Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunglasses (Maysie double ear infection.)

 Miss Jae chillin as usual!
 Miss Mak, not sure what she is chewing on??
And then there was Maysie... at the time of this picture, I did not know it until the next day, but she was refusing to put her glasses on for a picture, she had been crying all day long because she has a double ear infection and sore throat. Poor girl. Took her to the doctor yesterday and doc had to extract wax from her ear 4 times to get it all out and look at it. She also had a strep rash when we got there, but 2 year olds don't normally get strep and if they do, it does not need to be treated b/c strep in 2 and under is not that serious, not as serious as it would be in an older child. So they treat it like a normal cold/sore throat. But the antibiotics she is on for her ears, should help with that also. Hopefully she gets feeling better soon cause her drama and tantrums get so OUT OF CONTROL when she is miserable! Everyone else is sick as well, but taking it pretty well, no signs so far of ear infections for anyone else. But who knows! May be making another trip or two to the doctor this week, just got to wait and see.
Had to eat dinner with their glasses on!

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