Monday, February 28, 2011

Monkey Joe's In Indy!

After watching Elmo, we decided to take um to Monkey Joe's to burn off all the cotton candy they ate! And hopefully sleep in the car on the ride home before the wedding reception. It worked, they all fell asleep! Took Maysie longer, but what's new, she is always the last to fall asleep. They had a blast and Aunt Jarilyn had fun going on the slides and in the play areas with them! They had an area for toddlers, but they got bored with it and wanted to explore. Once Jarilyn showed/helped Mak go up and then down the first one, she could do most of the big kid ones by herself. Of course Maysie and Jaeli wanted to try too. I even had to go up a couple times cause they had a line of kids behind them since they were having trouble getting up um. It was a work out, can't imagine how Jarilyn felt! Maysie caught on towards the end and was doing pretty good with little help. Jaeli, not so much. I tried to keep her in the easy ones! They were getting tired and had not eaten lunch yet. So after an hour or so we packed um up and gave um a snack in the car, hoping they would fall asleep soon and eat a big dinner at the reception. It is definitely something to do again soon when we go visit Aunt Jarilyn and maybe when Jace is older and can enjoy it too!

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Samantha said...

We LOVE Monkey Joe's here in Illinois!