Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cute Pictures


Maysie excited!
Jaeli not sure how to hold it.
Makenna after she was done and told she could not have anymore.

We had our first "real" popsicle at home the other day. Makenna loved it, the other two did not really care too much but ate most of it. They were the slow melting ones, so didn't make too much of a mess.

Play Time

We love to make a tent and play under the table.
So much fun!
Chilling with grandpa


We now pull our brother by his legs! He thinks it is so much fun!!!
Eating Cheerios and Puffs!
Trying to climb the chair. Almost there!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Problem Solved?

Makenna not so sure about it!

Jaeli loving the fact she gets to wear something new!

Maysie always up for anything!

I am hoping this will solve our problem of taking our clothes/diapers off and playing with our poop! It is getting really old. I am also VERY tired of DUCT TAPE! They have figured out how to rip it off no matter how much you put on their diapers. Clothes are always coming off after bedtime/naptime and sometimes before. So hopefully these outfits I found at Target for $4 each will solve the problem. They have no buttons or zippers and they go on by stepping into them and putting the straps over their shoulders. So we are now just tying the straps (that we sewed on using ribbon) in the back to make it just tight enough they can't slip their arms out. We had to use one size smaller than normal on each of them. I would rather un-tie three knots twice a day than duct tape diapers and whatever clothes I have to! I am just going to put them over whatever clothes they are wearing that day or pj's they wear that night. It's a great look, don't ya think?

Spitting into our "pretend" dishes.

They are no longer aloud to have anything but water in the playroom. All other beverages must be drank in their booster seats at the table. I am tired of cleaning up their dishes after they spit milk or juice in them. They were doing it all the time! So I gave them all a good wash!


Let me know if anyone is interested. The girls wore them last year for Halloween! It was a big hit! We decorated the triple stroller as the three houses. Check out October 09 posts to see pictures.

Email me at if you want more information.

Size 18 months. My girls were 15 months (about 20-24lbs) and they were big on them.
Good condition. One does have a small blue mark on the ear.
Wolf hat fits adult or youth/teenager.

Office Depot ... $6 Haircut

This post comes from another triplet family blog I follow.

The Silly Slutsky Family Blog: Office Depot is on my Shit List

I have also heard that anytime something is said about Office Depot, Public Relations Department is notified.

And some words from another triplet mom...

Let Office Depot know that their customer won't stand for it!

Hey, Office Depot...YOU are NOT the little SUCK!

YOU stomped the little guy with your blatant theft!

Give Jeff Slutsky the acknowledgment and compensation he deserves and admit that you were wrong!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Our little friend the toad...

Our little toad friend (we said frog cause that is the word they know).
Checking it out.
Makenna trying to catch it.
Makenna getting excited because it was jumping. Jaeli watching and Maysie staying back!
Giving it some rocks to play with!
Had to throw this picture in of Maysie taking a picture with toy binoculars and saying... "sa-chaeze" (say cheese). It was cute!

Grandma J found a toad today while we were playing at her house. It was interesting to see how they all reacted. Makenna was curious and picked it up a few times and got scared a few times when it jumped at her! There was a lot of screaming and pointing from her when she could not catch it. Jaeli was not too sure about it and stood by Grandma most of the time. She did pick it up once or twice and squeezed it once or twice. She would throw it every time we told her to put it on the truck. She stood back and watched it most of the time. As for Maysie, she did not like it. She did not want anything to do with it. For about an hour after we showed them, she would watch every step she took to make sure she was not about to step on it or get near it. It was funny! That poor thing got thrown, squeezed and rocks thrown on it. I am surprised it survived!

The Beach

Makenna about to fall over.
Maysie playing with sand.
Jaeli checking out the beach.
All of them finally get in.
Not too sure, but daddy is in there, so maybe we will too! (I only grabbed two suits, and Makenna would have freaked out if only two of them wore them, so we went with out!)

It's been over a year since we took the girls to the beach. They loved it! We went to lodge family picnic on Sunday and the house it was at had a huge pond with a little beach. I had no clue how they would do. I was not suppose to be in the sun long because of some medicine I am on, so it was all Daddy! I sat back with Jace and just watched in the shade. Took a little while to get in, but once they did, they loved it. Jaeli stuck by daddy most of the time unless she was on the beach. Maysie and Makenna went all the way in to their chins. A couple times they took one too many steps and went under. But daddy had a close eye on them, as well as mommy not too far away! I was not too worried, there were lots of people around. Oh man, poopy diaper mixed with water and sand is not fun! It was the worst diaper I have ever got! I think it was Makenna, it stunk so bad too. Not sure what that child ate! I think they must have swallowed some of the pond water cause all day today I have had extremely runny diapers. Maybe its just something they ate, but I am so sick of poopy diapers!

We took both double strollers since Makenna refused to walk and we had a few things to carry as well. Thankfully they were in the van already. They sat in them most of the time except for swimming and eating. They did pretty good. Jace got fussy, but he was just hungry and tired. After we ate, took them for a walk around and he was out! I think we were the big show. We had lots of people come up to us and ask us if we had twins or triplets or if they were all ours. Have not had that much attention in a long time! Friends of ours there were just laughing at us every time we walked by them. They just got a kick out of our 2 double strollers strolling down the gravel! You know how hard it is to push a stroller in gravel, let alone a double stroller? It's hard! We had some really nice comments, very nice people at the picnic. Of course their was the usual, glad I'm not you or holly cow, etc. There were a couple, you are blessed and that is great. It was a good time.

Smiles around the table!

Chilling under the table!
There is a cute smile! (Makenna)
Makenna rebelling as usual! (Maysie in the background showing her teeth!)
Think she was just loving the fact that she was aloud on the chair! (jaeli)
Jaeli showing her teeth.
Here is a silly smile for you dad! (Maysie)
Maysie says... Daddy, just take the picture already!

Daddy was trying to get smiles from them showing their teeth. He wanted "real" smiles! They have been playing a lot under the table. We actually searched for about half hour today trying to find a sippy cup. It was no where! Not very many places they could hide it. Grandpa got in on it and found it right was directly under the table, hiding in the fold out part. Sneaky little girls!

Whats new with Jace...

Climbing chairs all the time!
Trying to play with his sisters.
Before the haircut. So cute!
HE LOOKS BALD! What was I thinking?

Well he got another hair cut. He was sweating all the time and his hair was always smelling bad from the sweat. So we decided to give him a cut...again! BUT...I did it way too short. I miss his hair :-(. I don't think I realized how short we were buzzing it until it was too late. It will grow back, hopefully by the time it gets back to where it was, it will be cooler out and we wont have to worry about it so much. It was like having a new baby, just isn't him! It will take a little while to get used to!

He has been trying to stand all the time, he pulls himself up onto anything he can. He loves to just stand there with you while you hold his hands and he moves his feet back and forth. He just laughs and smiles every time, he absolutely loves it! He gets frustrated when he can't do it. It will be any day now that he will be able to do it all on his own!

All he wants to do anymore is play with his sisters or on the floor trying to get into anything and everything! He loves to roam and find new things. But his sisters don't like it so much when he plays with "their" toys or "their sippy cups". Makenna actually hit him today for taking one of his toys away from her. She got a long time out for that one.


Naked after usual. Notice the duct tape in Mak's hair? That was fun getting out.

I think I have lost the battle of keeping diapers on. We have tried everything. Nothing works, they figure it out someway, somehow! I am tired of cleaning up the poop and having to put diapers on them over and over. It's fine when I am watching them, but when they get up from nap or in the morning, half the time they are naked and sometimes they are playing with theirs, or someone else's poop. Every time I think of something new to do, it last for a week or so, and then they figure it out, so every other week I am trying to think of new ways. I am out of ideas! As for potty training, they just aren't ready yet.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Playing with the lazer light!

Grandpa bought a lazer light thinking the girls would have fun with it, they sure did! It was hilarious! Even the dog loved it! Kept them entertained for an hour or two! A couple things they tried to do... sit on it, slap their bellies over and over when it landed on it, step on it, hit the wall over and over and just laughed like crazy! They laughed the most when the dog would start to go after it with them!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

2 Year Check Up


Well we had the girls 2 year check up today. We had to take Jace with us too, so of course we had our 2 big bus strollers with us! They did better than expected. A little fussy, but not too bad. It was right at lunch time, so we had to stop and get lunch on our way home. They loved that! Jace got a little fussy in our exam room, but other than that no problems. Well, except for the crying after their 2 shots, finger prick and nasal flu spray! Only cried for a few seconds and then they were fine. Much better than it used to be!

Doctor said Maysie should not need to see a Cardiologist anymore, she no longer hears a murmur. She is just going to order an Echo around her 3rd birthday. So that was good news.

Jaeli has a little birth mark on her arm.

Makenna would not let the nurse take her blood pressure, they other two enjoyed it.

The doctor also said to expect them to start talking like crazy in the next few months.

As for paci's, I was going to start getting rid of them, but she said she thinks we should start talking about getting rid of them with them now and only give them to them when they ask. And then at 2.5 years old to go cold turkey. The dentist likes to see them gone by age 3. She did notice Maysie has paci mouth...but said would start to go away once we get rid of them. Should be fun!!!

As for hitting, bitting and what not... she said just normal behavior, especially for multiples.

Weight: 29lbs 3oz and 34.5" (75% in both)
(18mths- 26lbs 12oz and 32")

Weight: 25lbs 2oz and 31.75" (9% height, 25% weight)
(18mths - 22lbs 11oz and 30")

Weight: 23lbs 6oz and 31.75" (9% height, 20% weight)
(18mths - 21lbs 7oz and 29 5/8")

Just an FYI, Jace weighs 19lbs now and he is only 8 months old!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010



I gave the girls some applesauce to eat by themselves the other day. They loved it so much they all cried when I told them all gone! It was a bit messy, but they actually