Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Easter Fun!

 Coloring eggs with Grandma!
 Getting ready for the Easter Egg Hunt!
 JJ showing off her tattoos!
 Mak showing off her tattoos... ended up giving her a rash for a couple days.

Maysie showing off her tattoos!
Jace showing off his tattoos!

The kids only got plain chocolate, sweet tarts and tattoos from the Easter Bunny due to Mak's condition, but they seemed to enjoy it and had fun! Maysie and cousin Josie did the best at the egg hunt!

Got lots of pics to upload, coming soon!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

So Busy

Well I am slacking big time on posts lately! We are so busy, I don't have time to do much. We are fixing up the lawn, replacing doors, and a few other house projects. And not only that, I have to get ready for the girls birthday party and find time to clean the house! So I will try to get some pics uploaded soon!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

The biggest scare yet...

 Handsome boy Jace!
 Mak looking so big!
 Miss JJ, sweet as ever... when she wants to be!
 Miss Maysie, silly as always!
Well the pools are open at my parents house and Josh's moms house. They sure do LOVE the water. My biggest fear came close on Saturday...

Little Miss Maysie went inside to go potty and decided to sneak outside to get back in the pool when she was done without the help of anyone. She has no fear, she never has. Thankfully there were 3 adults out there with the other kids. And I will FOREVER be grateful to my dad for seeing Maysie standing at the bottom of the pool (shallow end), just standing there looking up. No one saw or heard her come out and she just jumped in without putting her swimmers back on. Thankfully we have all been working with the girls on how to swim and hold their breath. It had to have happened in a matter of seconds, she came up not coughing, did not swallow any water thankfully. She was just scared, in tears. But I can only imagine how scared my dad was to see it, to live it. He was the first to notice her and jumped in, clothes and all, and grabbed her and pulled her out. She was perfectly fine, just scared and no longer wanted to swim. I am sure my dad can't get the sight out of his head and thousands of thoughts are going through his mind, as they are mine. We have new rules and we will be more strict with the locks on the doors so they can not get in or out without asking.

Thank you dad... I know you would have done it for anyone, and so so grateful you were there for Maysie.

Drowning is the #1 death of children. We are ALWAYS careful when the kids are in the pool, but kids are unpredictable. We always have someone watching them closely and in the pool with them at ALL times, no matter what - even being as careful as you possibly can... anything can happen.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vacation to Auora, IL (near Chicago)

Last weekend we took a 3 day trip to Aurora IL to visit with some family. The kids were so excited to go! They did not want to come home. They did awesome, so much better than I thought. But I do have to say, I don't think it would have went so well if Aunt Jarilyn didn't come with us at the last minute, so thanks for coming Jarilyn!

Vacation - Zoo in Michigan City

On our way home, we took a detour to Michigan City and stopped at the Washington Park Zoo. It was a bit small, but it was a great time! We all got a few laughs out of it. It was right by the lake, so the kids got to see... Lake Michigan (I think) and SAND! They wanted to play in it.. but it was very cold out, so we passed.

 Feeding the birds!
 They tried so hard to get a bird, but they just would not come!
 Jace loved being able to pet them!
 Mak enjoyed feeding the goats.
 Maysie enjoyed feeding the goats too!
 Oh, horsey! After we got home, Mak says, there were no lions but the horse looked like a lion... cause its hair was so long. She never did pet it... i think she was afraid it would bite her!
 JJ, ha, yuck, the goat got yuckies on her hand!
 This was pretty funny, JJ was just standing there like you see her in this picture and then all of a sudden the monkey you see JUMPS at her and pounds on the window and walks away. She just stood there and turned around with a smile on her face! It was cute!
 Jace is saying hi to an Owl!
 HA HA HA, Jarilyn got Poo'd on while walking under some trees! It was so so funny!
 Swimming with the seals!
 They didn't realize they could look through to see the seals, they just thought it was a fun tunnel!
Oh the Tigers! Ha... these are female tigers. I don't have a picture of the male tiger that was next door to them in another area. A sign on his cage said... Warning, this tiger sprays. HA HA, I thought, yeah right, whatever. Well... I was standing there with Jace and all of a sudden the tigger turns around, back up to me, lifts his tail... and then... I RUN! Josh and Jarilyn busted up laughing, after they ran away of course! It was so so funny, but thankfully I got away before he did anything! Poor Jace would have got it all! LOL Ask the girls and they will tell you the Tiger tired to pee on mommy!
Birds! Maysie trying to back up Jace so it does not bite him, so cute!

They did not want to go and wanted to see more. We were only there about an hour, but it was a good time!

Vacation - Zoo in Auora, IL

 Up close and personal!
 The snake was eating lunch! Yuck!!! It was fascinating though... very interesting.
So as we were walking through the zoo, we heard wolves howling! It was these wolves. Some guy started howling at them and they were doing it back. They were so close to us. It was really neat to see.

We had a good time at this zoo, it was very small, but we were so close to the animals. I think the kids really enjoyed it too.

Vacation - Visiting with Family!

So the main point of the trip was visiting with my Aunt Kay, her husband Kirby and their three kids Callie, Cory and Jake who we had not seen for a long time and had been talking with them about making a trip to see them ever since the girls were born. We finally found the time, so we went! We had a great time with them, really enjoyed spending time and letting them see the kids and play with them. I think Callie and Cory had a good time with them too!

As most know, we have trouble with Mak, avoiding HFCS and a few other ingredients, well Kay has similar issues with Cory, so she understood what we are going through and was really great finding things for the kids and us to eat. Cooked lunch for us and bought some yummy snacks Mak could eat. By the way Kay, the soup was great... I want the recipe! Always looking for good soup recipes!

They made us feel right at home and the kids had a blast playing outside in their playhouse. It took awhile for them to warm up, but once they did, I was glad they got to see how great they are! Jace got very crabby because he needed a nap. But I am awesome and got him to fall asleep on me for an hour or so and he was much better afterwards!

And another great thing they did for us was offer to watch the kids while Jarilyn, Josh and I took a visit to the casino near by. So we left after dinner and came back a couple hours later... Josh won enough to pay for the entire trip plus some! So that was exciting! Jarilyn and I lost... but Josh made up for it! Kay said the kids did good. Maysie cried for us, eventually crying herself to sleep on Callie. Jace I think just ran around being Jace! JJ fell asleep on Kay and Mak stayed up watching a movie. I think Kay read MANY MANY books to them. I am sure she wont mind if she doesn't read another book for a LONG time!

Thank you to Kay, Kirby, Jake, Callie and Cory for inviting us into your home and visiting with us. We had a great time and it was well worth it!

Vacation - The Hotel

 We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Aurora, just a few miles away from my Aunt Kay and family! We got a suite to have more room for them to run around. They loved going from room to room and hiding in the closet. They did good staying out of the bathroom except for when they had to use the bathroom. We had a little trouble keeping them out of the cooler, but we managed.

Friday night the girls slept in the King size bed with me... don't think they went to bed until 11 p.m. Jace stayed out with Daddy and Aunt Jarilyn in the main area with the pull out couch. Poor Jarilyn slept on the floor on top of the couch cushions. But I think she preferred that rather than sleeping in a bed with the kids. Josh had some trouble getting Jace to sleep. We had a crib for Jace brought to the room. The plan was when he fell asleep to put him in it, but he ended up sleeping in bed with Josh because he was up on and off all night coughing. So that was a bit of a struggle, but they managed. The girls slept in until about 8 a.m. our time, 7 a.m. Chicago time. So I was surprised by that, I was afraid they would be up at 5 or 6 a.m. Everyone else got up soon after.

Saturday night went even better! We got back from my Aunts around 10 p.m. I think. JJ was already asleep, so just layed her in bed. MJ layed in bed to watch cartoons and fell right to sleep. Mak started to get upset because she wanted "better" cartoons that they didn't have. So I was getting ready to buy a cartoon and looked over and she passed out. So I went to bed soon after and again, Jace stayed out with Jarilyn and Josh. But in the middle of the night, we struggled with Jace again, so I made Josh go in with the girls and I layed out in the main area with Jace. Tried to prop him up on my chest while we slept. Eventually I took his paci and then he stayed asleep. I think it was difficult for him to breathe through his nose and that was the main problem. So got decent sleep. The kids got up again about 7 a.m. our time, so that was good too!

The POOL! I picked this hotel cause they had a Kiddie Pool as well as an Adult Pool. So the kids had a blast in it, it was only 1.5 feet, so they all did very well and it had a frog slide they loved! Mak even went down on her belly a few times. But of course, they wanted in the big pool too. So we would take turns going over there with them. I tried to sneak into the hot tub, but MJ and JJ would not have it. I got about 5 minutes. Mak even joined Josh for a few minutes a time here and there. Jace liked putting his feet in it. JJ and MJ said "HOT" and would not put their feet in. And can't forget that Jace had a poo diaper. Thanks Josh for that! It was GROSS! He had gone poo and then mixed it in his swimmer diaper with water and it was RUNNY, WATERY, STINKY, POO! Thankfully they had a shower in the pool area, so took him there and got him cleaned off and back into the pool. They were NOT happy to go back to the room to eat... but we managed and got them there. I wish we would have been able to swim more, but it was so time consuming, we just didn't have the time.

Overall, the hotel stay went great... oh aside from Josh and Jarilyn taking a shower in the dark... maintenance was not in yet and we had to get ready to go. Proud of my girls, and Jace for doing so well!

Vacation - Stopping for Lunch!

 Took a stop for lunch at Arbys... one of the very few places to eat that has food Mak can have. JJ and MJ sat with Mommy and Aunt Jarilyn and Mak and Jace sat with Daddy. Somehow JJ ended up all by herself with Mommy and Jarilyn, musical chairs. We had about a dozen bathroom breaks, even with Jace during the time we were there. Thankfully we had sanitizer in the car! They all did better than expected though. They ate most of their food and left when we asked them to!

Vacation - Kids Museum

Healthworks Kids Museum in South Bend

We took a detour through South Bend and made a stop at this perfect little museum. It was small enough we could see the kids almost anywhere they were. They had a BLAST! They even gave the kids a tattoo and frisby when we were leaving. There was only ONE other kid there, so it was a good time.

 Jace checking out the dentist chair and huge tooth brush!
 JJ brushing the monkeys mouth with the huge toothbrush!
 Maysie wanted to give it a try too!
 Mak wanted to give this bouncy thing a try, she did pretty good!
 Grocery Shopping!
 They had three carts... poor Jace only got to push one when one of the girls got distracted... until they discovered him and took it away!
 A garden!
 Hum... can I eat this?
 All these groceries to buy! They had their carts full!
 What can we buy next?
 Can you tell, the grocery store was their favorite part!
 Jaeli going down the big slide!
 Jace had fun on the slide too!
 I think Maysie got stuck once, somehow!
 Mak had a good time on the slide too!
 I think she was racing... she was the only one who could reach the pedals.
 A dance floor! Follow the lights!
 See the HUGE eye behind Jace? Well this was the first thing they saw and Jace ran right at it and... bounced right off it! It was funny, but poor guy had a big red mark on his forehead!
Pushing their grocery carts!

This was our first stop after a 2.5 hour drive, so they enjoyed running around after being locked into their car seats so long.