Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sick Kids

This has been close to the worst week yet since we had the kids. All of them have been sick for over a week now. We have had it coming out of both ends...all 6 of us. The kids sickness has lasted longer than mine and Josh's. It has been so gross! Fevers, Puking, fighting, clingy, needy, you name it...they were it. There were many times all four wanted only me and all at the same time. I was going NUTS! I have to give a huge THANK YOU to my mom for taking them for a few days through this to give me a MUCH needed break. And of course to my dad for putting up with it. My mom had a bad couple days as well with them, she did not enjoy cleaning up the puke and what not. I think she was happy to see me take them home...for once! Here is how it started...

Makenna woke up Tuesday screaming cause she puked all over her bedroom, blanket and all. (Jaeli's too). Then in the car on our way to Grandma's, Jaeli puked in the car, all over herself and car seat. That was fun to clean. Then Mak, May and Jace all puked at least once if not more while with my mom. Then when I got them back, they all puked at least once again. Stopped for a day and then got it again the next day. And finally yesterday got it one more time from Jaeli, hopefully that was the last.

On Friday Maysie got up and was acting really weak and not her self. So after calling the doctor and being put on hold for over 20 minutes, we finally decided I would take her to the ER. And of course when I got there she was "better". Sat there for 4 hours waiting for her to pee so they could test her urine. They put a bag on her to catch the pee. While we waited, she just played, took a couple short naps with me and Grandpa came to sit with us too. Finally she had...poo'd! I called the nurse in and knew that was bad cause she had the bag on. So I checked her and thankfully she had pee'd, but the bag was covered in poo! They were able to save it and I cleaned her up. We waited for probably 40 minutes before the Doctor came in to tell us... it was a good thing we waited cause she had a lot of puss in her urine. And according to him, this meant she had a Urinary Tract Infection. So they gave her a shot of antibiotics (in her butt and she HATED it) and a prescription and sent us home. Ever since then she has been just fine! She did point to her butt a few times that day and say ouch!

On Sunday we had Jaeli and Makenna with fevers on and off all day. They were tugging at their ears, Makenna more so than Jaeli. So I knew then I would have to go to the doctor on Monday.

So called doctor Monday morning and got in with the girls. And of course Makenna had a double ear infection. Jaeli was just fine! Fever was probably just from the virus they all have. And she is all drama... just like Maysie! The doctor also looked at Maysie's culture results while we were there. She informed me that Maysie did not have a Urinary Tract infection. Her levels of bacteria were 30,000, which is in the high normal. So she did have a little bacteria, but it would have to be around 100,000 to be considered a Urinary Tract Infection. She said that since she started her medicine already to just continue her. If anything, it would just help with the virus and get rid of the little bacteria she did have. And that she was probably so weak just from not eating and being sick for that many days. Never going back to Caylor Nickel, think I will stick with Lutheran!

And now Jace has had a fever on and off all day. Sleeping a lot, so hopefully once he gets over this things can start to get back together.

It has been a rough week taking care of four sick kids and being sick myself...as well as Josh.

Doctor wants to see them again if they have a fever over 101 for the next days on and off, but otherwise, we should not have to go back!

And the girls have all become DRUGGIES! They LOVE medicine. I have been "pretending" to give them Tylenol often by only putting a few drops in the dropper and that usually satisfies them for a couple hours until they ask for more! Jaeli is jealous cause Mak and May get to have "special" medicine twice a day. But today at the store I found a liquid vitamin for kids! Am I turning my kids into druggies??? With all these fevers and aches and what not, what else am I suppose to do??

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