Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I knew it would be hard getting rid of paci's...but its going better than I thought, so far! There have been rough times. I did not realize how much I depended on them though. Yes, they were the girls security and comfy, but man... they saved me a lot too! I almost gave them back a couple nights ago, but I thought I have come this far, so I better keep going! I was worried they would freak out when Jace had one, he is not ready to part with his in any way what so ever! But they were okay with it and always help him find it or give it to him.

So day 1 (Thursday Afternoon): They did not take a nap that day, but played in their room, with their paci for an hour or so. After they came out, I grabbed all the paci's and walked them to the back door. I told them it was time for the birds to take them so we had to throw them outside to them. They cried NO of course... so I threw one out and then gave them a couple to throw. They laughed about it. So I said good job and that paci's were ucky's and they were going to be all gone. So they girls turned around to go play with some toys. I took that as my chance to run outside and grab them all while they were not looking. When I came back in, I noticed Makenna walking towards the door to look outside. She said, "Mommy, birdies took the paci's". And then of course they other two went over to see! They talked about it a few times the rest of the night. So when bedtiem came around, I layed them all down and they all asked for them, then I reminded them of where they went and they fussed for a bit, then they layed down and were quite...except for Makenna. Jae and May did great, went right to sleep. Makenna was up for 30 minutes screaming like I have never heard her scream before. She finally passed out.

Day 2 (Friday): They woke up and told me about it...early by the way. Then naptime, they asked for them, but finally layed down, however, did not go to sleep. Bedtime they did pretty good but took awhile for Mak to fall asleep again.

Day 3 (Saturday): Again, woke up and told me about them, early again. Then at naptime I got Mak and Jae to fall asleep, but not for long cause Maysie never did and got them up. Bedtime went well, they were all passed out quickly! Mak woke up once or twice.

Day 4 (Sunday): Going pretty well, no nap again though. Bedtime took them a little while, but eventually all fell asleep.

Day 5: (Monday): So far, so good. No nap, once again! They went to bed right away, however, at 4a.m. I was awaken by three little girls screaming their heads off. Josh went in to check on them and they all woke up, Makenna was the most upset! I layed in bed for an hour listening to them scream while Josh layed with them trying to get them to go back to sleep. He must have, cause I fell asleep and he was asleep on the couch.

Day 6: (Tuesday): Getting a little better. Woke up closer to normal this time.

Jaeli and Maysie do not seem bothered by it much at all. Makenna has taken it the worst. She is out of control most of the day and does not sleep well at night. She has a hard time putting herself to sleep without it. Hopefully she will learn very soon! She has been very mean to everyone, including me. There have been times she is her normal self, but it seems like I am having to punish her ALL THE TIME! I really think she is acting this way cause she misses that security. Hopefully only a few more days and it will be in the past for her. I don't know how much more I can take of her attitude though, I am lost some days as what I should do with her, and very overwhelmed. She even had me in tears one day. But its slowly getting better, so hopefully that only continues! I sure do miss my sweet and loving Makenna.

Over the last 2.5 years, I think we have had well over 2 dozen paci's. Somehow they got lost or broke and tossed away. And the picture above is what we had left...the last of them!

What the paci's did for me...
1) Put them to sleep
2) Shut them up when they were crying
3) Made them VERY happy
4) Kept them asleep at night
5) Good for bribes!

And now...They are...
Struggling to sleep
Crying much more
Fighting much more
Bad attitudes
And much more!

They were not only the girls best friend...they were mine too!

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