Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jaeli... SASSY!

Oh my Jaeli, she is a unique one, that is for sure. See the photo just above... yeah, she thought she could wear her babies dress! She could not get it off. And then you see the one with the diaper on her head. She is very CREATIVE. She is the most laid back, but at times she can be the meanest. She likes to go up to her siblings and just hit them or scratch um, or whatever she feels like...and its out of the blue, for no reason at all. I do love the fact that she is a GREAT sleeper. She LOVES to sleep. If she does not get a full nights sleep, she lets you know she is not happy about it with her attitude. She can be very grumpy without the right amount of sleep. She still LOVES playing with Maysie and would prefer her over Makenna, but thankfully, Maysie still does not have a favorite and will include Makenna even if Jaeli want. Jaeli is the meanest to Jace... poor guy, she just sits on him or pushes him or grabs his head and pulls. I don't know what to do with her half the time. But my Jaeli Jo is so sweet, love her sweetness and laid back personality. If I need some loving, I know where to go! Oh, I can't forget her baby doll. That doll is her best friend and I don't know if she will EVER give it up. Hopefully it can be replaced with the new one Santa MAY be bringing her!

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