Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The girls WERE obsessed with these sunglasses they got from a picnic we went to a couple weeks ago. I had five pairs, including one for Jace. He broke his right away. The girls made theirs last a lot longer than I expected. I had two pinks and two purples. Mak and Maysie had to have purple and Jae had to have pink. Well tonight Mak broke a pair of purple cause she wanted them since she couldn't find the other pair. So of course, I had to take them all and put them up. Oh my, they WERE NOT happy with me. I think the entire city heard the horrific screams coming from my house. They wore them everywhere! Good bye sunglasses. You will be missed!
The clothes in the first pic were an outfit I had that I thought was too big on them. But once I put it on, it just did not look good on them so we changed into the one above. It is an outfit I was saving for next summer, well it fit them pretty well, so good thing I pulled them out or they would have been too small. Looks like it is time to move everyone up a size. Big girls! We have our 3 year well baby check next week, that should be fun! So many doctor appointments coming up, lets hope this winter is better than last winter.
The outfit you see above is a set of boys pajamas I got at Walmart for 3 bucks each! Wow, that is 12 bucks for four sets of clothes. BIG SALE! (originally 5 bucks) Just one outfit usually cost 12 bucks! That is a deal! I had to buy as many as I could. Luckily I bought a few girl ones too. The plus side of the boy ones is that they all four can match and not just the girls! HA, they are going to hate me! I think I have enough pj's to last all week long thanks to my mom and hopefully Aunt Steph. They took a trip to the Walmart near them to buy me some since I bought my Walmart out of our sizes! It's hard for me to get out and go shopping, except on the weekend since I am not about to take all four kids to the store by myself! I can't take the stress... maybe one day. They wore these last year for winter and they lasted all winter long, So I know they are good quality and they are comfortable for them. I just hope they don't grow out of them. I know the pants will be fine, but they may be showing lots of belly by the time spring comes around! The price usually goes down even more, but the longer I wait, the less chance I will have of finding the right sizes that match or are at least similar.
They even had to sleep in their sunglasses! They loved them so very much. Do I dare try to find more to buy?
And then you got Jace who just wants to be like his sisters! Hopefully it will pass. If not, I will still love you buddy! Anytime I put this bow in their hair, he has to have one too...he loves it! And every time it falls out, he comes a running and wants it back in.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Homemade Frozen Meals!

So a couple nights a week it has been rough coming home from work and trying to get dinner made for the kids while they are screaming at me for my attention. It is not so bad when they are here all day, but when I have to go pick them up from my mom's, I don't get home until 6 and they usually fall asleep in the car, so they are crabby and just want me to hold them. So I have been stressing with dinners and usually just stop and pick fast food up so I don't have to deal with cooking. Well, I thought, why not make up meals and freeze them. Then I can just pull one out that morning and it will only take a couple minutes to prepare for them. So I bought all the supplies and spent about 1.5 hours tonight making them and bagging them. We will see how it goes and if I continue to do it. They are so picky with what they will eat, but I am pretty sure they will eat these as they are their favorites! Beef and Noodles (with green beans), Chicken and Noodles (with carrots), and Tuna and Noodles (with Broccoli). Yes, my kids are obsessed with pasta! Below is what I did...

Grocery List:
4 Bags of Noodles
1 pkg Hamburger grounded
1 pkg Chicken cut into chunks
2 pkgs Tuna
3 cans Beef Gravy
3 cans Chicken Gravy
2 cans Cream of Mushroom Soup
Crushed Carrots
Crushed Broccoli
Crushed Green Beans

Boiled Water
Cooked all four packages of noodles at once in a BIG pot!
Cooked chicken and hamburger
Set out three bowls to sort flavors
Mixed 1/3 of the noodles with the cooked chicken chunks, chicken gravy and crushed carrots.
Mixed 1/3 of the noodles with the ground cooked hamburger, beef gravy and green beans.
Mixed 1/3 of the noodles with tuna, cream of mushroom, 2 cans milk and broccoli.
I then scooped them into baggies, each one holding a meals worth and sealed it.
I than put one of each in large zip lock bag and sealed it and stuck it in the freezer.

I thought of the veggies at the last minute, a great way to get them to eat veggies!! I don't think they will even care, maybe not even notice. And I can add some fruit to their meal and it will be somewhat of a healthy meal!

Crossing my fingers it works out and I will stick to it and do it once a month! I estimated that it cost about $40 to create 12 meals, that's not bad! It's about than $3.50 a meal.

I feel like Super Mom tonight!

Elks Picnic 2011 - Church

We took the girls to the yearly family Elks picnic this year. We took them when they were newborns, one and this year. We had a wedding when they were two, so we were not able to go. They had a blast! The picnic always takes place at one of the other members homes. They have a huge pond, lots of land and an out building with a bathroom that make it perfect! The kids swam in the pond, as well as played on the big water slide they have every year. When they were one, Mak was the only one we could get to go down it, and that was only one time. She LOVED it this year, just kept going back. Maysie went down only once, as well as Jace. Jaeli went down a few times. All but Mak had a bit of trouble climbing it, so they were not too interested in it. They loved playing in the water and discovered the deck. It was a two level deck, they only jumped off the lower level to daddy. We thought Mak was going to jump off the very high level, but she chickened out! They then went to the miniature deck, platform... in the middle of the water and played on that for awhile, jumping off and climbing up and down the ladder. They were not too interested in eating dinner, just wanted to play and they were NOT happy when we had to leave. Thanks Grandma J and Grandpa Rick for helping us out!

We decided to take the kids to church Sunday. We have talked about it a lot, but taking four babies/toddlers to church was not something we were sure we could handle or want to do. I grew up going to church and I want me kids to have that experience too, it had a huge effect on me. We thought about going to our church we went to before we had the girls, but we were also familiar with another church closer to home that friends of ours go to and it's much bigger.

Well...it did not go as well as we had hoped. Josh took Jace to the nursery and my sister in law and I took the triplets to the 2-3 year old room. Oh Mak was not having it. She did NOT want me to leave her. She had the biggest fit ever! So Josh ended up staying in there with Maysie (and Jaeli) b/c she was upset as well, but not as bad as Mak. Jaeli was in heaven cause she had books to read and a baby that she could play with, along with a crib, high chair and other items to put the baby in! Josh said she played with the baby the entire time and did not need his attention at all. Mak went with me to the service and did pretty well at first, then she wanted Daddy. So Aunt Steph took her to the play room and came back with her shortly after. She said, oh my gosh, that girl can throw a fit, I have never seen her have a tantrum like that before. I laughed! Mak wanted me to take her, not Steph. So then I took her to play with her sisters and was able to sneak out. Josh attempted to sneak out a few times, but always failed cause they never let him out of their sight. I checked on him once or twice and he seemed fine, as well as Jace.

There were a few baptisms that service, they usually do it inside, but I think cause there were so many, they did it on the lawn. I was not able to be up close, so could only see tops of heads, but it was neat how they did it. The family members or the person who introduced the church to that person was the one who baptized them. One of them was the mother of the 4 year old who was shot and killed from Ossian. I had tears, she spoke and said 6 months ago if you would have told her that her son was going to die, she would have begged to go with him. But now, she knows he is in a better place and he does not miss her anymore. She was of course torn up and in tears, but she seemed to be doing well and getting through it. I can't even imagine.

So after the baptism, I went back to get Jace out of the nursery. I could hear him crying down the hallway. As soon as I got there he reached out for me with his runny nose and watery eyes. Looked like he had been crying for awhile. He was so tired cause he did not take a morning nap and Josh forgot to leave his blanket and paci. The teacher said he had his hand in his mouth often, so she figured that is what he wanted. As soon as I walked out of the room, he kept crying "daddy, daddy, daddy". Poor guy was so tired, all he wanted was his daddy. Such a daddys boy. So I took him over to the girls room and he saw him, but Josh was not able to get to us right away, he was rounding up the girls and many people were in the way. He then really started to cry for Josh once he saw him but could not get to him. He finally got the girls out of the room and we headed for the car. They were not happy to be leaving, they were having fun (so long as daddy was in there with them).

We will do it again I am sure and eventually make it a habit. Right now I think we will take it slow though. They need this, especially to get prepared for school. They don't get to interact with others much, so this would be a good opportunity to do that, as well as spending time away from us and not just my parents or Josh's parents. I am sure after a few times, they will be more willing to let us leave them alone...I hope!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What happens when I am not watching...

I put Jace down for bed tonight and this is what I saw going on when I was done. They were great tonight, must have taken a nap today. Did not have many melt downs and they played well together for the most part!

At the Zoo with thier Cousins and Aunts!

 Maysie, Callie, Jace, Jaeli, Cory and Makenna
 Sad to see cousins Callie, Cory and Aunt Kathy to go bye bye.
 Fun at the zoo with Callie and Cory!
 So much fun!

Aunt Kris and Uncle Greg, as well as Great Aunt Kathy and second cousins Callie and Cory, took the twins to the zoo while mommy and daddy were in Vegas. They seemed to have a good time. It was great to see Callie and Cory, we do not see them often since they live in Illinois, they have gotten so big! Thanks guys for visiting, hope you enjoyed your time with Aunt Kathy and the kids.

More Blanket Fun!

I got Jace up from his nap and I guess he was not ready cause he went and fell asleep again on Daddy! According to Grandma J, he slept much more for her than he does for me and still went to bed normal time. Maybe I should change his schedule, or just let him make his own schedule? Since the girls were born, we have lived our lives based on a schedule, it is all we know. But having one child with his own schedule is much different than three on the same schedule. Something to think about!
 Having fun running back and forth on the blankets!

 All tied up!
 Jace was mad he was not tied to them so he just held MJ's hand!

We had some fun the day before we left for Vegas. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned new sheets the girls got for their beds, well we had some fun with them! I tied them up together and they ran back and forth down the hall way, they had a blast. They fell once or twice, but got right back up and kept doing it. They were not happy when they had to go to bed!


 Our hotel... The Mirage
 View from our room.
 Another view
 Our very own elevator...well and everyone else on floors 24 and 25.
 The view from our rooms of the Mirage volcano.
 Saying good bye to Jae and Maysie
 Maysie excited! They did not seem to care we were leaving, very happy to be with Aunt Kristin cause she told them they had their own room at her house!
 Waiting for the Price Is Right Show!
 Mom sitting with Ben Afflack!

Josh, my parents and I all went to Vegas last weekend for 3 nights. We went for our 5th anniversary on the 12th as well as Josh and Dad's birthdays. I think also my parents Anniversary in September. We had a great time, a very nice break from the real world but unfortunately came back with much less than we took. But we planned the trip based on that, it was a good time and that is all that mattered! We had fun losing our money and Josh got to experience Vegas for the first time, this was my second time and my parents... um... I don't know, 3 or 4th time maybe. I think from now one we will stick closer to home though.

We had to get three different sitters for 4 nights. My Aunt watched the dog...thanks Kathy! Josh's mom watched Mak and Jace and my sister Kris watched Jae and Maysie. From what they have said, they all did really good and did not have any major problems. We called them a couple times while we were gone. Jace was too young to talk to of course, Mak had no interest in talking with us the first call, but the next day she talked with us, mostly about Jace and swimming! Jae and May talked a bit, but could not understand much, most of it was hi and bye. Thanks again Kris, Janna, Kathy and Steph for helping us out while we were gone!

We spent most of the time walking around or playing the slots! We watched Price Is Right Vegas Style. None of us won anything, but it was fun to watch and be apart of. We were right in the front, front row actually. Todd Newton was the host, so that was neat to see him close up. If we payed $20 we could have got a tee shirt and spun the wheel...one of the older wheels actually used on the real Price Is Right. A couple of the games were they played were Plinko and Hole In One/Two. It was fun! We also went to the wax museum. That was interesting to see how tall many of the actors/actress's were. They had a horror film area, that was fun! Mom refused to go so Josh and I went in. It only lasted a few minutes and too dark to really see what each scene was, but it was a surprise, was not expecting it.

We had a great hotel room thanks to my dad. I guess if you ask for an upgrade when you check in, they sometimes give you one for free (i think) if they have rooms available. So we got to the 24th floor, had our own elevators too! It was not as fancy as some of the newer hotels rooms, but it was very nice! Had a great view of the strip and the Mirage (where we stayed) Volcano. They were three hours earlier than us, so we were not out too much after dark, we stuck around our hotel mostly.

Thanks mom and dad for going with us, it was a great 5th Anniversary!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Creativity... Chicken Poo!

What you see on their heads is their new blankets (sheets). All summer they have been using a pretty heavy blanket when they go to bed and insist on being completely covered so the monster does not get them. Silly girls! Well, we don't have A/C in their room, so it gets really hot in there and they are covered up all night, so Josh suggested tearing a sheet into three's and switching them out. They were all for it! We played with the sheets for over an hour. Laying them out on the floor, running back and forth on them, and covering up in silly ways. Jace even joined in! Now they have to be covered up with it, but it has to be a full rectangle covering them. Yes, they say rectangle! Ha...they are so funny. They took a nap two days in a row and last night they were GREAT! Love it when they take naps.

So Jaeli and Maysie are very creative when it comes to arts and crafts or just simple things like making a design with their fruit snacks or doing something silly with their toys. Makenna on the other hand, she is very creative with her mind. Not so much artistic. A story to remember, it was so funny:

Mommy: Makenna, what did you eat, your belly is so full!
Mak: It is really hard, I am full!
Mommy: Where is all that food going to go?
Mak: Right here (as she points to her neck).
Mommy: Your neck, how is it going to get out of there.
Mak: It will come out here (as she holds her head as far back as she can and points at her neck).
Mommy: No way, it can't come out of there.
Mak: Yes, like this (as she takes her hands and puts them on her cheeks and squeezes her face while trying to pull her head up).
Mommy: No, you can't take off your head to get the food out.
Mak: Yes mommy, see (as she grabs my hands and puts them on her cheeks, squeezing them with my hands and pulling up).
Mommy: Your head can't come off goofy (as I am laughing).
Mak: Harder mommy (as she squeezes my hands even tighter and pulls higher).
Mommy: No, no, when you poo, that is your food coming out. And when you pee, that is when your drinks come out. (Mak looks at me in confusion.)
Mak: I be right back, I go poo. (as she runs to the bathroom)
Mommy: Okay, you go poo.
Mak: Mommy, Mommy, I poo'd my chicken!!!! (as she screams from the bathroom)
Mommy: What, oh did you go poo! (as I go in the bathroom to see if she really poo'd)
Mak: Yea mommy, it's my chicken, see, see Mommy! (so excited)
Mommy: Good job! (as I turn around and walk out so she does not see me laughing so very much!)

It was great!