Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby Boy ... Doctor's Apointment 24 weeks

So I am 24 weeks today! I have been feeling him move a lot more lately, sometimes I can even see him move. It is so different than with the girls. I did not feel them move until the very end of the pregnancy! He must have lots of room to move around! I had my 24 week check up and everything looks great. His heart rate was 140 bpm. I was a little concerned about the upcoming move we have so I asked about it and she said I should be fine. She said so long as I take breaks and drink lots of water. If I feel tight or crampy to just take a break and relax! I am not to lift anything over 50lbs, but can pretty much do whatever! Even paint, so long as the windows are open! I am only suppose to pick up one of the girls at a time, but if I have to pick two up for some reason, I just have to be careful. They are each close to or more than 25lbs, so that makes sense! I was happy to hear what she had to say, I want to be able to help with the move and painting, so that is good!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Water Fountain and Towels

Jaeli decided she wanted to sit right down inside the fountain! It was so cute and she was SO WET, diaper and all!
The girls playing with the water squirting out of the frogs mouth! (This was before Jaeli stepped on in!)
We love to wear towels on our heads!
We also love to pull them off each others heads!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

RSV Season ... We hope you understand!

RSV Season is coming, and this year we need to be extra careful because insurance does not pay for shots to help prevent it this time around and we will be living with the in-laws. I copied a post from another triplet mom's blog and just made a few changes:

A big issue is the fact we are moving in with my in-laws until we find a home. The problem there is a lot of cousins will be coming and going. So I ask that you respect our wishes when we ask your children or even you not to kiss the triplets, touch them or to sanitize your hands if you have any sign of illness. This is just a precaution to keep our babies healthy. I hope you can all understand. To help you understand a little better, to understand why it is so important for us, please read below. Some of you may think we are over reacting, but having talked to others with preemies, this is very SERIOUS and we want to do the best we can to make sure our babies stay healthy.

People don't seem to really understand what sick means when we tell them to stay away from the girls if they are "sick". What we mean is if you have the sniffles or the remnants of a cough or even a tickle in your throat, PLEASE STAY BACK! I'm not trying to be rude but the dr specifically told us that you have to be symptom free.. I'm sorry but we are listening to her over anyone else.

Why is this important? Because our babies are preemies. No, they aren't small anymore nor do they look ill. They actually look like any other 15 month old toddlers at this point BUT their lungs are still underdeveloped & they still have a compromised immune system. This is very important to know b/c there is a virus called RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) which to us or a full-term baby, would not do anything more than just give us a cough & a runny nose, much like the common cold. For our babies, it can mean DEATH.

Why? Our babies lungs look very different from that of a baby the same age that was born after 37 weeks gestation. Ours were born at 34 weeks. Let me show you a picture of what our babies' lungs look like compared to that of a regular full-term baby. The 1st 3 pictures are that of our babies' lungs (not actual but you get the idea). The 4th picture is that of a regular baby. Scary to see how much less our babies have compared to them!

This is another good picture to look at. As you can see, they used trees to explain the difference between a normal infant's lungs (left) & a preemie's (right). WOW!

Finally, this is a photo of the airway when affected by RSV. On the left is a normal infant & on the right, a preemie. You can see how much LESS airway is open in the preemie's picture. SCARY!

Once RSV has been passed to one of our babies, hospital stay is an almost certainty. Actually, they would probably end up in the PICU (Pediatric ICU). There is NOTHING they can do to help our babies except to give them O2 via vent (intubated) to help them breathe. Again, something we don't want to experience.

How do we keep our babies healthy? By staying away from sick people! You may not even know you are carrying RSV & if you come over & infect our babies, you would feel very badly afterward. Sorry if I sound so harsh but I have had to explain over & over again why it is important not to get too close.

RSV is contracted through physical contact or vapor droplets in the air. RSV can also live on surfaces for several hours.

We are very grateful my in laws are taking us in as long as we need, they are helping us out more than they know! We only hope some day we can repay them for it! It is scary to think of how many people may be coming and going, but we have to do what we have to do and I know all of you will understand when we ask you to sanitize or to not get too close when you come over! Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Maysie's 1st Step, Attachment Problems, The Fair!

So the girls were playing today, chasing each other with the walker. Makenna came up and took it from Maysie. Maysie did not fall as usual, she stood there and then took a step towards it. And then fell! But this is her first official step by herself with NO help what so ever! It was great to be there to see it! I missed Makenna's :-(.

As for attachment problems...wow! Jaeli and Maysie must be going through some kind of abandonment issues. I can not leave the room, nor can my mom when she watches them. It drives me nuts! Its very nice to be needed and loved, but I hope the crying when I leave the room ends soon! They get upset if I am not in their view or if I am not where I was when they left the room! Hopefully it passes soon!

I wanted to get the girls out of the house today, so my mom came over and we took the girls up town to the fair! It is a small town, so small fair, but I think they enjoyed themselves! We just walked around for a bit and ate dinner. They did GREAT! They did not cry once! I decided to take the single and double stroller instead of the triple. Last year we did not even get past the first block before we got attacked by a bunch of people wanting to see the "freak" show. It was not so bad, just a few this time! Thanks mom for helping! Hopefully post a couple pictures soon!

Just Some Pictures!

Makenna is obsessed with shoes!
Makenna loves to sit in odd places!
Jaeli and Maysie petting the fake dog!
Jaeli looking at herself in the mirror!
Maysie sitting in the bean bag chair playing with wipes!
Jaeli riding the horse!
Makenna riding the horse!
At the doctor's office for our 1 year check up!
I think we are eating a snack, but we look a bit tired!
Maysie with her birthday balloons!
Makenna with her birthday balloons!
Jaeli with her birthday balloons, love the face!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Update on girls!

Makenna waving for the camera!
Jaeli and Maysie always chasing each other and pulling on their diapers! They think it is so funny!
We all do a pig face now! It is so cute when they all do it at the same time. This is Jaeli if you could not tell!

So the girls are liking their new arrangement! I can let them play in the play room and not worry about them when I have to do something or when one of them is in the living room. I just make sure I am always within a few steps in case something does happen. They play in there for awhile all by themselves and no fighting! It is great! They love going back and forth. We have started to watch Baby Einstein sign language a lot more now. They are learning. So far Jaeli is the only one who has signed something, baby! It is very cute! They love watching it, well...for a little bit and then they go play. We are interacting with each other a lot more too. Maysie and Jaeli are still not walking. They are getting there though! They have become quite the climbers though!

Our House

So Tuesday we are suppose to be getting an offer on the house. I just hope it is a good offer! We have only been here 3 years, so we pretty much have to get what we are asking for it to come out even. Wish us luck! I really want a BIGGER house!!!

I am a little bummed though because there are NO houses at all out there for us. All the houses that would fit us perfectly are about $10-20 thousand more than we can afford or they have sold. Someone want to give us $10 grand! HA!

If we do accept the offer, we will most likely be moving in with Josh's mom for awhile until we find something. We know we don't want to settle this time. We have to have a 4 bedroom house, and there are not many in the school district we want that are in our price range. I know Grandma would love to have us, but it is going to be a struggle. They only have a 3 bedroom house and 1 bathroom. They work a lot so they wont be there often, but I will have to baby proof and it will be a tight squeeze into the 2 rooms. A new environment for the girls, will that set them back? And then to do it all over again when we do find something? So many thoughts going through my head. Sometimes I think it would be better to stay and just add on to our house now, but we can't afford that either.

There is no way I can go back to work after the baby comes, 4 kids in day care, it would not be worth it. I want to be a full time mom, at least until they all start school! I guess there are struggles that come with that. I am grateful we are having our baby boy...I just was not ready so soon!

I am sure it will all work out, it always does!

I will post some pics of the girls soon!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Just wanted to say happy birthday to aunt kristin from the girls! I have a cute picture of you with them, hopefully I can find some time to post it today!

Happy 25th!!!!!