Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jace is Walking!

Well Jace has been walking a lot more. He takes more than just a few steps now. He can walk from one place to another...that is if he wants to. He knows how to, but would rather crawl most of the time. I catch him a couple times a day trying to do it all on his own, without someone sitting a few feet away trying to get him to walk to them! He falls a lot, but then just keeps on crawling. He gets into everything now and wants to see and do everything! For instance, in the pics above, I was in the bathroom, doing my business, and next thing I know he turned on the water and got in the tub. He fell in and his head was right under the faucet. He was soaked, diaper and clothes! He just looked up at me and smiled! He loved it. I love this age for the personality, but for the getting around...I hate it!

As for the other picture, we just thought it would be fun to style his hair and give him his mo-hawk back like he used to have naturally for his first few months of life!

(Sorry for the picture size, they were taken on my phone. I need a better picture phone!)

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