Monday, June 27, 2011

New Sneakers

So when we were camping, Mak put on her shoes and said they hurt her feet. They were too small. That kid's feet grow so fast! So I had to buy her some new sneakers and of course I had to get the other two some too! I had a little extra money this week, so worked out good. Hum... now that I think about it, they would have made a GREAT birthday gifts...opps! Anyways, Jace will get Makennas since they were boys shoes anyways. And probably pass of Jae and May to cousin Josie. I had Jace with me when I got them and picked out the perfect pairs, they were all different but all had princess' on them. Well, Jace had a pair and dropped it and I noticed a red light. Oh! So I checked the other two to make sure they did too, cause if not, then you know what that means...lots of tantrums! And of course one didn't. So I went back and got May and Jae the same ones and Mak a different one since her's are bigger so I can tell them apart. As you can see from the video, they LOVED them! Daddy had to hide them today cause they wanted them. Too soon to wear sneakers, sticking with Sandels this summer to keep them clean!

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