs - 20 1/2")
Maysie: 11 lbs 7 oz - 21 3/4" (2 months 8 lbs - 19 1/2")

Some pictures of the girls!

Love this face! It is so cute but so sad at the same time! (Miss Jaeli)
Maysie watching football with Daddy!
So now we know where Makenna gets her "praying" from! (Grandpa)