Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sick again...

When Jace had a fever, he was so miserable, he fell asleep on his play mat...which he never does!
(Picture sucks...was with my phone.)

Well we are all sick again. I think we just keep passing it back and forth! I am on some new medicine that hopefully takes mine away. I am waiting to put my contacts in until I am 100 percent sure I am over it. Thought I was, but got it again 3 days later and wasted a pair of contacts. Jace has had some yucky eyes lately, a cough and runny nose and yesterday a fever of 100.7 but much better now. Jaeli and Makenna have very runny noses! Maysie seems to be okay, runny nose occasionally. I think she is okay because she was the only one on actual antibodies. Hopefully this will be the last round. Dad is sick also, but he usually gets over it pretty fast, hopefully!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weight Updates on Girls

Eating Lunch!
Playing in Jace's crib during our house warming party. They were aloud to go to every room. They of course screamed every time we tried to get them out of a new room they had never been in. Jaeli especially!

Makenna: 28# 2 oz and 33.25 in tall!
Jaeli: 24# 8 oz and 31 1/8 in tall!
Maysie: 22# 15 oz and 31.5 in tall!

She has become quite the shy girl around new people. She just does not like change or new things. She is attached to my hip as soon as she sees someone new. But when its just her and her sisters, its another story! I discovered if you give her too much sugar she is very lovey...but in a mean way. Hard to explain. But it sure is funny! We also discovered she hates elevators, freaks out big time! She love's learning toys, she tries so hard to get it right and so frustrated when she can't do it. And our nose is running like crazy, so think we caught another cold.

This little girl is sure hitting the terrible two's early. Oh man, she can throw a fit. She falls down and starts kicking a way and screaming at the top of her lungs, and it goes on for 10, 20 minutes until she calms down and realizes no one is paying attention to her. Think that is all I can really do is ignore it or she will just keep doing it to get attention. She can be so sweet too. Grandpa bought me a video camera for my birthday (THANKS!) and Miss Jaeli loves it! She likes to sit with me and record her self and then watch it. She just laughs and laughs! My little movie star!

She is still very attached to me, always wants me to hold her no matter what I am doing. It drives me crazy sometimes. I have to make sure she is the last I get out of bed so I can carry her out to the play room instead of her walking with her sisters. She is my very needy girl. She loves to cuddle, she cuddles the most with me out of the three of them. She is still very much drama. You touch her wrong and she starts crying. Her Ear infection seems to be gone and she has not been coughing, so I think she is finally better!

Still sleeping pretty good at night. He is such a happy baby, always has smiles and can usually get him to laugh now. He has finally cut back on feedings, we give him about 6 oz every 3 to 4 hours. We were doing 7 oz. He hates baths in the bathtub, not sure why, he used to like them. I need to get a sink tub. He screamed the other day for about 20 minutes afterword's, he was so upset! He is probably about 17lbs now, he is my big boy! He will outgrow that car seat before he hits 9 months! I am learning his cries still, but I have three of them down. I can usually tell by the cry when he is hungry, tired or in pain! That was impossible with the girls!

Jace 4 month pics!

YES, I know, he is much too young to be getting his hair cut. Josh and I were both tired of it tangling all the time and going everywhere. I think it was longer than Maysie's, but just in a few scattered spots. We could not take it anymore so just buzzed him! I do have to say, it does look much better. His hair was so great when he was born and for about 3 months, but this last month, he lost most of it and the strands he did not loose were going crazy!

The Basement

Well our basement leaks, we knew this when buying the home. But it was time to do something about it! So Josh's uncles came over and put in tile for us and fixed the walls from the outside. Don't ask me how, cause I have no clue! I just know it stopped leaking! Its been a week or so since its been done and we have had two big rainfalls and no leaks! The grass is still very wet for awhile after it rains but everyone around us has the same problem, so must just be the soil.

Monday, May 17, 2010

And Yet Again...

Another sick child! Now Jace has Pink Eye. This illness we all keep giving to each other is getting very old! I am going to stock up on some sanitizing soap, this will hopefully all end soon.

Called the doctor, and thankfully I don't have to take him to see her. She just called in a prescription for eye drops. He is highly contagious though for 24 hours once he starts taking it. And I can't get to the store until tomorrow afternoon. So hopefully the girls don't catch it or anyone else.

Poor guy, does not seem to bother him too much, and so far, just one eye. Hopefully he gets over it fast!

Makenna is next...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jaeli Hives

My poor Jaeli Jo woke up the other day like this. I have no clue what happened. It is more like a hive, not pink eye. And it looks like the other eye may have it a bit too. I don't know if she got a bite or its allergies, I have no clue! Doctor said to give her benedryl and bring her in if she gets a fever. Well, no fever, a very happy girl actually! The medicine does make her tired though. So this morning will be the start of day 3, hopefully it is gone. If it is still there tomorrow I have to take her to the doctor so they can try and figure out why she has this! No new foods, maybe she got into something I don't know about, but have no clue what that might be.

Maysie - Double Ear Infection

Last week Maysie had a fever of 103.8. She had been coughing for awhile and runny nose. Well I took her to the doctor and yep, double ear infection. Poor girl. Did you know a child can get a fever as high as 106 and it not hurt them, they may just see things. I asked my doctor what temp I need to be concerned about. She said a temp is good because it means her body is fighting whatever she is sick with. And if she has a high fever more than 24 hours, to bring her in so they can see what is causing it. But no need to panic! Interesting! She said her son had one of 106 once and he was seeing elephants... well I guess if you are a pediatrician, you would know, right? I sure hope so. That seems very high to not go to the ER. She said we just have to try and break it or keep it down. In the olden days, people thought fevers caused seizures. She said it was not the fever causing them, it was the measles and mumps that caused the seizures. But they had their shots, so wont be getting that. Although you can get mini seizures from having a high fever, but they wont harm you. Just some information I thought I would share!

The Girls, Jace and A Few Others Pics...

our new play room!
see maysie? we all do this when we get mad! I don't get it!

big boy standing!

we love to fight

cousin Angie

Before and After...


So we "flipped" the house in about 2.5 months. We still have a lot left to do, but we have many years to do it, because we are never moving again!!! It was very much worth it though!
So many things we did, but here are just a few...
Took wallpaper off hallway, bathroom and kitchen. (This was so not fun!)
2 coats paint in every room plus primer in some.
Took out a wall and re-built it. Large patches on a few other walls.
Replaced a couple corroded pipes!
Took all the paneling out of the playroom and put up dry wall. (found tons of ants, spiders and bees nest!)
Completely tore out and replaced floor in playroom and laundry room.
New flooring in Bathroom, Hallway, Kitchen, Play room and Master
Some new faucets and light fixtures, a couple new ceiling fans.
Crown Molding in Hallway, Kitchen and Play Room

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Been Awhile!

Well its been awhile since I have posted, almost a month! We have been very busy and have had no internet for a couple weeks. I will post some pics very soon! I have lots!

The House:
Its as done as its going to be for awhile. We have many projects we want to get done, but we will do them over time. It looks great! Only took 2 months to flip! I want to send out some thanks to everyone who helped!

Rick and Janna, we could not have done it without you. You guys were great, thanks for everything you did! It would not look as good as it does if it was not for you guys!

Bev & Keith, thanks for taking the girls so much! There is no way we could have worked on the house as much as we did and watch the girls. Again, it would not have got done if it was not for you. Thank you also for any help you did with the house!

Jack, thanks for keeping Jace company when I didn't have a sitter, you helped out more than you know! And I am sure you both enjoyed the time together!

Kristi & Todd, thanks for keeping Jace on the weekends we needed to spend lots of time on the house! It helped out a great deal!

Kristin and Greg, thanks for helping us move in, you saved us many hours!

Thanks to everyone else who helped out in some way!

(And thanks to Bill for coming over this coming weekend to help with the water problem!)

We did so much to this house, it was unbelievable! But so worth it!
All new paint, took wall paper off, new faucets, new light fixtures, new carpet, new floors in some places, replaced some rotted out floors, took a wall out and replaced some other walls and so much more!

He is a big boy, he loves to eat! I actually need to cut him down a bit! He is now 4 months old and weighs 16 lb 10 oz! He is in the 88% for weight, 20th for height and 75th for head! He is now sleeping about 10 hours straight a night! Its great! He still sleeps a lot! He smiles, laughs and talks all the time now! We are working on rolling over, he has not accomplished that yet! He is such a cutie!

The Girls
They love their new house, still adjusting, but its been going good so far. They have so much more room to roam. They still fight quite a bit, but that's normal for 2 year olds! We are going to work on potty training soon! Meal time has gotten a little better. They now give me their plate when they are done. Sometimes they eat all, sometimes they don't eat much!
Our Schedule:
8 a.m. Wake Up
8:30 a.m. Breakfast
10 a.m. Movie in Bedroom for an hour (Quiet Time)
11:30 a.m. Lunch
1 p.m. Nap time (2 hours)
3/3:30 p.m Snack Time
5:30 p.m. Dinner Time
6:00 p.m. Bath time/Learning Time
7:00 p.m. Story time
7:15 p.m. Bedtime

Going good so far, but still trying to get used to it, hopefully only take a couple week or less!