Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Blanket Fun!

I got Jace up from his nap and I guess he was not ready cause he went and fell asleep again on Daddy! According to Grandma J, he slept much more for her than he does for me and still went to bed normal time. Maybe I should change his schedule, or just let him make his own schedule? Since the girls were born, we have lived our lives based on a schedule, it is all we know. But having one child with his own schedule is much different than three on the same schedule. Something to think about!
 Having fun running back and forth on the blankets!

 All tied up!
 Jace was mad he was not tied to them so he just held MJ's hand!

We had some fun the day before we left for Vegas. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned new sheets the girls got for their beds, well we had some fun with them! I tied them up together and they ran back and forth down the hall way, they had a blast. They fell once or twice, but got right back up and kept doing it. They were not happy when they had to go to bed!

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