Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Stickers

Makenna loving stickers!
Maysie being silly with stickers!
Jaeli oh so happy to be doing stickers!
Stickers are a great activity when I need a break for an hour or so, but it can only happen when Jace is sleeping. They usually carry them around and get stickers all over the place and he eats them. So I have to pick them all up before he gets up from his morning nap. But they LOVE to do them, so I am going to start trying to do it at least once a week.

(Don't mind the hair, I used hair spray that day to get their hair out of their face. Josh thinks they look horrible when I do it, I agree, looks like I have not washed their hair in a week! So we wont be doing that anymore, well...not if we are going anywhere that day!)


They all have broken out on their face. I have sanitized every paci that they use for bedtime and nap, hoping it helps stop it from continuing. They all have sensitive skin, so when they are sick, it makes it worse and then the paci's make it even more worse.
Maysie giving me a smile.
Maysie trying to open her eyes.
Maysie feeling like crap, here eyes were shut like this for almost 24 hours! She was so miserable.

It started with Maysie, she had fever, runny nose, mild cough, sneezing, the shakes, chattering teeth, lethargic and hoarse voice. She seemed to have it the worst so far. Jaeli just got it yesterday, so if it lasts as long as Maysie's did, then she should be over the majority of it by tomorrow. And her hoarse voice makes her sound so terrible, I feel so bad for her when she talks. Makenna is starting to show signs of it as well as Jace. But thankfully the worst of it only lasts for 24 hours. I almost took Maysie to the doctor, but when she was doing so much better the next day, I knew it was just a quick cold and they would all, should all, get over it pretty quick. A little worried about Mak, from having pneumonia in October, hoping she does not get that sick again. Just have to keep a close eye on all of them. Jaeli never got a fever, so hopefully the other three wont either. I think I am starting to get signs of it as well...oh I hope I get lucky and don't get it... yeah right! Aside from them all being overly fussy and needy, it has not been too bad. Just sad to hear their raspy voices and cries!

Yogurt in a cup...

So I have been trying to think of more healthy snacks for the girls. I thought...yogurt they can drink from a cup. I know they make this...but it is so much cheaper to buy the tubs of the yougurt, mix it with a little water, and then put in a sippy cup and let them drink it. It is way less messy and they love it! This picture is when they saw it for the first time. They did not look too happy in the picture...think it was because they were waiting patiently for it while I took a picture. They just wanted it...NOW! They each had two cups of it, even Jace LOVES it! So this is good since he does not like Milk. We went through an entire tub that day for snack. Four babies...two cups each = 1 tub! So I am going to have to buy more than the 2 I bought thinking it would last all week.


If you look at Makenna's stomach, you will see three bandaids on her belly. She actually had a small cut...but once she got bandaids, the other two HAD TO have them too. This was my mom's doing. Josh and I refuse to do it anymore. We let them cry it out. But of course, my mom being Grandma, can't stand to see them cry, so she lets all three of them have um. It usually causes huge melt downs when we try to take them off all three of them then. (More than just telling the other two they can't have them.) But I can't blame her, that is what Grandma's are for, but I am still sticking to my rule of no bandaids unless you are bleeding! The obsession with them is crazy! Even when I have one on my finger or someone else has one, they are obsessed with it! Hopefully they outgrow it soon.

Sisterly Love!

I love it when the girls play so nice with each other. These are just one of the many moments that make it all worth it! They were being silly and playing with their babies.

We went to Pizza Hut with my mom today for lunch and when we were leaving some people asked us if they were triplets, they had been staring a lot! We don't get it very often anymore since Mak looks so much older. But anyways, we said yes and they were asking a few questions, not too many. So it was not too bad. But as we were getting ready to walk out, we asked them if they wanted to walk, and they all said yes. So Maysie and Makenna started to hold hands and then asked Jaeli to hold their hands. So they were in a circle and started walking that way. It was so cute, everyone was and laughing at them. They straightened out into a line once we got out of the restaurant and walked that way to the car! It was very cute.

Jace and his Car (And Milk Issues)

Jace loved his car. The girls were with my mom for a couple days, so I left this in the play room while they were gone. It kept him entertained the whole time! He loved it. He learned how to get in and out by himself and to go around to open the door instead of trying to climb over the other side. Went to the basement when the girls came home. Did not want to deal with the fighting. They can play with it and the others when we have "basement" time!

As for him and drinking milk...not going so well. When I switched him to Vitamin D milk from formula, he was becoming extremely gassy and in pain almost every day. He would only drink 1 to 2 of his 3 sippies of milk a day. He did not really care for it. So I talked to the doctor and she said to try and switch him to Soy Milk or Lactose Free Milk and see what happens. So I switched him to Soy and he loved it at first, drank all three bottles for about 2 days. Then did not want them so much anymore. But it helped the that was good. So now I am trying the Lactose Free to see how that goes, and he drinks about the same as he was with the Vitamin D milk. I don't know what to do! He seems hungry all the time, I give him three meals a day plus two snacks. He will drink juice-water all day long if I let him. Maybe he just does not care for milk. So I have been trying to add more cheese and yogurt to his diet to make up for it. We see the doctor in a week, so hopefully she will have some answers and advice for us.

Brad Paisley Concert

View from our seats.
View from our seats up close and personal! He decided to come closer! I had no idea! I am glad we got the seats we did. He was right there!!! It was awesome!

Stephs nose bottom corner!

Video from when he was oh so close to us! If we would have rushed up a bit sooner, we would have been able to touch his hand! He was throwing out signed guitar picks! We didn't get one though.

Stephanie: It was great going with you! The two singers before were not so great...kind of boring, but once he came on to stage it was a great concert!

Thanks to Jack for the ride.

Thanks to my parents for watching the kiddos!

It was a nice "me" night out!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jace's 1st Birthday Party

The cake turned out pretty well. Took me a couple hours, but I was happy with it. Did not enjoy it, so don't think I will be doing too many more in the future!

Just getting started! He did not like wearing his hat.
Chilling with Great Grandpa and Aunt Julie.
Maysie enjoying the basement!
Makenna having some cake...she sat there for awhile!
We can do bubbles now... only in the basement! Grandma got the lovely job of sitting there and helping them!
Chilling with Aunt Tracy.
Jace got a bank from his Great Grandpa that counts the change as it goes in. Makenna LOVED it, so she went around collecting money from everyone. She collected $20!!

Two of their Grandpa's (and Aunt Jarilyn) hanging out in the living room watching football and drinking some beer!

It took me about 2 weeks, but Josh and I got the basement ready for the kids to go down and play, as well as our guests for Jace. There is lots of room down their for the kids to run around like monkeys. They loved it! It was worth it and will be a nice place to play...if I have help! Some day it will be nice to finish it and put walls up.

The party was a great turn out. Thank you to everyone for coming and the gifts. We all had a great time, especially the kids. It is nice to have a home big enough to fit everyone.

Oh So Much Fun!

The kids Aunt Jarilyn got Jace this huge blow up ball that they could go inside of. It makes a great basement toy. But we blew it up in the play room first and let them play in it for an hour or so. Oh when we took it away... the world was over! They were NOT happy! The girls enjoyed it and played with it much more than Jace. Some day he will be bigger than them and not get pushed to the side so much. And it's gonna be here soon!
Makenna wanting on top of the ball.
Mak waiting patiently while the ball is being blown up. Loved her face of such excitement!
The girls inside the ball for the first time!
Maysie waiting quietly to be aloud to get into it, sitting at the entrance.
Jaeli loved sitting on top!
Jaeli waiting to get in!
Aunt Jarilyn getting in with um!
Jace peeking through!
Jace finally getting in!
Jace trying rolling around!
Jace had to give the top a try.
He was more interested in the air compressor than the ball. Very mad at me for not letting him touch or play with it.
Very Mad!
Sisterly love!
All four of them in the ball!
Helping Grandpa!