Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spoons & Pans

Makenna and Jaeli
Maysie and Jaeli

We loved playing and banging all these bowls and spoons! It was so much fun...and loud!



Although we don't look like it in these pictures, we love Lasagna! I think we were just tired.

Random Pictures

Makenna jumping!
Maysie walking!
How Jaeli eats... (look at the top of her cup!)
Makenna pretends to share!
Maysie says... "Don't Mess With Me!"
Jaeli sleeping in the most unusual ways!


Makenna chilling in their new chair!
Jaeli and Maysie sharing their new chair!
We love to sit in baskets... if you look close, they are all three sitting in one playing with toys!
We have learned how to climb the stairs! Coming down has not been so easy!
Our new table and chairs Grandma bought!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Out to eat!

Jaeli playing with the blankets and coats... what is that about?
Maysie walking!

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos!

Anyways, Josh and I took the girls out to eat on Saturday. We were not too sure about it since we have never done it by ourselves but we wanted to get out. Usually Grandma and Grandpa are with us! Well it went perfect! We took them to East of Chicago and just got the salad bar for all of us! Thankfully there was a lot of their favorite foods ... like grapes, peaches, pickles! They did not cry at all, ate really good and it was not busy! We were very happy!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

15 Month Old Pictures

Jaeli, Makenna, Maysie


I was surprised as to how well the pictures came out. I was very happy we got a decent one of them all together. We don't get many good ones anymore!

I also uploaded a lot of pics from the last month, I have been lazy! So please check those out too! See below!

Discovering New Things!

Since we were climbing on top of this bench and falling off it, mommy turned it over in hopes we wouldn't cry about it so much. So we just decided we want to be inside it all the time! It had to be put up, too many babies wanting in and out ALL THE TIME! We will bring it back out at our new house, whenever that may be!
Thank you aunt Julie for my car, it is so much fun! I love driving it, well, I love being pushed!
Thanks aunt Julie for our car! We love it!
All of us finally forward facing!
Sitting with Grandpa

Climbing & Our New Play Room

Makenna loves to climb!
Maysie learned from her big sister Makenna how to climb!
Our play room before ALL of our toys were added! They did not know what to think of it at first! We are about to lose it though. Since we will be moving in with Grandma, space is limited at her house. But hopefully it wont be for long. I am going to miss this house. I am sure there will be lots of tears.

Spoons and Piggy Faces!

Makenna trying to use her spoon. I think we will try again in a few months!
Maysie did not do so well either, so messy! Love the face!
Jaeli also did not do so well. Spoons will have to wait awhile! I love the piggy faces she makes!

NICU Reunion & The Fairs

Makenna on the carousel at Bluffton Street Fair. She was smiling and laughing the whole time. We walked by it a couple times and she would cry because she wanted to go back on it! Thanks aunt Jarilyn for helping!
Maysie on the carousel at Bluffton Street Fair, she loved it! Thanks for helping Grandma Janna.
Jaeli on the carousel at Bluffton Street Fair. She did not like it so much, right after the picture was taken, she made Ashly hold her! Thanks Ashly for helping!
We were eaing dinner at Ossian Days, kind of boring, but nice to get out for a bit. Thanks Grandma Bev for helping!
All of us at Ossian Days eating dinner.
We got invited to the NICU reunion for the hospital the girls were born at. It went okay. I am not sure if I want to go next year. It was a bit difficult, they did not get a good nap, so we were very fussy. Lunch was hard too. Thankfully Grandma Janna was with us to help out! Then we, or I guess I, had to wait in line forever to get a picture taken. The girls played with Grandma and Daddy while I waited! They made us do it, pretty much, they had everything gated off, so you could only leave if you got your picture taken first. We were ready to leave as soon as lunch was over! We were able to get a good picture with the clowns, while we were also waiting in line just to get in!

Updates and Moving...

Jaeli thinks its funny to play in her crib and take her clothes off instead of sleeping! Love the smile! I found her with no pants on and her shirt around her head... time to bring out the duct tape again???
Jaeli at aunt Kristin's, we had some one on one time since she loves Grandma so much. When my mom is around, she will have nothing to do with me. She freaks out when my mom leaves. So I thought I would try some mommy and me time. I think it helped! I also wanted to work with walking, but she just has no interest!
The girls with Grandpa, they love sitting with him...and looking out the window at the dogs!

Update on Girls:
Maysie is becoming quite the walker! She is so proud of herself! Now when she falls, she gets back up and tries again. I think in a matter of weeks she will be pro! Now for Jaeli, I am hoping once Maysie gives up crawling and only walks, Jaeli will catch on and start trying more! Jaeli hates wearing clothes, so hard to keep them on her anymore! Makenna is getting some of her molars in, so she has been a bit fussy. But surprisingly they have all been doing pretty good, so long as we are in our "normal". Although, naptime has become a struggle. I think it is time to cut down to one nap a day. I like my two naps a day, so I think we are going to do a half hour playtime/quiet time in our cribs for a couple months before we give up a nap completely! They are sleeping in better, so that is a good thing!

We just heard that our closing date may be sooner than planned, so now we have to pack everything up in a matter of weeks and move in with the in laws! So Grandma will be watching them a lot in the next couple weeks so we can get everything done! Hopefully we can find a house soon! But for now, I guess we will just be taking over Grandma and Grandpa's house until then!

Lots of pictures of Jaeli lately... no reason, just that I have only been uploading pictures from my phone and she is the one I have taken the most of lately! I have many more pictures of all of them, but too lazy to upload them from my camera!

Friday, October 2, 2009

15 Months Old

Jaeli with the dog I won at the fair last week!
One of Makenna's many ouchy's.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, hopefully I can get more uploaded soon.

I am hoping to get a good picture of the girls soon! We will see! I know I will for sure by 18 months! I can't believe they turned 1 three months ago. It seems like yesterday! We are all getting very big and are all so smart! I love my girls!

She is always getting hurt, always tripping and going head first into the wall or another toy. Poor girl. She gets over it pretty fast though. She has become quite the helper. Now when one of her sisters is crying, she will go get their blanket for them (or a blanket, theirs or not). When she finds pacifiers on the floor, she picks them up and takes them to her sisters, even if they are not crying. It is so cute. She is obsessed with shoes and always has to pick them up if she sees them. Well the last couple mornings my shoes have been in front of the door, so I can put them on right before I walk out. Well, she walks over there and just stands there and points at them while she is moaning and groaning. It's her way of telling me that they are there for me. It is so cute. She does this also when a door is opened that is almost always shut (to keep them out). Before she would go in and play, now she stands there and moans, groans and points until I come shut it! Oh, another one... when I drop the girls off at my moms to baby sit, they have to leave their paci and blanket in the car (since my mom has another set in the house already). Well Makenna used to get so upset that I would not let her take them in. Now she just hands them to me right before I get her out. She knows they stay in the van. She is such a smart little cookie!

My sweet Jaeli, or should I say Grandma's sweet Jaeli. She has been obsessed with my mom lately. She would rather have my mom over me, and even over her dad. Makes me sad:-(. I know it will pass, but still, my sweet Jaeli only cuttle's with me when Grandma is not around! She is always laughing though. She loves to play by herself and read books still. She has now learned to turn the book around if it is upside down! She gets so frustrated when her sisters want me or who ever to read to them too. And she gets pissed when they steal her book! As for walking, well...she is getting there. She is starting to get more excited about it, but would much rather just crawl. She has taken one or two steps, but then falls forward so you can catch her. Her hair is getting so long, I can't wait to put it up in a pony tail! She likes to be "pet", but hates it when you try to put it up! She has such pretty curls...they will probably disappear when we get our hair cut. She finally got all 4 front teeth in, so she is not as fussy as she has been. I am not looking forward to the rest of the teeth! She is still my best sleeper, she does not wake up often through out the night. However, she is always awake, jumping up and down in her crib every morning I go in to get them. She loves to make the funniest faces now too. Her piggy face is the best!

Maysie has become quite the mamma's girl! She loves her mommy! Especially when she is tired. Her newest thing is walking. She can now stand all by herself, no assistance from anyone or anything. And she does it for a long period of time now. Every once in awhile we catch her walking, taking a few steps all by herself. She likes to clap when she is standing. She gets so excited she falls! I think it will be a matter of weeks before she is walking for good! She is still my drama queen, cries over everything and anything! Every time she stays with grandma over night or someone else, she has a week of major drama when I leave the room. And she has to sit on my lap all the time! She still has a tooth coming in, so I think that is why she is fussy a lot, bothers her quite a bit. She is always first one up in the morning, well usually. Jumping up and down, throwing all her toys out of the crib. She is becoming very attached to her blanket and paci, just like Makenna. I think this might be a bad thing! She lieks to be silly, makes silly faces all the time and always smiling or laughing. She is my baby, and well always be my baby girl!