Friday, April 1, 2011

Jace... Just One Of The Girls!

Okay, so Grandpa started it. The girls have had their dress up clothes out for a couple days and putting them on and off all day long. Well...Grandpa decided to fold a dress up and make a hat for Jace out of it! So then, he brings me the dress again and I just put it on him...he looked so pretty for a boy! He only wore it for about 20 minutes and then wanted it I guess that is a good sign! I am sorry Jace...I wont do it again!


Jack said...

We are so in trouble when he gets 10-12 years old. You just had to put them up for the whole world to see. Oh well, enjoy. Sorry Jace.

From the grandpa mentioned in the story.

Mandy said...

Pictures to show at his wedding... :-)