Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas...

Well my family is coming to my house for Thanksgiving this year. It will be a first! So I have lots to do in the next couple weeks. So I wanted to take advantage of the time the girls are with my mom during the week! I decided to decorate for Christmas this week, and next week will be CLEANING... a much needed cleaning!

Josh is not a big fan of decorating, but hopefully it will get him in the spirit. I grew up LOVING Christmas and I want to make sure the kids do too. This will be Jace's first Christmas and the girls first official Christmas! Last year we were living with my in laws cause we were in-between homes and the year before they were itty bitty!

I put up all three trees I had! I found a home for them somewhere. The little one is in the play room, its been up for a week or two. Then put one in the Kitchen so they kids will see one for the next month. The big one is in the living room, where the kids are not allowed (except for Christmas morning of course!) They can see it though when they look through the fireplace. I am sure there will be a few times here or there we let them come into the living room, so I am sure they will get to see it a few times before Christmas morning. I put on the floor something to keep them from getting too close to it. Hopefully it works! If they step on it, it will hurt a bit, just enough I hope to keep them away (especially Jace). Its the floor protector thingy that has those points on the bottom of it to keep it from moving on the carpet. Well...I just turned it over. I have stepped on them many times, and it does hurt if you are not expecting it.

It will be exciting to see the kids faces on Christmas morning and to see all their presents!

And a note...Jace is starting to walk. He has taken a step or two here and there. It will be any day now! And of course the girls just have to play with his toy all the time! They don't let him have it very often. They are also getting very... annoying when it comes to making a bottle for Jace. They always fight with each other about who gets to give him his bottle. Drives me nuts!

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Jill said...

Good idea with the floor mat. I may have to try that (or something else) to keep our tree safe.