Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pretty Girls!

Big Girl Makenna!
 Little Miss Innocent
 Silly Girl Jaeli!
 Jace was trying so hard to be apart of the action and getting very mad!
 "What are you doing to me?"
 "I am a pro!"
 "You want me to what? Close my eye? But I want to watch!"
Getting their nails done!

The girls Aunt Jarilyn came home from Indy for a couple days. They always have a blast with her, she does lots of stuff with them I wont! This visit, they got make-overs! First she did their nails and then put a little make-up on them. They looked very silly, but they had a good time doing it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Plate!

When the girls finish their plates, and eat all their food, we call it a "Happy Plate". Right at the end Maysie says blah blah (not sure what she said) and then "Happy Plate". So she got a flower to put on her good job chart. When they get 12 flowers for good behavior, they get a "prize". They finish their plates more now then they used to, so it works!

Poppin "Food"

Grandpa always takes his medicine (Poppin pills) when the girls eat dinner, so they were mimicking his action when he takes them...it was cute!

Peek A Boo

Mr. Jace

Makenna started it and the others did it so I could get a picture of them all. Then they wouldn't stop doing it! I just thought it was a cute picture and happy they all did it for me!


My little man is not so little any more. Each day he gets so much bigger, trying to fit in with his sisters. He is really starting to fight back. His favorite "game" right now is taking Jaeli's blanket and running from her. She plays along most of the time, but gets very mad at him when she can't get it back from him. He is smaller than her... for now... and he is already picking on her! Oh what we have to come! Should be interesting. I have also noticed lately him trying to climb the kitchen chairs. Not sure what I am going to do about that one. He is way to small to be climbing on those chairs. I miss my baby boy. So sad to see him growing up so fast, soon he will be right there with his sisters every step of the way. He has also been very goofy lately, laughing all the time and giggling. He has been talking more too, the most clear words are his usual uh-oh, dog, dada and mama. That is about all I can make out, I have heard say a few others, but not often. He also LOVES to be chased just like his sister Makenna. He is starting to strip more as well, find him with socks off or his shirt off, quite often now. He can be such a little sh*t at times. I love it when he sees something of his sisters, runs over and grabs it as quick as he can, turns around and takes off while laughing and giggling! And laughs even more when his sister starts to run after him, realizing what he just did. It's great! Pay Back Time! He is a smart little guy. I sure don't remember the girls being this developed at his age, but maybe I just blocked it out or its cause he is around them and learning faster than they did. He will always be my baby though, no matter how big he gets!

Sunglasses (Maysie double ear infection.)

 Miss Jae chillin as usual!
 Miss Mak, not sure what she is chewing on??
And then there was Maysie... at the time of this picture, I did not know it until the next day, but she was refusing to put her glasses on for a picture, she had been crying all day long because she has a double ear infection and sore throat. Poor girl. Took her to the doctor yesterday and doc had to extract wax from her ear 4 times to get it all out and look at it. She also had a strep rash when we got there, but 2 year olds don't normally get strep and if they do, it does not need to be treated b/c strep in 2 and under is not that serious, not as serious as it would be in an older child. So they treat it like a normal cold/sore throat. But the antibiotics she is on for her ears, should help with that also. Hopefully she gets feeling better soon cause her drama and tantrums get so OUT OF CONTROL when she is miserable! Everyone else is sick as well, but taking it pretty well, no signs so far of ear infections for anyone else. But who knows! May be making another trip or two to the doctor this week, just got to wait and see.
Had to eat dinner with their glasses on!

And They All Fall Down...

The kids had a fun time stacking chairs with Grandpa the other day and then letting them all fall on top of them! Kept them busy for awhile! They love playing with their Grandpa!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top 10 Solutions That Are WORTHLESS When You Have Triplets...

1)  Leaking Sippy Cups: Spill Proof Sippy Cups
-          They just fill their mouth with the liquid and spit it out in their “play” kitchen sink OR shake it hard enough, drips just scatter everywhere.

2)      2) Opening Cupboard Doors: Safety Latches
-          They just shake it fast enough and hard enough it breaks and I have to replace it over and over again.

3)      3) Entering A Forbidden Room: Safety Gate
-          They just shake it and pull it enough that it slides off the wall just enough that they can walk over it to enter the forbidden room OR they just climb over it.

4)     4) Opening Dresser Drawers: Safety Latches AND String Connecting       Each Drawer Together
-          They watch and learn how you open them AND stick their teeny tiny little fingers through the 1” gap from the flexibility of the string and manage to pull out every article of clothing, layering sets of clothes onto themselves.

5)      5) Pulling Books Off The Bookshelf: Make It High Enough They Can’t      Reach It
-          They just stack their 3 mattresses on top of each other just high enough to pull each and every book off the shelf.

6)      6) Taking Clothes Off: Onesies On Backwards, Duct Tape, Backwards      Sleepers, Etc…
-          They pull and tug until it comes off and take every piece of clothing off just so they can take their diaper off and smear their poo all over the walls, carpet, sheets and each other.

7)      7) Removing Sheets From Mattress: Safety Diaper Pin Them On Each       End Attaching to Mattress
-          They just RIP the sheet until it tears away from the safety pin just because they can.

8)      8) Opening Doors: Safety Door Knobs
-          They just push down the top of the knob with their palm as they turn their hand and open it… like it’s no big deal!

9)      9) 1Destroying Books: Board Books Only
-          They just find every glued fold or edge and pry it just enough they can start a rip and just keep ripping away until the book is shredded into little pieces!

10  10) Climbing Onto Counters: Remove The Handles They Use As Steps
-          They just use their itty bitty toes and step onto the tops of each drawer where it hangs over 1/8” and make their way up.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

They are so loud!

Don't come to my house if you want peace and quiet!

Time Out...

So I decided to try time-out in the corner. First started with Makenna, she just stood there laughing. Jaeli and Maysie stood there laughing at Makenna. And now...they pretend to be bad and put each other in the corner often! Sometimes they are a little to rough just to make the other one cry.

They sleep... backwards.

All three of them just have to sleep with their heads where their feet are suppose to be. Monkey See, Monkey Do! Whatever works I guess. Josh captured this picture last night while they were sleeping very peacefully. Hey, at least they are in their beds, right? It's still new to them, maybe someday they will sleep the right way and hopefully no one falls off...ya know since the safety rails are on the other end!

Our New Beds!

The girls loved their new beds, even Jace! They kept jumping on them and singing 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed! It was cute! Thanks to Grandpa for helping Josh put them together, we really appreciate it. The girls still are talking about how Grandpa (not daddy) put them together! Unfortunately its been to exciting and they still are not taking naps. I have decided to no longer lay with them as well. So that doesn't help either. But they are sleeping from 8 p.m. until 8 a.m. with the new time change now. They are getting better... slowly adjusting to all the new changes. Maybe we will get back into a nap routine, if not, then it is just going to be quiet time in their room for 2 hours every afternoon. As you can see from the picture above, Maysie has been having trouble the most not napping, she fell asleep the other night on the couch around 4 p.m. while they others played! They were fighting over who's bed was who's, so I let them paint a picture and put it above their bed, so now they know who's is who and are not fighting so much over them now. It works GREAT!

Monday, March 14, 2011

He is doomed!

My little guy is doomed, he often hides under his blanket to get away from the "girls"!
He just sits back, chills and watches...which leads to...
Playing with jewelry...
Wearing princess crowns...
LOVING shoes...check out his face!

And his favorite color seems to be PINK, and we can't forget (surprisingly, could not find a picture) how much he is OBSESSED with hair brushes! He also scream like a girl now...all the time!

Should I be worried? Oh I will still love him...but PLEASE don't let it be so!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rompers for All!

So I decided to make a new romper for each of the kids, even Jace, cause I am sure his time is coming. They loved um! I asked them if they could get out of them. Mak and Jae did, Maysie could not get one arm out. So back to the sewing machine. I just had to make the straps a little shorter. So then they were not able to get out of um! I stopped putting them on them for about 2 weeks, and then they remembered they could take their clothes off, so back on they went. And now we have some new ones...as Daddy says... they look a bit Amish! Ha! It will take some time, but as I get better, I will be able to make better, cuter looking stuff. These are just for naps and bedtime anyways!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I knew it would be hard getting rid of paci's...but its going better than I thought, so far! There have been rough times. I did not realize how much I depended on them though. Yes, they were the girls security and comfy, but man... they saved me a lot too! I almost gave them back a couple nights ago, but I thought I have come this far, so I better keep going! I was worried they would freak out when Jace had one, he is not ready to part with his in any way what so ever! But they were okay with it and always help him find it or give it to him.

So day 1 (Thursday Afternoon): They did not take a nap that day, but played in their room, with their paci for an hour or so. After they came out, I grabbed all the paci's and walked them to the back door. I told them it was time for the birds to take them so we had to throw them outside to them. They cried NO of course... so I threw one out and then gave them a couple to throw. They laughed about it. So I said good job and that paci's were ucky's and they were going to be all gone. So they girls turned around to go play with some toys. I took that as my chance to run outside and grab them all while they were not looking. When I came back in, I noticed Makenna walking towards the door to look outside. She said, "Mommy, birdies took the paci's". And then of course they other two went over to see! They talked about it a few times the rest of the night. So when bedtiem came around, I layed them all down and they all asked for them, then I reminded them of where they went and they fussed for a bit, then they layed down and were quite...except for Makenna. Jae and May did great, went right to sleep. Makenna was up for 30 minutes screaming like I have never heard her scream before. She finally passed out.

Day 2 (Friday): They woke up and told me about it...early by the way. Then naptime, they asked for them, but finally layed down, however, did not go to sleep. Bedtime they did pretty good but took awhile for Mak to fall asleep again.

Day 3 (Saturday): Again, woke up and told me about them, early again. Then at naptime I got Mak and Jae to fall asleep, but not for long cause Maysie never did and got them up. Bedtime went well, they were all passed out quickly! Mak woke up once or twice.

Day 4 (Sunday): Going pretty well, no nap again though. Bedtime took them a little while, but eventually all fell asleep.

Day 5: (Monday): So far, so good. No nap, once again! They went to bed right away, however, at 4a.m. I was awaken by three little girls screaming their heads off. Josh went in to check on them and they all woke up, Makenna was the most upset! I layed in bed for an hour listening to them scream while Josh layed with them trying to get them to go back to sleep. He must have, cause I fell asleep and he was asleep on the couch.

Day 6: (Tuesday): Getting a little better. Woke up closer to normal this time.

Jaeli and Maysie do not seem bothered by it much at all. Makenna has taken it the worst. She is out of control most of the day and does not sleep well at night. She has a hard time putting herself to sleep without it. Hopefully she will learn very soon! She has been very mean to everyone, including me. There have been times she is her normal self, but it seems like I am having to punish her ALL THE TIME! I really think she is acting this way cause she misses that security. Hopefully only a few more days and it will be in the past for her. I don't know how much more I can take of her attitude though, I am lost some days as what I should do with her, and very overwhelmed. She even had me in tears one day. But its slowly getting better, so hopefully that only continues! I sure do miss my sweet and loving Makenna.

Over the last 2.5 years, I think we have had well over 2 dozen paci's. Somehow they got lost or broke and tossed away. And the picture above is what we had left...the last of them!

What the paci's did for me...
1) Put them to sleep
2) Shut them up when they were crying
3) Made them VERY happy
4) Kept them asleep at night
5) Good for bribes!

And now...They are...
Struggling to sleep
Crying much more
Fighting much more
Bad attitudes
And much more!

They were not only the girls best friend...they were mine too!

Our new mattresses!

So we have some new crib mattresses, bigger than the mattresses we had. We have these because the girls are getting big girl toddler beds! I am so tired of them moving them all over the place, never happy where it is and using them to turn on the lights, reach the books in the closet and push each other off of them while they are sleeping. And using them to get into the dresser. So we are planning on bolting the beds down or attaching them to the walls somehow so they can't move them and then figuring out how to keep the matresses on the beds. Only a couple more days! I hope it works and they do better while in their room. I can only hope!

Rompers (To Keep The Clothes On!)

So I have a friend and know a few other mothers of multiples who are having the same problem we have... they don't keep their clothes on and play with their poop! So I decided to try and make some rompers like I have. One of my friends said she searched multiple stores for something like I have for the girls and has had NO luck finding anything close. So I am the process of making something very similar and then she is going to try it out for me to see if it works, and if it does...then I am hoping to help some other mothers out as well! I have tried a few times and something isn't always right, so I think I have it now, and hopefully have my final piece done in the next few days. I am learning the sewing machine...not that great yet, but hope to get better! And then I will be able to do all sorts of things!

Sibling Love!

The girls have their moments when they play well with each other, and then a second later, they are pulling hair, biting, kicking, you name it, they do it!

Jace has been very needy lately, wanting held all the time. I am not sure if it is because he is teething or maybe another ear infection. I have been having to just let him cry when I need to do something. It drives me crazy. But he has the biggest and cutest personality, he is so adorable. I LOVE to hear him laugh and be silly. He is trying so hard to do all the girls do, just not quite big enough yet. Soon though! He is on the exact same schedule as them except he takes an extra nap in the morning and a sippy of warm milk at night. It is so much nicer than what the baby stage was like! I have four toddlers 2 and under! Crazy!

Our First Play Date

The girls had a play date with their friend Adriana the other day. They seemed to really enjoy it. They are not around many kids except their cousins and none that are their age. She is 2 years old and just lives down the street. Her dad grew up with Josh and her mom and I have been talking quite a bit lately. So I think we are all going to become great friends. Adriana does not have many girl family members her age, so its good for her too! It took a little while for them to warm up to her and Britney, but once they did, they really enjoyed themselves. We plan on doing it a lot...especially with summer coming soon. Thanks again Britney for bringing Adriana over and letting the girls play!