Thursday, February 10, 2011

Haircut Attempt...

So I decided to TRY and give the girls a hair cut today, it was much needed. I FAILED! I butchered their hair. What was I thinking??? Makenna's was the worst and she was the only one I was able to get a picture of that showed my results! I called Grandma J to come save us. She used to cut hair awhile ago. Always cuts the families hair. I should have just asked her to begin with. Next time I will! So here are the results.
Makenna after I cut her hair. Notice the huge gap between layers?
So butchered!
Grandma cutting Mak's hair.
Eating chicken nuggets while she gets her hair cut!
The end result, short, but still looks cute!
She has the most hair out of all of them and it grows the fastest.
Jaeli getting her hair cut by Grandma J.
Being a good little girl and sitting patiently. Towards the end she did keep saying, out mommy, out? But she waited!
Very short, but cute as well. It is no longer in her face like it was ALL the time.
I think the back looks cute!
Maysie just chilling. She moved the most though!
Is it over yet mom?
Adorable, she did not have much hair to start with...but again, still looks good!
Pretty close to Jaeli' will we tell them apart? Jaeli's was about 2-3 inches longer than Maysie's before the butcher and cut!

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