Thursday, December 8, 2011

Makenna... ATTITUDE

Makenna has always been very VOCAL, from the moment she came out. She has always been an eater and always lets you know what she wants, when she wants. Out of all four kids, she can be the most kind hearted, sweetest, loving, best behaved and she can also be the most moody, the meanest, the worst tantrums you have seen. So how in the world can she be day and night in a matter of seconds? Don't get me wrong, I understand 3 year olds have tantrums, they talk back, they fight with siblings... I know, I see it in all of them. But she is different. So after 2 antibiotics and 3 ointments for a diaper rash she has had as long as I can remember, I decided to try something. We have been eliminating things from her diet to see if maybe she is allergic to something. First we tried Diary, no change. Then we tried Red40, no change. So next was Apple Juice. Oh my gosh, anything with Apple Juice in it gives her bad diaper rash and her attitude completely changes. Why? Is she allergic? I don't know. But it has been so much less stressful having the "good" Makenna. She plays better, helps out all the time, is very lovey, its great. She is not so mean to her siblings and actually listens VERY well. I LOVE IT. It's been almost two weeks now and she has NEVER gone this long with a GREAT attitude! She had a few meltdowns about day 3 and 4, but that is b/c Daddy gave her pineapple juice... main ingredient, Apple Juice. Could it be fructose? Well...bye bye Apple Juice, lets hope that is it and her rash and attitude continue to disappear. She has her moments and the Attitude comes out, but it only lasts a minute or two and she is done. Before it would go on all day long. It seems to happen a few hours after she eats something with Apple Juice in it and lasts for 24-48 hours. Sometimes I think I am over thinking this and looking into it way too far. But... I sure do enjoy this Makenna A LOT!

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