Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do I dare bring the table out again?

 I spoiled the girls this weekend. I don't see um much during the week and they asked for TWO smarties, so of course I said YES! They were very happy :-).
Last night they insisted on eating dinner at this table. They were very crabby... they fell asleep in the car on the way home as usual. Makes for rough nights. I tell ya, I can't wait for 4 to get here. I can't take much more crabby nights when I only see them for 2 hours :-(. I like my happy babies!

Well the table and chairs have been sitting in the shower that does not work for a few months now, probably longer than that. Josh's aunt gave us a table and chairs set that I traded with my mom for hers. Something to do with camping and then her having more room cause the other one was smaller, I don't know. But we have yet to switch them back. So before we even bother, I wanted to see how they would do with the plastic set of table and chairs. Well... of course Jace just has to climb on the chairs and table. Last time it was out he was just learning to climb, so that was one of the main reasons it got put up. He was not very steady on his feet yet. He is better now though, so it is not as bad. So far it has not been to bad, then again, it has only been a couple days. We will see.

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