Thursday, September 8, 2011


  Jace loves to sit on the animals.
 Little monkey
 Yep, their dresser has been emptied and all their clothes are now hanging in a locked closet or in the living room. Good thing the dresser is bolted to the wall. But then again, they seem to be able to break the bolts Josh bolted their beds together with...
 Lets just move the beds all over the place and see what we can get into.
 They sure do love to climb onto EVERYTHING!
 And sit on top of EVERYTHING!
 Jace escaped his pack n play at Grandma B's during nap. Sorry Grandma J, I had to take the crib tent back for my house! Hope there is nothing in your room he can destroy, cause he WILL climb out!
 Grandma B broke down and bought a crib tent for Jace, wish so so so so so much I bought them for the girls cribs, maybe we would still be taking naps. Do I need to get one for your house Grandma J?
 There they go again, climbing everything!
 So guilty!
 Let Jace climb on top of you to see if he can open the door so we don't get in trouble. Thanks Daddy for teaching them that one!
 Lets make a fort out of the futon, just so we have something else we can climb on and under!
 Yep, there are those screws again from their beds. They will be falling apart any day now. Some night soon I will hear a loud thump b/c one of the beds collapses because all the screws are missing. They have been tie strapped together three times, but they always break them some how some way, they have been screwed together, then bolted together, but it never fails, they always out smart us.
 And then there is Jace, he has three big sisters to learn from. They were 19 months when they climbed out as well. But there were three of them, monkey see monkey do. Who the heck did he watch climb out of their crib?? Oh wait, that is just Jace, he is just as smart as those three put together.
And there he goes. Took me 5 times last night putting him back in until he finally gave in and fell back to sleep. Yep, I went and took the crib tent from Grandma J's so we could contain him in a cage. Thanks to Daddy, tonight I did not have to put him back in at all! He was NOT very happy about it, but he eventually fell asleep. Sorry buddy, but I am so NOT ready for you to be in your big boy bed. You will just have to look at it a little longer. Maybe another year or two if I can help it!

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