Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top 10 Solutions That Are WORTHLESS When You Have Triplets...

1)  Leaking Sippy Cups: Spill Proof Sippy Cups
-          They just fill their mouth with the liquid and spit it out in their “play” kitchen sink OR shake it hard enough, drips just scatter everywhere.

2)      2) Opening Cupboard Doors: Safety Latches
-          They just shake it fast enough and hard enough it breaks and I have to replace it over and over again.

3)      3) Entering A Forbidden Room: Safety Gate
-          They just shake it and pull it enough that it slides off the wall just enough that they can walk over it to enter the forbidden room OR they just climb over it.

4)     4) Opening Dresser Drawers: Safety Latches AND String Connecting       Each Drawer Together
-          They watch and learn how you open them AND stick their teeny tiny little fingers through the 1” gap from the flexibility of the string and manage to pull out every article of clothing, layering sets of clothes onto themselves.

5)      5) Pulling Books Off The Bookshelf: Make It High Enough They Can’t      Reach It
-          They just stack their 3 mattresses on top of each other just high enough to pull each and every book off the shelf.

6)      6) Taking Clothes Off: Onesies On Backwards, Duct Tape, Backwards      Sleepers, Etc…
-          They pull and tug until it comes off and take every piece of clothing off just so they can take their diaper off and smear their poo all over the walls, carpet, sheets and each other.

7)      7) Removing Sheets From Mattress: Safety Diaper Pin Them On Each       End Attaching to Mattress
-          They just RIP the sheet until it tears away from the safety pin just because they can.

8)      8) Opening Doors: Safety Door Knobs
-          They just push down the top of the knob with their palm as they turn their hand and open it… like it’s no big deal!

9)      9) 1Destroying Books: Board Books Only
-          They just find every glued fold or edge and pry it just enough they can start a rip and just keep ripping away until the book is shredded into little pieces!

10  10) Climbing Onto Counters: Remove The Handles They Use As Steps
-          They just use their itty bitty toes and step onto the tops of each drawer where it hangs over 1/8” and make their way up.



Manda said...

Kids are ingenius and will stop at nothing to get what they want. lol.

Samantha said...

I can't believe your girls are so wild! I thought boys were supposed to be like that!

Thankfully, my trio doesn't do any of that except the ripping of books part. Oh, and they scream and whine and fight constantly ;)