Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Little Man!!

Went into his room to get him up the other day and found him like this. I thought it was so cute I had to snap a picture...or two! I love how his hands are folded together with his face buried into his arms. And the pj pants...rolled up to his knees!

Jace a picture from Jace's party of Maysie looking at the gifts. She so wanted them to be for her! Their third birthday should be fun!

Playing with the table and chairs. I think I mentioned it before, but these had to be put up! Jace was becoming Mr. Daredevil and standing on the chairs all the time. And the girls...well...put three together and they can do anything! For instance, standing on the table, pushing each other off the table, throwing chairs, standing on chairs. I could not take it anymore! So this was the set my mom let me borrow to see if it worked better than the other set we got from their Great Aunt. Nope, neither one! I will be giving this one back to my mom and bringing the one out from their Aunt down the road sometime or on occasion.

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