Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Learning Time

Doing a puzzle of colored fishes! About 3 months ago they were not so good with puzzles, but picked up on it pretty fast and do well by themselves.
Shapes: I have these little cookies shapes that I only bring out for play time. I made a square board for them to match them to when I call out a shape. When they get it right, they get to eat a grape or cereal. Jaeli caught on very quick and the other two followed. Maysie had a little trouble, but think she just wanted to play with them.

I am trying to do a little more learning time with them. It works best when Jace is taking his morning nap. They really enjoy it too. I am hoping they will know their shapes, colors, animals, numbers 1-10 and alphabet by the time they get to pre-school in 1-2 years. They will be the youngest in their class when they start kindergarten, so really hoping they will be on track and at the same level as others in their class. They know almost all their colors, Makenna does very well, Jaeli and Maysie are still learning, but do pretty good. They all know most of their shapes. Numbers are a bit of a struggle, but they are learning. Alphabet will be last and the hardest I am sure! They know a few letters, but don't really understand the concept of it all.

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