Wednesday, March 23, 2011


My little man is not so little any more. Each day he gets so much bigger, trying to fit in with his sisters. He is really starting to fight back. His favorite "game" right now is taking Jaeli's blanket and running from her. She plays along most of the time, but gets very mad at him when she can't get it back from him. He is smaller than her... for now... and he is already picking on her! Oh what we have to come! Should be interesting. I have also noticed lately him trying to climb the kitchen chairs. Not sure what I am going to do about that one. He is way to small to be climbing on those chairs. I miss my baby boy. So sad to see him growing up so fast, soon he will be right there with his sisters every step of the way. He has also been very goofy lately, laughing all the time and giggling. He has been talking more too, the most clear words are his usual uh-oh, dog, dada and mama. That is about all I can make out, I have heard say a few others, but not often. He also LOVES to be chased just like his sister Makenna. He is starting to strip more as well, find him with socks off or his shirt off, quite often now. He can be such a little sh*t at times. I love it when he sees something of his sisters, runs over and grabs it as quick as he can, turns around and takes off while laughing and giggling! And laughs even more when his sister starts to run after him, realizing what he just did. It's great! Pay Back Time! He is a smart little guy. I sure don't remember the girls being this developed at his age, but maybe I just blocked it out or its cause he is around them and learning faster than they did. He will always be my baby though, no matter how big he gets!

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