Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Go Colts!

Well the last Colts game on Sunday was at 4 p.m. That is during the girls wake time! And we don't have cable in the play room. I had some work to do, so it was all up to Daddy to take care of them and he wanted to watch the game. So we decided to baby proof the living room (no kids aloud) as best we could. We were able to watch the game...for the most part! The girls loved it, running around, screaming, playing with Jace's toys. They did pretty well, some melt downs, but not many. And the colts won!

No more baby food?

Well the last 3 days, Jace has REFUSED baby food. He turns his head and pushes it away and then whines. So I give him "regular" food like soft carrot chunks or green beans cooked and cut up. Even Macaroni and Cheese. And then of course cereal, puffs, yogurt melts and what not. He grabs handfuls and shovels it in his mouth. Of course he is still learning so half of everything I give him goes on the floor into the dogs mouth! But it seems to be all he wants, is to feed himself. So we will see if he refuses it the next couple days and if so, then my sister will be getting lots of baby food!

First Poison Control Scare... (and JJ foot)

Never have I had to call poison control since the trips were born. Well a couple days ago I had to call. But it was not for them, it was for Jace. That kid puts everything in his mouth and just sucks on it. I have to watch him like a hawk.

So here is the story...

I got home from the fair, put the girls down for bed and went out to the kitchen to clean things up. I put Jace in the play room. A couple minutes later I heard him cough, so I went over to check on him and he was fine. He was crawling around, climbing, laughing and giggling! He continued to play. Then I heard it again about 5 minutes later. So this time I picked him up and opened his mouth just to be sure he didn't get a hold of something. Well... he did! Grandpa had brought over this new blanket and I had opened it up earlier that day and layed it on the floor...in the play room. Well what I did not realize is it came with the little silica gel packets to keep it free from moisture damage. I never saw them. Well he found um and sucked on one for at least 5 minutes. I freaked! As far as I knew they were poisonous. Thankfully I was wrong! Poison Control said kids do it all the time and he would be fine with no side effects! It only says DO NOT EAT on it because its not a food product. She told me to just give him something to drink because it will dry him out. So I gave him a bottle and he was up for a long time after. Went to bed very late that night!

Then the next day I leaned forward on the recliner not realizing Jaeli was laying on her belly with her feet under it. Once I realized it it was too late. I had leaned forward right onto her foot. She was in pain. I was afraid I broke her foot. Thankfully again, it was just a bad scratch. I felt horrible.

So the last few days I have felt like a bad mom for hurting one of the girls and almost having to take one to the ER. I am usually so careful with things like that. I baby proof probably more than I need to, clean up OFTEN, and try to be very cautious with the recliner. Especially with Jace hiding in places. I know things happen, but still felt horrible! I am sure more things like those will happen, but I am going to be extra cautious!

More Fair Pictures

So we were walking by the water gun game and all three of the girls started to point and scream. I think they heard the bells and saw the water shooting from the guns and got excited! Oh and there were horses at the top. So we had to go play. They loved it! They each won a frog.

And we went on just one more ride, the strawberry ride. Makenna loved it, Maysie and Jaeli not so much. If you look at the picture above closely, you can see them holding onto Aunt Jarilyn for dear life! Makenna was happy after wards, the others not so sure!

They did great with dinner, ate chicken fingers and fries in their stroller. Ate more than usual!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Street Fair 2010 - 100th Year!

Well it went okay. They did not take their nap today, so they were a bit fussy. But overall, did great! THey did not enjoy the rides like I was hoping. Of course we only took them on 2 because it was so darn expensive! We were going to ride in the parade, but they were too tired. It was nice though that they went right to bed when we got home. And thanks to Leah for watching Jace for me! We were able to take the triple stroller, less pushing and easier to move than the doubles! Of course we get more attention, but really it was not that bad this year. We are going to attempt it again tomorrow.

The Bus Ride... that goes round and round way up high! They hated it! Makenna had the same face the whole time. Jaeli hated it, cried the whole time. And Maysei was not sure what to think!
Merry Go Round. We lasted a few seconds then each of them wanted off. They just dont like it for some reason.

Mouse Game. They enjoyed it and each won an Elmo (Melmo). Jaeli saw it soon after we got to it. She was determined to get one. Could have bought 10 of them at Walmart for the price we paid to get three!

They had more fun in the Elks where we went to cool off. I got some food for them while Grandma J and Aunt Jarilyn stayed with um. Took forever and by the time I got back they had eaten most of Jarilyns fries. We took um out of the stroller and they were going crazy running around and screaming. Of course many people had to peek in to see "the triplets".

Thanks Aunt Jarilyn and Grandma for going with us today! We will be attempting again tomorrow and then Mommy and Daddy are going without them Saturday!

Bathtime for Babies!

The girls are into pretending big time now. They watch me and try to do it with their babies. I gave Jace a bath in the sink the other day and ever since, they now give their babies baths all the time. They were fighting over the one sink we have, so I got them so bowls and wash clothes. They love it!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Our New Friend

So the girls went outside to play the other day and this cat came over to see them. Have no idea whose cat it is, but it has a flea collar on, so its gotta be someones, right? After we came inside for dinner, it sat by the door for awhile. The girls love it when they get to see him, usually start screaming and pointing. Then of course the dog gets involved and starts barking! Have not seen it in a day or so, but I am sure it will be back!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Picking up sticks with daddy

The girls helping daddy do some yard work! ]





Pics around the house!

Makenna showing me her baby!
Jaeli trying to see the camera as usual.
Miss Maysie and her baby!
See Jace in the background...
Annoying his sisters as usual!
Jace trying to fit in!

Chilling on the counter, helping daddy!