Wednesday, August 10, 2011


 Our hotel... The Mirage
 View from our room.
 Another view
 Our very own elevator...well and everyone else on floors 24 and 25.
 The view from our rooms of the Mirage volcano.
 Saying good bye to Jae and Maysie
 Maysie excited! They did not seem to care we were leaving, very happy to be with Aunt Kristin cause she told them they had their own room at her house!
 Waiting for the Price Is Right Show!
 Mom sitting with Ben Afflack!

Josh, my parents and I all went to Vegas last weekend for 3 nights. We went for our 5th anniversary on the 12th as well as Josh and Dad's birthdays. I think also my parents Anniversary in September. We had a great time, a very nice break from the real world but unfortunately came back with much less than we took. But we planned the trip based on that, it was a good time and that is all that mattered! We had fun losing our money and Josh got to experience Vegas for the first time, this was my second time and my parents... um... I don't know, 3 or 4th time maybe. I think from now one we will stick closer to home though.

We had to get three different sitters for 4 nights. My Aunt watched the dog...thanks Kathy! Josh's mom watched Mak and Jace and my sister Kris watched Jae and Maysie. From what they have said, they all did really good and did not have any major problems. We called them a couple times while we were gone. Jace was too young to talk to of course, Mak had no interest in talking with us the first call, but the next day she talked with us, mostly about Jace and swimming! Jae and May talked a bit, but could not understand much, most of it was hi and bye. Thanks again Kris, Janna, Kathy and Steph for helping us out while we were gone!

We spent most of the time walking around or playing the slots! We watched Price Is Right Vegas Style. None of us won anything, but it was fun to watch and be apart of. We were right in the front, front row actually. Todd Newton was the host, so that was neat to see him close up. If we payed $20 we could have got a tee shirt and spun the of the older wheels actually used on the real Price Is Right. A couple of the games were they played were Plinko and Hole In One/Two. It was fun! We also went to the wax museum. That was interesting to see how tall many of the actors/actress's were. They had a horror film area, that was fun! Mom refused to go so Josh and I went in. It only lasted a few minutes and too dark to really see what each scene was, but it was a surprise, was not expecting it.

We had a great hotel room thanks to my dad. I guess if you ask for an upgrade when you check in, they sometimes give you one for free (i think) if they have rooms available. So we got to the 24th floor, had our own elevators too! It was not as fancy as some of the newer hotels rooms, but it was very nice! Had a great view of the strip and the Mirage (where we stayed) Volcano. They were three hours earlier than us, so we were not out too much after dark, we stuck around our hotel mostly.

Thanks mom and dad for going with us, it was a great 5th Anniversary!

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