Monday, April 2, 2012

We want to play outside!

 They are so HAPPY when they get to go outside!
 They just run and run and run!
 I think Jace loves it the most!
 Waiting for Mommy to pick us up!
They LOVE the fire hydrant!

I am hoping a fence will magically appear some day SOON and I can take them out by myself! The playing outside part is fine, I can handle that... its the open space, so much room to run... and run... and run and catching all four of them if they decided to do it at once would be next to impossible... especially Jace. But the worst is getting them to come BACK INSIDE! They know I am about to grab them to come in, they will just run from me... we need to get them out more to get used to it and it will be much easier then.

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