Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas part 2 of 4 - Christmas morning (from Mommy and Daddy)

 One gift each!
 Mak very excited!
 Maysie very excited!
 This face is what Christmas was about for me, to see the joy on their faces is an amazing feeling. Jaeli LOVED her baby doll and was in heaven!
Okay, I know... boys should not play with babies, but poor Jace was always trying to play with the girls baby dolls and they never let him. So I got him a baby boy baby doll... parts and all! He loved it... for a few days, now he does not play with it so much, he LOVES his boy toys much more.

So for 2 weeks we talked to the kids about Santa bringing presents after he came to visit them at Aunt Lari's, they were so so excited. Unfortunately, much to our disappointment, due to some family schedules, we had to reschedule the kids Christmas morning until the next day so no one had to rush through it. It was not how we wanted to do it and most of all, we did not want to rush through it or wake them up early when they went to bed so late. So we had to talk around it and convinced the kids Santa was coming the next day. Thankfully they never asked and didn't notice. However, next year we will be celebrating Christmas morning on Christmas morning no matter what. I don't want to take that away from my kids, especially since they will be old enough to understand. That is what Christmas is about for us right now, the joy it gives our kids and then everything else we will fit in as best we can. And, we wont have the day after Christmas off for many years like we did this year. Hopefully it will work out for everyone. It's hard to fit in 4 Christmas' in 2 days - the most important one for us next year and for many years to come will be Christmas morning and we will make the most of it and not rush through it. Overall, this year worked out fine and they had a wonderful Christmas and are still singing "Merry Christmas Boys and Girls" about every other day as they pretend they are Santa and pass out gifts to everyone!

One day they will understand the true meaning of Christmas, not just about receiving presents. But until then, we will enjoy every year!

Thank you to everyone for the gifts, the kids loved every single one and we greatly appreciate it!

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