Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birthday Pictures & Shoes

Maysie loving her cake!

Jaeli not too sure about it!
Makenna finds it very interesting and eventually very tasty!
I just thought this was a really cute pic of Maysie...thanks Aunt Kathy!
Maysie trying to figure out her shoes!
Jaeli trying to take her shoes off!
Makenna....humm...I don't know!

Here are some pictures of the girls. They are not the best quality, since they were taken with my camera phone. I do have a temporary camera I am using, but I have too lazy to upload those photos. So until then...these will have to do!

Birthday Pics: These were taken at their second Birthday party!

Shoe Pics: I have not put shoes on my girls for the last year...is that bad??? They refuse to wear them now! They just want to play with them! I figure I have a couple months to get them used to them for Winter!

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