Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Poison Control Scare... (and JJ foot)

Never have I had to call poison control since the trips were born. Well a couple days ago I had to call. But it was not for them, it was for Jace. That kid puts everything in his mouth and just sucks on it. I have to watch him like a hawk.

So here is the story...

I got home from the fair, put the girls down for bed and went out to the kitchen to clean things up. I put Jace in the play room. A couple minutes later I heard him cough, so I went over to check on him and he was fine. He was crawling around, climbing, laughing and giggling! He continued to play. Then I heard it again about 5 minutes later. So this time I picked him up and opened his mouth just to be sure he didn't get a hold of something. Well... he did! Grandpa had brought over this new blanket and I had opened it up earlier that day and layed it on the floor...in the play room. Well what I did not realize is it came with the little silica gel packets to keep it free from moisture damage. I never saw them. Well he found um and sucked on one for at least 5 minutes. I freaked! As far as I knew they were poisonous. Thankfully I was wrong! Poison Control said kids do it all the time and he would be fine with no side effects! It only says DO NOT EAT on it because its not a food product. She told me to just give him something to drink because it will dry him out. So I gave him a bottle and he was up for a long time after. Went to bed very late that night!

Then the next day I leaned forward on the recliner not realizing Jaeli was laying on her belly with her feet under it. Once I realized it it was too late. I had leaned forward right onto her foot. She was in pain. I was afraid I broke her foot. Thankfully again, it was just a bad scratch. I felt horrible.

So the last few days I have felt like a bad mom for hurting one of the girls and almost having to take one to the ER. I am usually so careful with things like that. I baby proof probably more than I need to, clean up OFTEN, and try to be very cautious with the recliner. Especially with Jace hiding in places. I know things happen, but still felt horrible! I am sure more things like those will happen, but I am going to be extra cautious!

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