Friday, February 5, 2010

Update - ER visits and surgery!

I hope to get some pictures posted soon. But a lot has gone on in the last week. Hopefully when I am feeling a bit better!

The girls are doing good, spending lots of time with Grandma and Grandpa once again because of a couple hospital visits I had to make.

Jace is doing good also, he is finally starting to eat more and gain some weight. I think it is because we have decided to stop nursing. I am very disappointed, but at the same time, I think its much better for him and less stressful for me. I still have some frozen I will be giving him once a day and then formula the rest. He feels much more solid and you can tell his face is not so thin. I am hoping to weigh him sometime today to see what he actually weighs. Hopefully we can get on a schedule soon. It is sad, but it is best for all of us at this time.

As for me, I woke up Thursday night with a horrible pain in my back. Something I had never felt before. I called the doctor on call, and he said to try and sleep it off and call my doctor in the morning. If not, then go straight to the ER. I decided to try and sleep it off, I was up on and off all night. When I woke up it was gone! I thought maybe I just pulled a muscle or something. Well Friday night the same thing happened. But this time it was so much worse. So 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, I went to the ER. I had to drive myself, thankfully it was only a minute away. Daddy took care of Jace and the girls. My parents came and got the girls around 8 a.m. and Josh met me at the hospital around 9 a.m.

The doctor asked me of my symptoms and felt around. When he got to my stomach, on the right side by my rib cage, I wanted to scream. It hurt so bad. I know it hurt when pressure was put on it, but I just figured it was bruised from Jace being in my ribs. Well the pain was never that bad. So right away he said it was my Gallbladder. He said I probably had stones. They did some tests and set up an ultrasound for Monday and then sent me home on Vicodin.

Well Saturday night came around and I had had a headache all day long, a really bad one. I thought it was related. Well I couldn't take it anymore and ended up going back to the ER. The doc said it was not a normal symptom so he wanted to do a Head CT. Everything came back normal except that i had a sinus infection. So not only did I have a gallbladder problem, I had a sinus infection too. He sent me home with a prescription for ZPAK, which seemed to help.

Monday I went and had my ultrasound and followed up with my doctor. She informed me I did have many gallstones, small ones and told me she wanted me to see a surgeon on Thursday and he would probably want to do surgery. So I went to see the surgeon and after explaining everything to me, we decided my best chance of no more ER visits was to have my Gallbladder removed. He said how about tomorrow (Thursday)! So i said okay. Got my parents to keep the girls and Josh's mom to keep Jace and we went to the hospital Thursday morning bright and early. 5 hours later they sent me home. Man was I in pain. The morphine did nothing, so sent me home on Vicodin once again!

Today, 1 day later, I am still in lots of pain but the medicine helps. Hopefully it only takes a few days to stop hurting so much. Thankfully we have lots of help this weekend!

I just want to sit on the floor and play with the girls, but looks like it will be another week or two. Maybe someday. Just as I was getting over the recovery from having Jace, this happens! Lets hope nothing else happens and I can just get bettter!

We should get the house soon, so hopefully I heel sooner than later so we can start on that and get moved in! Looking forward to having our own place again!

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MDtripmom said...

I can't believe you have been through so much in the last month! You are a trooper for sure. I hope you guys get into your own home soon. I know you and your beautiful family will be blessed!