Monday, April 27, 2009

10 Months Old

Little Miss Maysie, always smiling!
Jaeli Jo, always laughing!
Makenna making her "mean" face, but smiling at the same time!
And there they are again, pretty much the same as the individual pictures!
I could not get a good picture of them all together, but this one and the one above it were the best ones.

The girls will be 10 months old in a few days! Wow, where did time go? 2 more months and they will be 1 year old. I can't believe it, time flew by! I think this is the fastest year I have every had. So a little update on each of them...

Makenna: She has this new expression she makes all the time. It is her "mean" face, or as grandpa says, her devil face! She loves making it and will mock you if you do it to her. She is saying MaMa and DaDa, and sometimes BaBa. She loves food! She just shovels it all in. She pretty much eats on her own now, I don't usually feed her unless its something really messy. She will also be walking soon. I think she can do everything but walk! She loves it when you help her walk, and stands for a long period of time on her own. She is so proud of herself! She gets into everything now, so we have to be careful. Bath time is a struggle with her because she wants to stand in the tub. She has slipped a couple times, but I have always caught her. So now I bathe her first and let the other two play and make her get out if she wants to stand.

Jaeli: She LOVES animals! It is so cute. She chases our dog around the living room at least once a day and just giggles at her over and over. She loves kisses from her also. When my parents dogs start barking crazily, she always yells at them, a funny yell! She likes to be held when she is tired or fussy. About once or twice a week she gets her chubby legs stuck in the crib bars. I had a scare a couple days ago, I did not think I would get it out! She is always yelling and laughing. She is still pretty independent and loves to play with toys or in her play center. She does not really care too much about her sisters. She should be crawling soon, she is a pro at scooting! During bath time, she loves to be on her stomach and kick and wave her arms in the water. She is fascinated with the drain also! She is still my sweetie!

Maysie: Always smiling at anyone and everyone! She is having a little trouble picking up food, I think she just wants me to do it for her. She is also always the first one up, talking away usually. But she stays in her crib until I get her, most days she just waits for me. (Sometimes an hour if she is up at 7 a.m. and happy.) She has finally figured out to get from a sitting position to her tummy. She is staying on it more now, and sleeping on it at times. She holds herself up much better now. I think she wants to move around like her sisters. She is still drama, not as bad as before, but she sure does have her moments! She loves sitting on the couch in front of the window. If she is fussy, it almost always makes her happy!

All: We are fighting over toys like crazy now. And pacifiers, they take them from each other all the time. It is cute sometimes though, because they will trade. Their new toys are these sunglasses my sister bought for them, it keeps them all occupied for about 20-30 minutes, so long as they each have one. I think its the only thing I have 3 of. We are completely on finger foods, it is going pretty well. Transitioning from Gentlease to Enfamil Lipil has been going good also. I am about to transition completely to Enfamil in the next day or two. They are all holding their hands out to be picked up now, it is so hard to resist at times! They still need their night time nap every once in awhile, especially Maysie. And sometimes they don't take it but get very fussy. But it does not usually last more than 1 hr. Nap time and Bedtime have been going really good. I think the Sleep Training paid off. They have been sleeping from 8:30 p.m. until 8 a.m. every night with a few "crying episodes" once or twice here and there from each. Usually a pacifier stops it. As for nap time, it has not been an issue. They usually sleep at least 1.5 hrs in the morning and 2 hrs in the afternoon. And the great thing is, they no longer cry when I put them down for naps or bedtime! They are now able to put themselves to sleep 100%. That was my goal, it is so hard to have three babies and rock them or hold them to put them to sleep. Especially when I am by myself! So I am very pleased with their schedule! Sticking to a strict schedule makes things so much easier. There are some negatives, like taking the girls somewhere that interferes with their schedule. But it is worth it. (I just wish some people where a little more understanding when it comes to taking the girls out of the house, but I guess if you don't have to deal with it everyday, it is hard to understand.)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some Pictures

My sis and I spent a few hours on Saturday patching my walls and planting flowers. Getting ready to put the house up! I did learn though that I will never nail holes in the walls again to hang pictures! I will now be using the sticky stuff that pulls right great!

Makenna's mean face! She is always trying to be funny! (When she is in a good mood!)
Jaeli being mean to Maysie! She thought it was funny to crawl on top of her, Maysie did not think so!Miss Jaeli wearing Aunt Kristin's hat!
Fighting over a toy! First Maysie was playing with it and then Jaeli decided to scoot over and as soon as Makenna saw that, she rushed over!
My sister came over and helped me plant some flowers, so we decided to take the girls outside with us too! They seemed to enjoy it! They would not look at me though, to busy playing!
Makenna was enjoying herself for a little while and then got bored, so I let her go in the grass, but that did not last long! She kept trying to eat it. She was in the play center because she would have crawled and stepped all over her sisters!
Not sure what Jaeli was doing here, but since she wouldn't look at me, I had to take a picture at an odd angle!
Maysie with her sunglasses. They would not wear them, they just want to play with them and suck on um!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Jaeli has a tooth!

I noticed today that Jaeli has a tooth coming in! Yeah, now that makes 5 teeth total, 2 MK, 2 MJ, and 1 JJ!!! I am sure she will get her second one in within the next few days! She is also getting close to crawling! She scoots on her belly pretty well!

Makenna is standing all by herself for 5 or more seconds at a time. So proud of herself!

Maysie is now rolling really well, she even sleeps on her belly now just like MK and JJ! It took a night or two for her to get used to it, especially from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.!

My girls are getting so big!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Recovered Pictures

Our first official time discovering grass and leaves outside! Not sure what Jaeli's face is all about??
Another funny facial expression from Jaeli!
Makenna getting ready to put some in her mouth, Maysie loving it, and Jaeli...humm...not too sure!
Our new play area! (The whole living room!) Jaeli playing with the dog!
I decided to take down the big gate so they have more room to explore and just gated off the trash and diaper pail. They have been doing pretty good so far!

Grandpa managed to recover my photos I deleted on accident! Thanks Grandpa!!! So above are some of those pictures!

We had our WIC check up today. The girls did great, no one cried! Thank you to Ashley for helping me! Their pedi and I decided to switch them back to regular Enfamil to prepare them for Milk! So cross your fingers they take it well! I think I will transition them to it buy doing half Gentlease and half Enfamil, then increase the Enfamil every couple days until completely on it! (I think I will do that when its time for milk too.) So here are their weights...

Makenna: 21# - 27 1/8" - HT 56%, WT 96%

Jaeli: 18# 6oz - 25 5/8" - HT 10%, WT 94%

Maysie: 17# 1.5 oz - 26" - HT 18%, WT 72%

I don't think Maysie's head was touching the backboard, so I think her height is wrong and she is the same as Jaeli or a little less in height. But they are all doing great, Maysie has finally reached above 50% in weight! She is catching up, slowly, but surely! I think I just have short kids!

Monday, April 20, 2009

So Mad!

Makenna loves the bean bag! She is so silly! Maysie is in the background watching me closely as usual!
This is how Jaeli woke up! She is now Miss Mohawk Girl! Crazy hair!

So I went to download the pics from my camera and thought I copied them all, nope, I didn't and it was too late, I had already deleted them. I took some really cute ones of the girls outside. Oh well, I am sure I will take more cute ones! Here are a couple I did manage to save!

Makenna is about walking!
Jaeli still has no teeth but she is starting to crawl!
Maysie has two teeth now and is starting to move around a little more, slowly!

Selling Our House:

So we have decided to try and sell the house, but with the market the way it is, we may not be able to sell it. But the good thing is, we are going to do some work on it all of May, so if we don't sell, it will be nice to have all that stuff done!

We are selling because we want something bigger. Our house is just going to get smaller as the girls grow! We were going to convert our garage, but I don't really want to lose it! I would like to find a house with 2 bathrooms and a family room plus a living room, so I can have a play room for the girls. We would also like a 2 car garage and a bigger kitchen!!! So wish us luck, hopefully we are able to sell it and find a great house!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Makenna stands on her own!

I had to post about it, I was so proud of her...and she was too! She stood for a good 3 seconds and more than once! That's a first, usually its 1 second or less!

Our Easter!

I love Makennas face!
The girls with their Easter eggs!

Easter went really good. I think the girls enjoyed themselves! We tried lots of new foods too! They also experienced their first time outside on the grass. Their grandma made them an Easter egg also. Maysie decided she wanted to suck on it and turned her mouth and fingers blue! Luckily I got it away from her before it got too bad!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Another Tooth!

Well my mom noticed Maysie had a tooth today after sucking on her finger! That must be why she has not slept well the last couple nights! I was so certain Jaeli would get one first! Hopefully she follows soon! It is her bottom front tooth! It is just starting to come through. But she seems happy and not too fussy, hopefully she stays that way!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Pictures

Maysie, Makenna, Jaeli
Maysie, Makenna & Jaeli

I took them myself...I was sweating by the time I was done. I did it all by myself! They did not give me a very good one all together, but I think its still cute! Not bad for being free!

Jaeli says Da Da and starts to Crawl!

Today Jaeli has been saying Da Da over and over. I don't think she actually relates it to her dad because he has been no where in sight! Maybe she does, and she just misses him! She is also getting up on her knees, and starting to army crawl. She is learning to move forward, she gets frustrated at times, but she is learning! Now only if Maysie would figure it out!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We Are Sick...

Sitting on the couch in front of the window on a rainy day!
We love to stand while holding onto the gate! We get better each day. (Makenna is a pro!)

Well we are sick once again. It is just a runny nose x 3! Poor girls are having trouble sleeping cause they can't suck on their paci's because their noses are so stuffy. It was a tough night last night. But hopefully they will get over this soon! Makenna always gets it the worst...she looks very miserable. But they all seem to be happy for the most part!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update on Sleep Training and Finger Foods

Sleep Training...
It has been going good for the most part. Makenna and Jaeli have not had too many crying episodes at night or during their naps. Occasionally they will. My drama queen Maysie is a different story. Some days she does great, some days she does horrible. She will cry and cry for an hour if you let her. And then when you pick her up, she is happy as could be. Going to have to be even more strict with her or figure something else out. Maybe move her to our bedroom in a playpin. I don't know! It has only been 11 days, so maybe it will just take a couple more weeks.

Finger Foods...
Well the girls are getting so good at finger foods. They are still having some trouble picking them up, but they are getting the hang of it. They love to eat now, they moan and groan until you give them more to eat. It is never fast enough! I am still giving them some baby food, but just enough to keep them happy. They get their bottle afterwards, so they eat solids so much better! Here is what they have been eating:
Waffles (they do great with these)
Pin Wheels
Peach Chunks
Pear Chunks
Apple Chunks
Turkey pieces...very small.
Chkn pieces...very small.
And then other foods here and there.

Oh, and Jaeli is starting to move forward on her belly!!! And Makenna is starting to walk around the gate while holding on tightly! Maysie, not so much!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just Some Cute Pics

Getting ready to go bye bye...and our first time putting our hair up!
Makenna helping daddy!
Maysie had a sore I let her air out for a bit!
The twins!
The twins again!
Our first Bath time in the bathtub!
Loving It!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

9 month check up

The girls are 9 months today! We had a good doctors appointment. They did great! No one cried, at all. They didn't get shots today, just had to take a couple drops of blood from their finger, didn't phase them at all! The doc said they are all doing great, she said she was surprised how well their heads were formed for being triplets. And that I made it so long! She kept telling me how great I did. I think I could have went longer and I know there are lots of moms of triplets that did. But I have no regrets! They are happy healthy babies!

Makenna: She said she is above average in everything, weight, height, head, development. So that was good! However, she is eating way too much formula. She gets between 24-28 oz per day and she is suppose to only get 18 oz! Ha! Yeah right, she is my little piggy! I just have to start offering her more solids, finger foods. She is so proud of herself because she can pull herself up to stand. It is all she ever wants to do! She can be very stubborn at times and always fighting with me to change her diaper or clothes. And baths! (But thankfully, the doctor gave us the ok on giving them baths in the bathtub!) About once a day I can get her to laugh, but not very often!

Jaeli: Not much on her. She is doing pretty average. Growing and eating great, so no worries with her. Although, she has started to play by herself! Sometimes she gets mad when I try to play with her and interrupt what she was doing! She does have her moments though when she just wants her mommy! I learned today that when I feed her solids before her bottle, she does much better! She is very sweet as well, always has a smile. I love to make her laugh! It is so easy! Every time we pick her up she pats us on the back, it is so cute!! And when we go outside in the cold, she snuggles her head in my neck! Such a sweet girl!

Maysie: She is a little behind, but the doctor is not too worried. She is growing great and eating well. She still needs to keep up on the formula intake, but no other issues. The doc also said we can have some assistance come to our home, probably for free since they are triplets. She doesn't think Maysie really needs it, but since its free, it wouldn't hurt! It is just to show us how to work with her on rolling over and standing and what not and to evaluate them. She is doing great with baby food. She hates turning over, but can do it. She does scoot on her back using her legs! She stands holding onto something pretty well also! She is still my drama queen and is always giggling. She is very affectionate! She is also fun to make laugh!

Things we learned & talked to the doctor about:
* Try to hold less and let them cry more! This way they don't get too spoiled. We still need to cuddle them and play with them often, just not hold so much.
* Feed solids before bottle!
* Work on finger foods!
* Baths in the real bathtub!
* Stick to our schedule, especially crying it out. The sooner they get it down, the better!
* They should cut out their evening nap soon, but let them do it on their own!
* Do not take them out before a specific time in the morning. (8 a.m.)
* They should take on average 1.5-2 hour naps twice a day!

We also took our first real walk least their first one with mommy!

The crying it out (CIO) method has been going okay. They actually took an afternoon nap today for 2 straight hours, I did not hear a peep out of them! That's a first! Maybe this Ferber method thing works! But I have been very strict, its been very hard!


Makenna: 20 lbs 13 oz - 27 3/4" - HC 46.5cm

Jaeli: 18 lbs 2 oz - 26 1/4" - HC 45.5cm

Maysie: 16 lbs 12 oz - 25 3/4" - HC 44cm

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Poor Maysie

So I had some memories from the past today. Maysie and Makenna had really bad diaper rash in the NICU, and for the first time since, Maysie has it again. I wiped her little tush today and it was bleeding. Poor girl, didnt seem to bother her though, and she didnt make a sound when I wiped it, unlike the NICU when I started crying b/c she was screaming from the pain of it. I let her air out a bit today and put some special ointment on it, so hopefully it gets better soon. They always get red after they have a bowel movement, but never bleed. She is happy as could be, so makes me happy its not bothering her and hopefully get it better before it does!

Mirena Implant

Today I had my implant removed. I was having some complications, so it was something I had to do. Hopefully now I wont be so tired, as well as resolving the complications I was having. I decided not to go back on any kind of birth control. We had to get help to have the girls, so I figure if we want another child some day, we would have to get help again, but that is something we do not want to do. It is just too expensive! So we figure if we do get pregnant again on our own, then that is great, we did not need any help! (And it probably will only be 1 child!) I will probably get my tubes tied then!