Friday, April 1, 2011

The Eye Doctor

Jaeli and Maysie went to the Eye Doctor last year and he said to bring ALL THREE of them back in this year just for a routine check up to make sure they are still on track. Being preemies, there is some concern and that their dad and I both have horrible eye sight. I also took Jae and May in because there were times we noticed a lazy eye and Maysie has a droopy eye also. But they are both doing much better now, hardly notice it anymore.

Anyways, took Maysie and Makenna in today (Nurse suggested we split the apt. up since I had to go too.) and left Jaeli and Jace at home with Daddy and Grandpa. Jaeli was NOT happy, but calmed down soon after we left and Jace slept the whole time, so it was not too rough on Grandpa while Daddy took a nap.

They did AWESOME! We get there and they play, then finally our names get called and we make a stop at the machine that takes measurements of the eyes... first thought that crossed my mind...NO WAY will they sit there with their chin on that strap and forehead against the bar. NO WAY! Well..they surprised me and both sat their quietly and patiently. I was so PROUD. Now...I have a feeling Jae wont do so well with it. Then we go into the room and each sit on my lap while nurse asks questions. Puts a picture of a line drawing of a cake on the wall... did not really look like a cake and she wanted them to tell her what it was. I knew they would have no idea what it was, and they didn't. I am sure they could see it, but first of all, they did not talk to anyone but each other and me and second, put a real picture up there...or at least one that looks like a cake, especially for a 2 year old. Doctor came in and checked out their eyes, they did everything he asked. Thank goodness we did not do drops this time like last time. Twins screamed through that a year ago. It was a pretty quick appointment. He said their eyes are great, right where they need to be for their age. And Maysie's lazy eye seems much better, as well as her droopy eye. They have a bit of farsightedness, but that is normal for their age and good. If their eyesight was perfect, then their would be no room for growth and it would lead to nearsightedness. So that was good news. I am crossing my fingers they wont have problems like I did. I had two surgeries as a baby and in elementary school. Good job girls, you did great! Now we have to wait 2 weeks to see how Jaeli does!

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