Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dress Up

Their cousin Emma gave them some of her pageant clothes. So I got them out the other day and they tried them all on. The white one had feathers all over it. It freaked Maysie out, so we had to take them off. They loved the sequence on them, they kept trying to pick them off too. They were jumping all around for me. They liked it for a little while, and then they were ready to take um off. I was surprised, I thought I would have trouble getting um off!

And once again, hands in their mouths cause they are nervous and don't have their paci's in there!

Zoo Boo & Bluffton Boo

The girls did pretty good at the zoo for ZOO BOO! We decided to walk instead of wagons or strollers. They did really good for being tired! Of course Makenna had to eat something in her bag. She had a melt down at the end because she wanted a pixie stick, but it was close to naptime, so I was not letting that happen! As you can see in many of the pictures, they were nervous because it was something new, so they had their hands in their mouths. They are used to having their paci, so their hand became the replacement!

As for Bluffton Boo, they did pretty good thier as well. It was later in the day yesterday and lots of traffic, so we took wagons that time. They did really good. Just sat and went along for the ride. Jace was just chilling the whole time! They went right to sleep when we got home!

No More Paci's & Time Out

Well the day has come that we gave up Pacifiers, well at least during waking hours. They are now only aloud to have them for nap time and bedtime. It has actually gone quite well. The first couple days we had only a few melt downs each day, mostly by Makenna. They would ask me for them every once in awhile and I would just say, remember, only when you are sleeping. And then they usually would go on there way. The first few days I had to take them away from them in the morning and after nap, but now they hand them to me, so that is great! Hoping this will make the transition better when we get rid of them completely in a few months. Ha! We will see.

Time out has been going okay, not as good as I was hoping, but it works on Jae and May pretty well. Makenna, nothing works on that girl. But we manage. I had two great days, thursday and friday and then this morning was NOT fun, crabby, crabby crabby!

Jace took 2 steps!

Jace is starting to TRY to walk! Try being the key word. He still has trouble with balance, standing on his own. So he takes a step or two and falls forward. But its a start. It came out of the blue too. I figured he wouldn't' even try until he could at least stand for a few seconds. But yesterday he was trying all day long and then right before bedtime, he stood up all on his own and took two steps forward and then fell forward instead of falling forward during the second step! Big boy, I give it a month at the most and he will be walking. He is eager to catch up to his sisters. It's coming fast, too fast!

Special Connections...

Jaeli and Maysie have always had a special connection. Maybe because they are identical or maybe just because they are so much a like and Mak is so different. One of the many reasons I am grateful for Jace is because him and Makenna have a connection too. They have a love hate relationship. Sometimes they love each other so much all they can do is laugh at each other. And then sometimes all they do is make each other cry. Jaeli and Mayise are always hugging, kissing, holding hands. They usually don't let Makenna join, or Makenna doesn't have an interest. It will be interesting as they get older to see if Mak and Jace connect more and the twins keep their connection as well.

Dressing Ourselves

Sorry for the tiny picture, the girls got a hold of my phone and I didn't realize they changed the size of pics on it!

Anyways, they have been trying to dress themselves lately. It's kind of nice, but also a pain in way since I usually have to correct them! But they are learning! Makenna can do her shoes all by herself, usually gets them on the right feet. Same with Jaeli and Maysie, but I usually have to tighten them up for them. As for their clothes. They really do try, but usually end up putting both legs in one leg or shirt backwards. It is nice to see them trying though. They are so independent!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Having some fun around the house...

Another Picture...All of them this time.

I thought I would give it a try again today. It's not bad, kinda boring, but hey, at least they all are looking at the camera and have a little bit of a smile on their face!

Pictures 9mths & 27mths

Makenna was very cooperative...smiled in almost every picture I took. Then Jace of course just wanted to go all over the place. Jaeli and Maysie did not want to smile no matter what I did, so when they did, they looked goofy half the time. But I think I got some good ones. As for a group to impossible. We will try again later!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Party

The girls had a great time at their Halloween Party. I think they ate more candy that night then they had ever had in their 2 years of life! They were on a major sugar high! I had to wake them up from nap to get there on time, so they were a little shy at the beginning, but I gave them some sugar and about 10 minutes later, they perked up and started playing the games. We went for a visit to see Grandma J at work, they LOVED that! And then home to wait for Grandma B and Grandpa so Mommy and Daddy could go to a Halloween Party. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! The costumes turned out great, they were a little big, but that is okay, they can wear them for awhile. Thanks Astrid!