Friday, September 16, 2011

Triplets 3 Year Well Baby Check Up!


The girls had their 3 year well baby check up today, a month over-due though. All week have been playing doctor with their doctor set they got for their birthday. They loved having me play the doctor and then they would play the doctor on me as well as on their baby. I told them the doctor was going to listen to their heart, look at their eyes, ears and nose. And she would want to look at their mouth to make sure they have no ouchies in there so they would have to open wide and say “AH”! So we practiced and practiced hoping it would help…at least a little! Then we went over SHOTS! They pretended to do those as well and pretended to cry. Makenna told me she was going to kick the doctor if she tried to give her one. They all three told me they were not going to cry too. 

They were very excited to go and I met them and daddy in the waiting room on my lunch break, as well as Grandma who watched Jace while we went in. Once we got in the room they had to get weighed and see how tall they were. It took some talking, but eventually got them to do it. Then we waited for over 30 minutes for the doctor to come in. They were backed up big time! Three three year olds stuck in a room with nothing to do for over 30 minutes can cause some trouble! They did pretty well though… read some books, played on the table and even played with my phone and went potty once. The doctor finally came in and tried talking to them but they would not say one word to her. They just got done screaming and shouting at each other when it was just them and us in there, having fun reading. They are way too shy around new people. Soon after she came in, Makenna got a look of fear on her face and the tears started coming and she told Josh she had to pee. We thought she was faking because she just went, but felt so bad for her – cause those tears don’t come out often and we knew she was very scared of what was to come, assuming afraid of the shots. So he took her and said she went! She seemed to be okay when she got back in. The doc did her thing and they all just sat there. They refused to open their mouths but after a couple stickers, Maysie did the “AH” for her. No luck with the other two, but we did get them to open their mouths just a tad. When she did the knee thing, she had to do it a few times on Mak cause she tensed her leg up on purpose so it wouldn’t do it, pretty funny! She watched them walk as well and said Jaeli feet go in a bit, but probably out grow it. Asked if it was hereditary and she said yes, can be. I had it and had to wear special soles. But I guess they don’t do that anymore unless they have pain when walking. She never really said what they do for it. Lets just hope she outgrows it. And Maysie is 100 percent healthy, no more ultrasounds, the hole finally closed! Makenna has a rash on her mouth as well as her butt that she has had since birth. Should have went away once she started wearing underpants all day, but just got worse. So doc said now that she does not wear a diaper as much, antibiotics should be able to clear it up. Before it would have been pointless cause it would have just kept coming back. Other than that they did pretty well. Then the shots came… oh poor Maysie! I was holding Jaeli so she went first. They had the 2nd hep shot and flu shot in their leg. The first one she did not cry, I kept saying don’t cry, don’t cry. And she didn’t until right after the second shot went in. Poor Jae. Then I grabbed Mak and she was so mad I did not grab Maysie first! Maysie sat right beside me while the other two got their shots. Can’t imagine how she felt watching it twice knowing her time was coming! Mak fought and fought, but I am stronger!! Maysie was scared and curled up on me and of course she cried as well. So they all three cried and said they don’t want any more shots!! Hopefully it will be 12 months before we have to go back…yeah right!


Makenna – 36lbs (90%) 37 5/8 height (75%) – 2yr: 29lbs3oz/34.5in.

Jaeli – 31lbs (50%) 35 7/8 height (25%) – 2yr: 25lbs2oz/31.75in.

Maysie – 28.5lbs (25%) 35 5/8 height (25%) – 2yr: 23lbs6oz/31.75in.

They don’t change much each year, those are the percents they have been at for the majority of the time over the last 3 years. Although I don’t think Mak and Maysie have ever been 7 lbs apart. Maysie is just too tiny. I can’t believe how much they have grown in a year. Where did my babies go??

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