Monday, June 27, 2011

Jace my little trouble maker!

 He likes to go places no one else can go!
 He LOVES to sit on sissy's!
 And hates when they get him back!
 So he just does it again.
 He climbs anything and everything and gets hurt often...he is very much a boy! It looks much worse than it was! See the table he is standing on below, well the girls moved it away from the wall a bit without grandma b knowing and he got up there and fell off through the gap and landed right on the register, notice the three marks on his head! A bloody nose and fat lip!
 He thinks he is so funny when he does stuff he KNOWS he is not suppose to do.
 Thinks of things the girls never did.
 How can you not love this boy...but man he keeps me on my toes!
 And he still loves to wear clips in his hair, actually obsessed with it.
My favorite thing about him at this moment is how he fights back just as much as his sisters. He pushes them just as hard, hits them just as hard and so much more! He is one of them. I officially have quads... he just talks less and is a little shorter!

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