Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Pictures

Maysie being funny! This was taken a day or two before she got her fever. She has had a low grade fever for 2 days now. Hopefully it is better tomorrow, if not, then we will be making a trip to the doctor! She just looks miserable! All she wants to do is play!
Miss Jaeli with her Great Grandpa on the 4th, getting ready to watch fireworks. But...she fell asleep right before they started! And slept through them! She has her hands up to her ears, this means... "Oh No". They all do this now, its so funny when they all do it at the same time or do it when they are mad!
Makenna with her bruised eye! She swung a camera into her face. She only cried for a few seconds, but looks like it hurt!
Outside in our new pool! We loved it! Especially since there was warm water in it! Splashed away! I think we lasted an hour! That is pretty good!
Our birthday party for Daddy's side! Thanks Aunt Lari and Aunt Steph for helping us open our gifts. As you can see, Steph was not happy I took a picture! My back hurt pretty bad, so I could not help the girls open their presents :-(.
Maysie opening her presents with Grandpa, wondering what this thing is on her head!
Eating our cake! Jaeli and Maysie did pretty good, it took Makenna awhile, but that is just because I woke her up and she was not very happy!

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