Monday, March 29, 2010

What the girls have been doing lately...

Playing with our baby dolls!
Some how Jaeli managed to move her crib all the way over to Maysie's. I think she shook her way over!
Grandpa and Jace sleeping!

Found them all naked after their nap!

We love to get naked! So we have started using diaper pins to pin their pants to their onesies. It works pretty well except when they pull their arms out through the top of their shirts! I think it is a losing battle! And another bad thing is its leaving holes in all their clothes. We have been staying with Grandma and Grandpa a lot while Josh and I work on the house. Its been a huge help, I just hope its not too much on them. But I think, I hope they would tell me if it was. I think the girls enjoy it. They have been moody lately, but I think that is from teeth coming in.

Makenna loves Jace, loves it when he "touches" her belly. She pretty much makes him by sticking her belly out as far as she can until it reaches his hand, where ever it may be! She then laughs and smiles.

Jaeli has been very moody, so she cries a lot more than usual. Nothing really new has changed with her. She is getting a lot more hair, but still not enough to style yet!

Maysie is her usual drama queen self! She cries over everything, but I don't think that is ever going to change! She still loves her mommy lots! She is now my best cuddler!

Jace smiles and talks a lot more now, still sleeping quite a bit. He has been spending lots of time with Grandpa while I work on the house. Its nice to have someone there to keep him company so I don't have to go to him every time he gets fussy! He is still sleeping only 4 or 5 hours straight, but its getting better. I am hoping to get him on a 4 hour schedule when we move into the house. We will see!

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