Thursday, January 28, 2010


I finally found some time to upload the pictures! There are lots, so please check out the posts I have below. There are a few! Hopefully I can upload as I get them from now on, but we will probably be busy for awhile, so the chances are pretty slim!


Girls waiting at the hospital to see their new brother!
Aunt Steph and Jace
Great Aunt Kathy with Jace
Grandpa with Jace and Maysie...the sun was in her eyes!
Right after Jace was born.
Sleeping peacefully!
Their he is sleeping again!
Jace information
Our information board!
Jace sleeping in the bouncer.
Jace's first bath! He did not like it at all!

Last Meal At Our Old House


This was very sad. So many great memories eating in our kitchen. It was their very last meal there. And they had no clue! Sad that they probably wont even remember that house.

Pictures from Grandma B's House

Bathtime...we LOVE Bathtime! We scream everytime we have to get out!
Playing on our table!
Watching TV
Jaeli and her blanket, this was during her confort stage. She always had to have her blanket or baby while she ate!
Maysie making a funny face!
Makenna sitting on Jaeli!

New Years

Jaeli Jo

Josh and I got to have a night out for New Years Eve. My parents took the girls for the night. It was a nice break before the baby came! They did the same last year, I have a feeling this will be an every year thing! Except next year, hopefully they will take Jace too!

Christmas Pictures

Maysie did not like Santa!
Jaeli just wanted to play with the phone!
Makenna was not too sure of Santa!
Christmas Morning!
Reading a Christmas story on Christmas Eve.
Watching everyone open their presents from Santa and playing with our new toys!
Playing with some toys we got for Christmas!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update...Lack of Pictures

Jace and his grumpy face! I think he wants back in!

First off I want to say sorry for the lack of pictures. Living with the in-laws has made downloading pictures very difficult as well as taking care of 4 under 2! Hopefully Josh can hook up my lab top soon to the internet and that will make it a bit easier. Right now we are using the in-laws computer. Like I said in a previous post, I have lots of pictures, just have not found the time to down load them or hook up my lab top!

The girls are doing good for the most part. It's been rough with a new baby, so my parents have had them a lot to help me stay sane! Even then it gets really hard. They are taking well to their temporary home. It has been better than I thought it would be. It is not 100 percent baby proofed like our house was, so it gets tough chasing them around or telling them no to stay out of something. Lots of people coming and going, especially after bedtime gets rough too since it keeps them awake and out of their "normal" schedule. Hopefully we get our house soon and can get back into a good routine and have all our things back!

Makenna has been quite the bully lately, but then she is also so lovey! She loves to give hugs and kisses, if she is in the mood. She has to go around and give everyone in the room a hug and kiss. She is having problems when it comes to taking toys from her sisters. She makes the best faces ever, she is so cute, she always makes me laugh!

Jaeli is still the laid back one, but has her temper at times. She gets so mad! And she loves the word 'no'. If we say it to one of the other girls, she has to see why so she can come over and do it too. She just smiles, even after she gets in trouble multiple times! She also loves to laugh, its so much fun tickling her. Her laugh is so cute, makes me smile everytime!

Maysie is still all drama. I think she has some teeth coming in, so she has been very fussy lately! Other than that, she has been doing pretty good. She loves to spin, especially when daddy spins her. They will all spin in circles by themselves, but I would say she does it the most! She is always attached to me, especially now that I can't pick her up since I had Jace. It is tough, but usually someone here to hand her to me.

Jace has been...well...difficult at times. I love every minute of it, but man, I don't get much sleep. It wears me down. He is only 2 weeks old, so hopefully it ends soon, but he is confused and has his nights and days still confused. I have been sleeping in the recliner every night with him because that is the only way I can get sleep! He will sleep 4 or 5 hours straight, but I put him anywhere else, crib, bouncer, etc.. he cries until I hold him and eventually falls asleep in my arms. I don't want to sleep in bed with him, just don't feel safe, but at least in the recliner I can not roll on him. I don't think either one of us moves much at all during those 4 hours we sleep together. He will sleep in the bouncer just find all day long if I let him. He has his days where he wants to eat ALL the time and some days not much at all. I bought a battery operated pump today hoping I can pump on occasion so Josh can take over a feeding or two at night. Grandma j has been a huge help the last couple nights. She takes over for me after I feed so I can sleep in my bed for a couple hours before he is ready to eat again. Josh usually gets home too late to do it. Other than that, he is such a sweet baby, does not cry much unless he is hungry or gassy. Love his hair! He looks like Josh and Makenna! I think he will have dark brown hair eventually and brown eyes just like Josh.

Hopefully post pics of the girls soon!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Pictures of Baby Jace

Here are some more hospital pictures! Thanks Grandpa, we will get the CD to you next time we see you!

I think they turned out great, we are very pleased with them! He did pretty well, slept through most of it. He only got grumpy once or twice. I have had many comments on how adorable the pictures are of him. Some say they have never seen any like them! Thanks Tammi!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jace Allen Johnson

Jace Allen Johnson (named after my dad)

Our baby boy arrived on January 11th at 9:02 a.m. He weighed 7lbs 10oz and was 19.25in! He is doing great. He is such a good baby. He loves to sleep. I have to wake him to eat or else he would go a long time without eating. I am breast feeding and it is going pretty well. It was rough the first couple days until my supply came in. He lost almost a pound, but now that my supply came in, he should start gaining it back. I have given him some formula every once in awhile to try to get his weight up, but I don't use a bottle, just a syringe while I am breast feeding. Works pretty well. Lets hope we can stick to it. We are both still learning, but i think after another week or so we will both be pros!

The girls have not been around him much, but hopefully they get used to him soon! I will update once some time has gone by!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Living at Grandma's House and the New Baby

Jaeli playing with the shoes by the door! I gave up trying to stop them!
We love to play in the hallway. They sit there for a long time and just laugh and play with each other, so funny!
Makenna pushing Maysie on the car. (It had to be put up after a few days because we fought over it all the time!)

Here are a couple pictures, i have many more. but I still do not have Internet connected to my laptop, so those will have to wait a bit longer. But these will just have to do. they were taken with my phone, so quality not very good!
Well we have been at grandma J's for about a week now. It's going better than I thought, but still rough at times, especially when by myself. I feel like I am saying "No" every 2 seconds. It is baby proofed as much as it can be, but nothing like our home was. I miss our home very much, I am sure the girls do too. It will get better though once we close on our new home. Hopefully at the beginning of February. But then we have to fix it up, so it probably wont be until Easter time. I am staring to get worried about what it will be like when the baby comes. Hopefully the girls react well to him. And most of all, hopefully I can handle all 4 of them. I will need LOTS of help for the first few weeks since I am having a C-Section and can not lift them for at least 4 weeks. But I guess I will just have to manage some way or another! No other options! It will be tough only seeing them an hour a day all next week. It is hard going 24 hours with out seeing them.

Our baby boy is scheduled to be here at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, it is very exciting but scary at the same time. It will be nice to finally meet him! I will get to see the little guy that has been causing me so much discomfort! This pregnancy has actually been harder than my pregnancy with the girls. But then again, when i was pregnant with the girls, i did not have three toddlers to take care of! I will try to post a picture of him and his name soon after he is born! Wish us luck!

Update on the girls: not a whole lot, but like I said before, they seem to be adjusting okay. Maysie has a few teeth coming in, so she has been very clingy and fussy. Makenna is getting more and more shy. She is very attached to me when new people come around or when she is tired. She has also been a bit 'mean' to her sisters, more than usual. Jaeli seems to be doing okay, but very attached to my mom, grandma b. She has been a daddy's girls lately too. Night time has been going well, but still having a little trouble with naps. We will have to start all over again since they will be with my parents all week next week. Then they will not only have to get used to grandma j's again, but also the new baby. They are starting to sign a little more too and talk a little more. Very cute! love my girls!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Sorry no pictures yet, but I do have a lot to post! Hopefully this weekend!

The Move:
It went pretty well, we have everything in storage except the stuff we had to have. It will be rough for a little while, but it will be worth it in the end! We will no longer be going "home". It is very sad, I loved that house. I had some tears the last time I was in there, especially looking at the girls room empty. It was just too small for our family of 6. I miss it very much though. Living with the in-laws has not been too bad. We are all adjusting and making it work! We only have dial up right now, hopefully high speed by friday. But makes it hard to post and check up on things. The keyboard does not work so great either, so please excuse the typos.

The New House:
We have a house, we just have to wait for the loan to go through and then we can start working on it! I am excited because I actually get to pick things out this time around. Last time it was all ready to move in, so we didn't do much to it at all. It is going to take a lot of work, probably a couple months. But once its done, it will be so nice! It will take a few years to get everythign done we want, but it will be great once its all done. We just have to stick to it and make sure we do it all. I hope the girls enjoy it and they don't take too long to get used to it after living with the in-laws for a couple months. We can fit our old house in the basement of this house! It is about 3X as big! Much bigger yard too!

The Baby:
Well he will be here in a few days. Its crazy, I am so not ready for this. I don't know what I am going to do. It is already crazy with just the girls and the move, so how in the world will I handle a baby too? I am sure we will manage some way, some how with all the help from family and friends. He moves every day, pokes me in the ribs or the sides, pushes on my bladder. I am using the potty much more now, makes it very hard to sleep. I go see the doctor for the last time on Friday. She is suppose to give me something to help sleep. She said it wont harm me or the baby and that i should take it so i can get a good nights sleep since I wont have one for awhile! i have lots of packing to do this weekend. We are splitting the girls up Sunday night, 2 at josh's aunts and then 1 staying with Josh's mom. Then Monday through Sunday they will be staying with my parents. It will be so hard not to see them for more than an hour a day. But what can ya do? It will give me time to adjust to the baby too and hopefully get a schedule going!

The Girls:
They are adjusting okay, better than I thought. Naptime has been a struggle but I think bedtime is going pretty well. They have been going to bed earlier because they don't take much of a nap. but hopefully once they adjust that will change. Jaeli seems to be taking it the worst. She is very needy and has things she is very attached too. Always has to have her blanket and now when she eats she tries to take her baby with her. She wont let go of it and has to eat around it because it takes up most of her tray! The other day it was her blanket she had to hold onto while she ate. Maysie seems to be doing the best, does not seem to bother her much. She has always loved coming to Grandma's though. She always gets excited when we pull down the street. Makenna has been doing okay, but is acting out by beign mean and taking things, worse than normal! With the baby coming Monday i am sure it wont get better anytime soon!

Just a quick note: My aunt just passed away from cancer tonight. Please keep my family in your prayers. She is leaving behind my uncle and three children. She was only 39 years old. Give yoru children and loved ones a hug and let them know how much you love them. Life is too short.