Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On A Rainy Day...

 Jaeli geting out of the fun ball! Jace had a blast in it this time cause he could go in it by himslef and not get hurt by his sisters being in it too. He LOVED going around and around and around the basement!
 Bubbles are so much fun! And in the basement, they wont hurt our freshly painted walls...just got to keep them directed away from the pool table!
 Jace thinking about taking a ride on the bike.
 Jace playing with Grandpa's cane of all things!
 Jaeli getting ready to cruise the basement.
 Makenna going for a ride!
Maysie taking a stroll around the basement, still too short to use the pedals though.

It was raining the other day and Josh had the day off work, so he wanted to play with the kids in the basement. I did not have it baby-proofed yet since I am working on painting the stairs, only took me about 30 minutes or so and it was ready. This was the first time they got to play down there without a bunch of people here! They seemed to have a lot of fun, there was still some fighting over the toys, but for the most part, they had a good time. I had to bribe them with "medicine" (apple juice for mak and jae and miralax with apple juice for maysie) to get them to come up stairs for dinner. But hey, it worked! They had a good time and it gives us a place to take them.... on occasion when we are both home with them. Grandpa Jack also helped. It was much needed when the girls all wanted us to push them in their cars at the same time!

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