Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Playing outside in the sun all day!

The girls had a blast at both Grandma's houses last weekend. They played outside at Grandma J's for a few hours on Sunday. We loaded them up with sun screen about 3 x afraid they were getting fried cause their faces were beat red and sweating like crazy! But the next day they just had a little more color to them and no burns! They did really good, listened well and left Grandpa, daddy and their uncles alone while they worked on a shed. Now Jace ... he was a handful! He was not happy I made him sit in the high chair and play most of the time. He just gets into everything and anything. There was so much for him to get into, I just couldn't keep running after him. Grandma and Daddy were watching the girls, helping with shed and making dinner. So that left me with Jace...and I can't be in the sun for long cause of a medicine I am on, so our options were limited. Oh this summer is going to be so much fun with him. Hopefully he will start listening better soon...but he is at that age where he wants to explore everything and TEST me as much as he can. Should be fun with the girls though, I think they are going to have a good summer!

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Jack said...

The photo of Jace walking makes him look a LOT older than he is.