Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vacation - The Hotel

 We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Aurora, just a few miles away from my Aunt Kay and family! We got a suite to have more room for them to run around. They loved going from room to room and hiding in the closet. They did good staying out of the bathroom except for when they had to use the bathroom. We had a little trouble keeping them out of the cooler, but we managed.

Friday night the girls slept in the King size bed with me... don't think they went to bed until 11 p.m. Jace stayed out with Daddy and Aunt Jarilyn in the main area with the pull out couch. Poor Jarilyn slept on the floor on top of the couch cushions. But I think she preferred that rather than sleeping in a bed with the kids. Josh had some trouble getting Jace to sleep. We had a crib for Jace brought to the room. The plan was when he fell asleep to put him in it, but he ended up sleeping in bed with Josh because he was up on and off all night coughing. So that was a bit of a struggle, but they managed. The girls slept in until about 8 a.m. our time, 7 a.m. Chicago time. So I was surprised by that, I was afraid they would be up at 5 or 6 a.m. Everyone else got up soon after.

Saturday night went even better! We got back from my Aunts around 10 p.m. I think. JJ was already asleep, so just layed her in bed. MJ layed in bed to watch cartoons and fell right to sleep. Mak started to get upset because she wanted "better" cartoons that they didn't have. So I was getting ready to buy a cartoon and looked over and she passed out. So I went to bed soon after and again, Jace stayed out with Jarilyn and Josh. But in the middle of the night, we struggled with Jace again, so I made Josh go in with the girls and I layed out in the main area with Jace. Tried to prop him up on my chest while we slept. Eventually I took his paci and then he stayed asleep. I think it was difficult for him to breathe through his nose and that was the main problem. So got decent sleep. The kids got up again about 7 a.m. our time, so that was good too!

The POOL! I picked this hotel cause they had a Kiddie Pool as well as an Adult Pool. So the kids had a blast in it, it was only 1.5 feet, so they all did very well and it had a frog slide they loved! Mak even went down on her belly a few times. But of course, they wanted in the big pool too. So we would take turns going over there with them. I tried to sneak into the hot tub, but MJ and JJ would not have it. I got about 5 minutes. Mak even joined Josh for a few minutes a time here and there. Jace liked putting his feet in it. JJ and MJ said "HOT" and would not put their feet in. And can't forget that Jace had a poo diaper. Thanks Josh for that! It was GROSS! He had gone poo and then mixed it in his swimmer diaper with water and it was RUNNY, WATERY, STINKY, POO! Thankfully they had a shower in the pool area, so took him there and got him cleaned off and back into the pool. They were NOT happy to go back to the room to eat... but we managed and got them there. I wish we would have been able to swim more, but it was so time consuming, we just didn't have the time.

Overall, the hotel stay went great... oh aside from Josh and Jarilyn taking a shower in the dark... maintenance was not in yet and we had to get ready to go. Proud of my girls, and Jace for doing so well!

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