Friday, October 28, 2011

No, I am Daddy's Favorite!

Fall Fun!

 Fun in the leaves!
 Oh so cute!
 They loved the animals they got to visit with when we went to the pumpkin patch last weekend. They got a big dirty but had fun!
 Such good kids, now if they would just smile!
 They wanted to climb really high, but it was really wet... so they had to settle for the top of the first set.
 Checking it all out!
 Jace was in love with the kitty!
 She wanted her picture taken!
 Not sure who that is hiding in the leaves!
 Having a blast!
 Mak hiding!
Maysie hiding!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Corner!

Well the corner works great for Jace, Maysie and Jaeli, not so much for Mak. But Jace actually stays there...most of the time and when he is not laughing at me as you see in the video. They go when they do something wrong, it may be a punishment they don't mind most of the time, but... it gets their mind off why they were in the corner to begin with and all is good until the next episode! So it works. Jace was put in the corner for throwing a toy when he got mad. And as you see in the video, he thought it was funny and laughed at me, then tried to get out. Well, I made him go back in b/c of it and he stayed until I told him he could come out. It usually works!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Witching Hour

Is that what they call it? Witching hour? This happens most nights when I get home from Grandmas after work until they get some food in their bellies. It's usually twice as dramatic as you see in the video. The last three nights have been pretty good though, hoping they keep it up! I think this was taken at the beginning of the week. It's usually all four of them hysterically crying because they just woke up from the car ride home or all of them trying to talk to me at once or all of them trying to sit with me all at once and fighting over who gets to be as close to possible to me.


 Mak being silly with stickers!
She sure does love school...but every time grandma talks to her about it she cries when she tells her mommy and daddy can't stay with her. It will be interesting!
Um... I think she is checking out the tree?
She is getting TOO BIG!
Being a good girl, having fun outside. 

Mak is doing awesome talking and communicating. She LOVES to learn and is always saying things to make me laugh. I just don't know what goes on in that head of hers. She has had a rash for over month now around her lips, it just wont go away. I think it came from her diaper rash she has had from the first day she was born. Finally took her back to the doctor the other day and she said she wants to try some Riley Butt Cream to see if works, if not, then we will have to figure something else out. It just WONT go away. So we will see if it works. She still LOVES to eat anything and everything. Her new thing right now is bagels and cream cheese! Always wants one. She has major mood swings... I just don't know what to do with her at times, they are uncontrollable. I am learning to try and think of something to talk to the other three about that might interest her. If I ignore her, she usually stops her fit and joins in on the conversation with the rest of us. Or find some way to pull her attention somewhere else. Other than that, she is getting so big and learning so fast. She is way too smart!


 Fun with stickers!
Jaeli is very artistic, still has trouble with some things and gets bored quickly, but seems to enjoy it.
Being very very silly tossing her head back and forth. They all do it and think its the funniest thing when they all four do it together.
This is such a funny picture of her!
Wearing Grandma's shoes!
Fun with her baby!
Looks so cute with pig tails!
Having fun!
Grandma got them into Barbies and Kens, she pulled out the ones my sisters and I played with when we were there age. Oh the memories!
Jaeli is still very independent, but loves playing with her sisters. Her newest thing is being "Mommy" and usually Maysie is "baby". And if we call her Jaeli, she corrects us and says she is Mommy, and NEVER forgets it. It is so cute. They are really into pretend play. She still loves her Grandma B, for awhile there it wasn't too bad, but when she gets tired, she still prefers Grandma B over mommy. She is a sleeper, she is always first asleep, first ready for bed and last one up. The last few days she has been wanting to go to bed and just sits with me while her sisters play for a few minutes in their room before bedtime. She can be SO SO mean, but so sweet too. And she knows how to push my buttons just enough she wont get in trouble... she just pushes and pushes, but never big enough to be put in the corner. She knows how to play mommy, that is for sure!


 School time.
 Drawing on paper and herself!
 Visiting grandpa!
 Pizza, oh so good!
 Piggy tails!
 Being so so silly!
Aww, poor Maysie - fell outside and hit her lip on the picnic table at grandmas house.

Maysie is still very much DRAMA. She is always wanting my attention constantly. She either wants held or to sit with me or just to bug me. But I love it... most of the time. She loves the attention and LOVES her mommy! I think Jace is catching up to her really quick, I wouldn't be surprised if she was only one or two pounds more than him. A matter of time she will be the smallest of the four! She is still waking up one or two times a night to pee or want a drink. It is not as bad as it was before, I just think she is a light sleeper! Hopefully it will end soon and she will start sleeping all the way through every night. Please??? Gotta love her, but I need my sleep!


 Now he is taking his clothes off, sorry buddy, they don't make rompers for boys!
 Loves dumping water on his head!
 Loves to climb, such a boy... of course he learned it from his sisters though.
 Reading a book, loves Elmo! Really starting to talk now and repeating everything.
 Tired boy!
 We are in trouble!
My baby is no longer a baby:-(. So sad, I miss my baby. He loves to do exactly what his sisters are doing, its so cute. He will be 2 in less than 3 months, where did time go? I guess now I get to look forward to being done with all the BABY stuff like diapers and sippies. It will be nice, but I will miss it. He is still very much a daddys boy, but he loves mommy too! I think his favorite work is papa though. He has three to choose from! He is getting his last four teeth in, so been crabby lately, but the last two days have been pretty hopefully they are done hurting. Got a flu shot yesterday and was such a trooper, only cried a few seconds.

Our First Movie...

Ice cream before the movie! Jae had vanilla...did not like the sprinkles, so I had to take them off before she would eat it and then she only ate about half of it. She would prefer cake! Makenna had strawberry, her choosing and she loved every bite! Maysie had chocolate and even licked the bowl to make sure she got it all!

We went to the movie and ice cream for my works company outing, paid for by them! It was a nice experience and glad some co-workers got to meet the girls. Jace stayed with Aunt Mandy, way too young to be going to a move.
The girls waiting for the movie to start seating. We took them to see The Lion Kind 3D. Well, it lasted longer than we thought it would. They loved their glasses and wore them the entire time until... Mak said she had to go potty. Then they all had to go. I made the mistake of siting up top instead of by the stairs, so we had a long walk down and back up. Lost two pair of glasses when we left to go to the potty. So they were flipping out about that. And then, the pop was gone and Mak wanted MORE! So I sent Josh to go get some after a few "more drink, more drink, more drink!" Then it was, "I want to go with daddy, I want to go with daddy, I want to go with daddy." So I said okay, lets go find daddy and we decided to go home. They were getting really bored with it. They only sat a total of 5 min at a time and the rest of the time they went from seat to seat watching the movie as they did it. Jaeli seemed to enjoy the 3D the most, reached out and tried to grab a few times, but also got scared of it. So anyways, they had their fun and it was time to go! Maybe next year.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

ABCs... almost!

How long will it take?

 How long will it take before they remove ALL the paint from their room? Any bets??

Sticker fun!!

Sorry that is all I got! Been busy lately with the basement. It flooded a couple months ago, hoping it wont again cause I am not about to do this all over again. It wasn't much water, just enough to layer the floor. So we have to toss all the toys that were on the floor. We put up cubicle walls and blocked off the sump pump for safety. Should be a fun place for them to play this winter once its done! I have a few other projects lined up as well!