Monday, April 23, 2012

Disney on Ice with Mickey and a few others!

 We had AWESOME seats, we were so close! We were three rows up.
 Jaeli did not seem so sure. But by the time it was over... she REFUSED to leave!
 Mickey, Mini and Donald!
 Mak and Maysie were really into it... they did not show much emotion, just glued to all that was going on!
 Jaeli again watching very closely!
 These monkeys... The Lion King scene... they were freaky looking, not sure how little kids would NOT be afraid of them!
 The Lion King!
 More Lion King. The only one the kids did not know was Lilo and Stich, but they still seemed to enjoy it.
 Towards the end Maysie started to show some emotion and was waving at all the skaters as they skated by. I think she enjoyed it the most.
 The Little Mermaid!
 They LOVED seeing Ariel and even got little Ariel dolls!
They had a great time and did so much better than when we went to the circus last year. They actually sat still and watched ALL of it. The only problem we had was at the end when we tried to leave and Jaeli was NOT ready! For days after they were talking about it.

Thanks Grandma B and Aunt Kristin for going with us, I am sure great memories were made that day!

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